This Is Radio Luxembourg; Your Station Of The Stars; The Great 208

40 years

This is Radio Luxembourg; Your Station of the Stars.

40 years

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  • Your Station of the Stars

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  • Barry Alldis
  • (The video with Barry Alldis is recorded on Sunday, November 15, 1964).

    My Philips Radio - 1953

    Every Saturdaynight at 11 pm and every Mondaynight at 7pm (UK Time)
    An Old Radio Luxembourg programme.

    Radio Emmeloord

    July 2, 1951 - 208 m. (1439 kHz. / 1440 kHz.) - December 29, 1991.

    December 14, 1956 - 208 m. (1439 kHz. / 1440 kHz.) - Marnach - December 31, 2015.

    Legendarische zendmasten in Luxemburgse Marnach ontmanteld

    Marnach transmitter

    Tune in to the fascination story of Radio Luxembourg (click here)

    Tune in to Radio Emmeloord with all the Golden Oldies (click here)

  • Click here for Radio Luxembourg book (Alan Bailey)

  • It was in September 1961 (I was fourteen years old) that I started to listen to Radio Luxembourg. I used an old Grundig radio with a (so called) green tuning eye. Because of the fading of Radio Luxembourg the green eye always winks slowly, with a fast 'jit' every now and then. Everynight at 19.30 hours I tuned in at the great 208 m./1440 kHz. (medium-wave). Tune 208 m. 'Rita Williams Singers' It was fantastic to listen to Radio Luxembourg because at that time it was the only radiostation in all Europe that played nonstop the latest records (45 rpm singles).

    Chris Denning
    Brian Matthew
    David Jacobs

    Radio Luxembourg started with the Top Twenty in Autumn 1948 (at 1293 m. long wave).
    After the implementation of the Copenhagan Plan in 1951 the English programmes of Radio Luxembourg moved (July 2, 1951) from longwave to the famous 208 metres (1439 kHz; in 1978 1440 kHz.) medium wave.
    Since April 8, 1962 every Sundaynight between eleven and midnight I listened to this English Top Twenty for many years. From 1958 till 1966 always presented by Barry Alldis. It was very strange that he always started with number one. Later he told me that the sponsors wanted it so.
    During the wintertime this Top Twenty was from midnight till one o' clock.
    Because I was young I went to bed at ten; and waked up by the alarm-clock at midnight.
    I found two old brown tapes with original Top Twenty's. Now you can listen to them by a MP3 Player. Sunday 1 August 1965 and Sunday 26 June 1966.

    Jimmy Young
    Alan Freeman
    Tony Hall

    Dick Offringa (07/18/67)
    The deejayroom; ready for broadcasting

    Most of the programmes before midnight were recorded in the Radio Luxembourg studio in London; at 38 Hertford Street, W1. These D.J.'s were Jimmy Savile , Jimmy Young, Tony Hall, Alan Freeman Jack Jackson, Don Moss, Keith Fordyce, Peter Murray, Peter Aldersley, Ray Orchard, Muriel Young, Pete Brady, Brian Matthew, Sam Costa, David Jacobs, Kenny Everett, Keith Skues, Johnny Moran, Simon Dee, Barry O' Dee, Hughie Green, Doug Stanley, Alan Dell, David Gell, Katie Boyle, Carol Deene and Ernie Williams. Resident D.J.'s were (D.J. B.A.) Barry Alldis , Paul Hollingdale, (This Boy) Don Wardell, Stuart Grundy, Chris Denning, (TV on Radio) Tommy Vance, Tony Brandon, Colin Nichol.

    Most of the programmes were sponsored by record companies; for the benefits of selling their records. To play as much records as possible in half an hour they played only the first two minutes of a record. Some of these recorded programmes were: Topical Tunes, , Battle of the Giants, Jimmy Young Show, Tony Hall show, Jack Jackson's Jukebox, Guys, girls and groups, Tune a minute , Top pops, Pops till midnight, Sam Costa's Corner, Teen and Twenty Disc Club, David Jacobs Show, The Peter Murray Show, Brian Matthew's Pop parade, Simon's Scene. And "The Friday Spectacular" (EMI records); each Friday between 10 and 11 p.m.

    Between the recorded programmes the resident discjockey told that "This is Radio Luxembourg, Your Station Of The Stars" and pushed the button to sound the (famous) gong. These discjockeys presented programs too; like "Sundays requests" , "Let's take a spin" or The Postal Bingo Show. And "Music in the night" (since 1 st April 1963) till closing time at three o'clock. Then always they played a very nice record: "The End Of The Day" by Steve Conway and The Hastings Girls'Choir.

    The End Of The Day

    Colin Nichol; seen through the window in the engineer's room

    On the night of Monday July, 17 1967, at 23.00 hours, for the first time Leen van Dongen and I arrived at the Luxembourg studio's; invited by Colin Nichol. We walked into Villa Louvigny with the 30 mtr. high tower from the middles ages; build in the beautiful park in the centre of Luxembourg-city. There we had a little chat with Colin Nichol.
    The next day, Tuesday July, 18 1967, at 16.15 hours we went again to the Radio Luxembourg studio's. Now we had to go to the second floor. At the end of a passage at the left side was the studio of the English (and Dutch) Service of Radio Luxembourg. A wall with a window in it divided the studio: the D.J. studio and an engineer's room. In the D.J. studio was a microphone; hanging at the ceiling. And a table with buttons; as the gong. In the engineer's room stood a small mixing console, two turntables and three taperecorders. Two were for the programmes; one was for the commercials. The commercials were connected together on one tape. To mark beginning and the end of the commercials they had placed small paper strips between the tape on the reel. The whole engineer's room looks like it was just escaped from the second world war. Colin Nichol showed us everything in this studio; even the studio's for the German, French and Luxembourg programmes. We stayed there till 17.45 hours.

    Colin Nichol and Dick Offringa (07/18/67)

    That night between 21.15 and 22.15 hours we were again in the studio. And for the first time (after listning so many years) we saw how the programs were made. It was a very excitant moment for me. The discjockeys were English; the engineers were from Luxembourg. At that time Colin Nichol was the resident discjockey. Just before we arrived he presented Tuesday's Requests. After this he had to connect the programmes together. He just had to say the stationcall and wait another quarter hour or half an hour. Then a tape with a programme from London was running. In the mean time the engineer was sitting at the window; kissing his girlfriend. When I saw this I was very surprised. In spite of this rather poor furnishing and apparatus they had every night fifteen million listeners; all over Europe. Of course the power of the two Telefunken medium-wave transmitters, with the antenne on the high mountain of Marnach, was important too; with the power of 600 Kilowatt (1968: 1200 Kilowatt). So almost everybody in Europe could hear the sound of fading Radio Luxembourg; on the great 208.

    Deejay and engineer ready to bring you the best of the best.

    In the summer of 1968 for the first time most of the programmes came direct from the studio's in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; with discjockey Paul Kaye as the first newsreader.
    No recorded programmes on tapes from London anymore.

    The second visit for me in the Luxy studio was on July 11, 1970. That time I met Dave Christian, Kid Jensen, Tony Prince and Paul Burnett. And saw their new jingle machines.
    That night we went to the Blow Up Club in the center of Luxembourg. And there we met Tony Prince and Paul Burnett again. Later Tony was singing a song with a popgroup.

    Tony Prince and Dick Offringa (01/18/77)
    Barry Alldis (01/18/77)

      On the night of April 18, 1976
      I was very surprised to hear
      Barry Alldis on the radio again.
      He returned to Radio Luxembourg.
      I phoned to tell him that I'm very glad that he is back.
      And asked if I could visit the studio.
      He answered that I am very welcome indeed:
      In the day- or in the night time.
      It took a long time (January 18, 1977)
      (now 30 years ago) before I had my third visit.

      Studio (01/18/77)

    Chris Cary (Spangles Muldoon) brought me inside the well-known studio on the second floor. The studio has changed. Now the deejays had to play the records by themself; no engineers anymore. But still the old, brown coloured, walls. For the first time I saw the start of the English Service at 20.00 hours (19.00 hours wintertime in England); with Peter Powell. Later that night I met Mark Wesley. He had to play peaces of tapes (voice tracks) mixed with records. Suddenly Tony Prince pushed me at the microphone to say something to the Dutch listners. After this he gave me a peace of tape with that recording.

    Bob Stewart, Mark Wesley and Peter Powell (01/18/77)
    Mark Wesley, Chris Cary and Tony Prince (01/18/77).

    When Stuart Henry (with his own headphone) was presenting a programme I saw Barry Alldis (46) coming into the studio. This was the first time in my life I met him; always my favourite deejay. Many years I was listning to his Top Twenty show on the Sundaynight. So it was a very special moment for me.
    He told me that he always started the Top20 charts with number one because the sponsors wanted it so.
    This time he was playing the records by himself (no engineer); like he always did before in Australia.
    (He died Nov. 21, 1982).
    After him Bob Stewart had his radioshow till closing time. This was the first time I was there during the whole night from eight o' clock in the evening till almost four o' clock at night.

    Stuart Henry (01/18/1977).
    Barry Alldis and Stuart Henry (01/18/1977).

    My last visit was on July 19, 1982. Now a complete new 208 studio was downstairs.
    Finally they had left (in the middle of 1977) that old familiar studio at the second floor.
    It was a little disappointment for me. Because I was used to the old one.
    But I was very glad that they gave me a copy of the famous Top Twenty Tune!
    Later that day on a camping in Luxembourg I made a nice recording of their stationcall.
    And of course Benny Brown was reading the news that night.
    At closing time they played "Maybe the morning" by Sunny Leslie.
    Later in the 80's thay played "All Of You Out There" by Duncan McKenzie.

    Villa Louvigny-Luxembourg (07/19/1982)
    Two towers of 60 and 65 m height (1 passive reflector)
    Geographic data: 50° 2' 35'' N / 6° 5' 2'' E
    Altitude: 532 m Transmitting direction: 324°

    Sunday December 29, 1991 (now twenty years ago) was a very sad day for all the true Radio Luxembourg listners. At four o' clock that night Radio Luxembourg was closing their English transmissions on the famous 208 medium-wave for ever. I heard that last hours when I was in Poland. "Last Hour".
    At December 30, 1992 at midnight also the satellite transmissions were finished.

    The windows of the English/Dutch studio's (until 1977).
    Tuesday August 10, 2004 my girlfriend and I went to Villa Louvigny; it was a long time ago since I was there. Now we heard that it has been a government office for four years. The radio and TV studio's were moved to Kirchberg. We walked around the building and I saw the windows of the old Dutch/English studio. Then we walked inside and went, with three ladies, to the second floor. There we asked if this was the place of the old studio's. They confirmed it. We got permission to walk to the end of the passage. And there, at the left, one of the ladies opened a door and we saw: an office. This famous Top Twenty studio (with 15 million listeners) now has become an ordinary office. Hard to believe!

    The Beatles (click here)
    Presented by Barry Alldis

    Three presenters of the Top Twenty
    Tune: 'Parade of the Doodle Town Fifers' by the Sauter-Finegan orchestra.

    Keith Fordyce
    Barry Alldis
    Don Wardell

    (Thanks to Ben Meijering)
    Radio Luxembourg's London Studio's:
    38 Hertford Street W1, London

    In these studio's were many programs recorded like:
    Topical Tunes, , Battle of the Giants, Jimmy Young Show, Tony Hall show, Jack Jackson's Jukebox, Guys, girls and groups , Top pops, Pops till midnight, Sam Costa's Corner, Teen and Twenty Disc Club, David Jacobs Show, The Peter Murray Show, Brian Matthew's Pop parade, Simon's Scene.


    RTL208 Sweden TV 1978

    Farewell 208

    BBC documentary June 7 th, 2012

    Bob Stewart Luxy Close 1977

    Radio Luxembourg Reunion 1

    Radio Luxembourg Reunion 2

    Alan Bailey on BBC (09/05/2010)

    Farewell FAB 208 - Radio Luxembourg - part 1

    Farewell FAB 208 - Radio Luxembourg - part 2

    Farewell FAB 208 - Radio Luxembourg - part 3

    Farewell FAB 208 - Radio Luxembourg - part 4

    Farewell FAB 208 - Radio Luxembourg - part 5

    Peter Antony with Bob Stewart on air at Radio Luxembourg April 1985

    Peter Antony with Stuart and Ollie Henry on air at Radio Luxembourg April 1985

    Radio Luxembourg Top Twenty

    (click here) Luxembourg Waltz

    (click here) The end Of The Day

    Photo: Hans Neuhaus.

    Marnach transmitter

    (Photo: Marius Ziuraitis)

    Dave Christian and Bob Stewart.

    Guestbook (Since January 10 th, 1998)

      After more than 15 years I got more than 416.000 visitors from 50 different countries.
      And there are 860 entries in my guestbook.


    864. Hi Dick! Hi Annelies! I listened to music programs Radio Lux Benny Brown, while on military service in the Soviet Army in 1981-1983 . through military Receiver R- 250m . Hi Benny Brown!
    Владимир Емельянов Moscow. Russia (29/04/2015).


    863. Great nostalgia! My first song recorded on my first brand new tape recorder was Rolling Stones' song "Paint it Black" from Radio Luxembourg. I was then 14 years old. Thank you for influencing my musical evolution. :))
    Petr Vit Praha, Czech Rep. (30/05/2013).

    862. Thank you so much Dick for your amazing website. This radio station was the BEST ever I don't understand why did it have to end. On your page it says that the radio is back on again but I cant find it:(
    Amy Schmidt (31/03/2013).

    861. Hello, I live in Poland. My father told me about this radio from 1970, 1980. It was one radio where people could listen music from England or USA. I would like to listen to this radio but I can't do it with link on this website. I'm waiting for website fixes, greetings from Poland :)
    Tomek Tosik Pabianice, Poland (06/01/2013).


    860. You now what it means to miss Radio Luxembourg???
    Joe Turin, Italy (19/09/2012).

    859. Hello. Where can I find the 1975, 1978 was broadcast?
    Hoffler Istvan Budapest, Hungary (16/09/2012).

    858. I grew up listening to 208 in the 70's and 80's,So many memory's, Well done for a great site and hopefully the great 208 will live on forever in our hearts.
    Dave Marvin Hinckley, UK (12/09/2012).

    857. Great site, brought back good memories for me growing up in the 50's and 60's. Thank you.
    Chris Naylor Reading, UK (12/09/2012).

    856. Those were the days....
    Mike Smith Pezance Cornwall, England (04/09/2012).

    855. Hi Barry is Tony Hall still alive please? I worked for him in 1969 and am putting together a collection of pix of the more interesting people Ive met or worked for. Thanks a lot.
    Robert Harland Bacolod City, Philippines (02/09/2012).

    854. Great Article
    Mike Lawlor Dunfermline, Scotland UK (28/08/2012).

    853. 1981, DJ at the Blow Up, drank at Pub 13 Agency: World Wide Entertainment Agency, 8 Rue Pierre Witry, Strassen, Luxembourg. Great Days! Great Radio Station 208 RTL and all who sailed in her were legendary!
    Pedr ap Ioan (Peter Sinclair) Carmarthen, Wales (25/08/2012).

    852. I have still on my old tapes some programm of 208 recorded, i was young and was may night, fresh air from open window and allan freeman with slightly echoed sound.i have contract troat by memories.
    Jaroslav Skorkovsky, Czechoslovakia (24/08/2012).

    851. 208 was my listening through the 60's in particular while doing, my finals at art college in '68, tonight I have just listened to Andy Williams singing Moon River, I seem to remember that song signed off 208 each night in the early hours, does my memory serve me well?
    Richard Verrill Alnwick, UK (18/08/2012).

    Bob Stewart (1977)

    850. Anyone know whats happened to It was great to listen to the offspring of the great 208 on-line but it seems to be permanently down for maintenance.
    Tom Tass Toronto, Canada (13/08/2012).

    849. Thank you so much for this website. It was always a childhood dream of mine to be a DJ on 208, I never made it, but it's was such an inspiration to me. I do a bit of DJ'ing on a local Radio Station and 208 is always in my thoughts.
    Steve Monk Ashford Kent, England (10/08/2012).

    848. I've listened to your radio first on the year 1971 while I was living in father adviced your radio. when I was doing my military job in my country near by syria on 1978, I was still your listener. from 1990 up to now i did not have time in ankara while i was busy marrying and having child and working. and now i am retired and have time to listen your radio.hi again....
    Bora Agri, Turkey (05/08/2012).

    847. Great site, & lots of memories. Thanks for making it available.
    Phil Crosby Sydney, Australia (27/07/2012).

    846. Hello Dick, I have written my contribution to your 208 guestbook, but I would like to tell you some more, what is meant especially to you. Two weeks ago I discovered another fansite in the net. The adress is Radio Luxembourg. On this website there are hundreds of recordings of Luxembourg night programmes from the sixties until 1991, including some Dutch recordings, all between 30 and 90 min. This archive is blowing me away, do you know about it? If there should exist any real time machine, here it is! After free registration you can download all for free in mp3 format. Is it possible to install a link to this website on your site? I am not sure, may be it is not allowed. Many greetings from Germany to the Netherlands.
    Hermann Lessing Essen, Germany (23/07/2012)

    845. This is a great website about a great radio station. I discovered the English night programme of Radio Luxembourg in 1966 with my small transistor pocket radio. Since this time the Great 208 was my favorite station through the night, it has accompanied me through my life until the end of am broadcasting in 1991. Your site is full of memories for me. I remember about my pocket radio under my pillow in the sixties, listeneing to top 20 at midnight, then the long car rides to the north of my country during my time in the army. 208 always was present during night work in my job. It was a part of my life, like a good old friend. Sometimes I am dreaming about a time machine, your site is bringing back all memories of these wonderful years to me. Thank you so much!
    Hermann Lessing Essen, Germany (23/07/2012)

    844. Great memories ,i am working doing gold shows on Radio Cumbria. If you ever decide to bring the good times back please let me know All the Best
    Joe Costin Maryport, United Kingdom (17/07/2012).

    843. Visiting this Page is like an amazing time travel to me. When I was a young boy of 11 ( now I'm 60 ) years old I got a small room under the roof of our house for my own - and grandma's old tube radio. One evening I found Radio Luxemburg on medium wave. From than on I listend every evening til midnight and was always tired in school. But from that time on music was my life.
    Tom Haacke Freiburg, Germany (14/07/2012).

    842. Throughout the 80's serving me well in providing me with good music. Those were the days...
    Gerrit Almere, NL (08/07/2012).

    841. I had been listening to RL in the years 1971 to 1981. I lived in Germany at that time. I still have songs recorded on cassettes (now ripped to mp3 files) from that time.
    Astrid USA, (17/06/2012).

    (Photo: Tony Prince)

    Bob Stewart and Tony Prince

    840. Thanks for keeping the 208 spirit alive and well. I remember it with fondness as your website so clearly reflects time and history when I listened to Luxy from the late 60's to its final close down in 1992.
    Tom Tass Toronto, Canada (31/05/2012).

    839. Thanks for bringing back so many happy memories. You have a wonderful site. I grew up listening to Radio Luxembourg when I was a teenager.
    Odd Arnt. Resset Otta, Norway (25/05/2012).

    838. Found this site by accident whilst looking for a luxembourg memoribillia site as wife has signed pics 5 djs on 1 page of Kid Jensen,Bob stewart,PaulBurnett,Tony Prince and David Christian.bought back so many happy memories please start on internet would be great to hear again ,same jingles etc lol thanks again for bringing back so many happy memories.
    Andy Wall, England (14/05/2012).

    837. Thanks for the many hours of great music in the past. In Stavanger we could only listen to Radio Luxembourg after dark because of atmospheric conditions.
    Arnt Stensland Stavanger, Norway (08/05/2012).

    836. Used to listen to Radio Luxemburg when I was a kid in Leeds, UK. "Dan Dare" comes to mind...
    Stu Reid Cheyenne, Wyoming (07/05/2012).

    835. Then as a teenager, and I still in The Arctic Part of Norway the NME TOP TWENTY LIST was written down and taken to the school next morning. THE TOP 20 LIST WAS THE TOP OF THAT DAY!
    Mr Knut Harald Forsgren Fauske, Norway (04/05/2012).

    834. Yeah, it was Barry who made me very sleepy at school on Monday mornings. For a teenager at the west coast of Jutland, the NME Top Twenty at Sundays at midnight was the ultimate climax of the week. Not even the Danish Top 20 could compete with that. Thanks everybody!
    Jens Thomsen Arlon, Belgium (03/05/2012).

    833. Fun website. Brings back memories of the fifties and sixties. Always a struggle to get 208 because of the competition from BBC West on 206 broadcasting from nearby Cadnam.
    Dave Southampton, England (28/04/2012).

    832. Great site with good memorabilia.... Today in 2012, I´m an on air radio pro and mostly thanks to Luxy 208.I heared it all nights in the 80s and till it signed off.I could write lot of stuff about those years..but I remember once I phoned the studios during a contest and I won a pictured disc in 1985(limited edition), of couse, I still have it among many recordings I made. I sincerelly think if "the station of the stars" would consider to come back, it´d be a huge success..but keeping its oldie spirit,with those jingles and that music and jocks....I suppose it´s imposible...but we all have those great days (nights) in our memory....and this site makes them come up again...thanks.
    Fernando Casanova Orense, Span (28/04/2012).

    831. I am glad you guys are still around but when are you coming back or not to web streaming radio? I see your page is asap but that has been a good while now. Thanks.
    Geordie Witham, England (26/04/2012).

    This is Barry Alldis; in the studio of Radio Luxembourg (Villa Louvigny) on 18 th January 1977.
    From 1958 till 1966 he was the presenter of the English Top Twenty; every Sundaynight at eleven 'o' clock.

    Barry Alldis (1980) (click here)


    830. The great "Two - o -eight".Thanks for beautiful 60's and 70's on 208 m.
    Wojciech Grochowski, Wroclaw, Poland (25/12/2011).

    829. Hi guys, Every time i see the name Radio Luxemburg, I always have a little smile to myself! In 1970 when i was a sweet little 10 year old i would sneak out of bed & carefully take my brothers radio & get back in to bed & listen to "Radio Luxemburg" But every morning i would be found fast asleep with the radio resting on my ear!
    Tony Osborne Leicester, England (21/12/2011).

    828. You have a wonderful site, thank you. It brings so many good memories of the early 70s. I was a kid at the time in my teens and early twenties living behind the Iron Curtain and often listening to Big L on 208 late at nights despite poor receiption. It felt so damn good at the time and it still does, especially now after having read many of the posts here. We were living in different countries but it turns out we were hanging on the same wavelength. And I guess there was a good reason to that. .
    Sergei Spiridonov Moscow, Russia (17/12/2011).

    827. Stumbled upon your site by chance and have been reading numerous posts for hours. I listened to RL, like so many others at night, under the blankets, while I still lived in Nijmegen Holland. Reception was marginal, but greatly appreciated. I wish I could have a listen to it now. Thanks for putting this site together and for maintaining it.
    Harry Jonkers Santa Maria, CA. USA (09/12/2011).

    826. Thanks a lot for this page! 208 was on all night in my late teens in the early 80s and a potential girl friend just had to love or at least stand it. And after the last tune (4 am on the continent) she would have to leave to give me a couple hours sleep before going to school. What a wonderful time...
    Mike Post, Neheim, High-Sauerland 904/12/2011).

    825. Great site. Found this by chance. Brings back so many memories of listening to Radio Luxembourg's Top 20 Sunday Night show on an old bakelite radio. Muffled the sound with a cushion so my parents wouldn't know I'd sneaked downstairs. Every song seemed a classic. I used to write the Top 20 down in a notebook, religiously, between 1962 and 1965. And I'll never forget that week when the Beatles had 2 singles, an EP and a LP in the Top 10. Even Barry Aldis thought that was something special. Good to see so many others here share the love of the memories.
    Dave Charnley Liverpool, England (02/12/2011).

    824. Love your site. In the 70's the only way for Irish kids to hear pop music was 208. Lovely memories of listening to Luxembourg under the bed clothes so my mum wouldn't know I wasn't asleep!!
    Eileen Byrne Piltown, Ireland (27/11/2011).

    823. A superb site - brought back many happy listening memories - thank you.
    Pete Twells Nottingham, England (21/11/2011).

    822. Thanks! I listened to you daily between 1971 and 1974. You form a part of my youth.
    Carl Tornell Bruxelles, Belgium (19/11/2011).

    821. I grew up listening to Radio Luxembourg when I was a teenager in the Netherlands. I liked all the broadcasts--Dutch, German, and English. It was a great way to get good pop music. It's been great reading about Radio Luxembourg and the comments of people all over the world who loved the station as well. Good job!
    Anne Michaelis Milk River, Alberta, Canada (19/11/2011).

    (Photos: Marius Ziuraitis)
    David Kid Jensen
    Tony Prince - Dave Christian

    820. Wonderful broadcast. I love Radio Luksemburg. I liste to radio 1957.
    Krzysztof Peczalski Poznan, Poland (19/11/2011).

    819. I always liked the germam version of Radio Luxembourg better that the english one. And now I listen to RTL Radio in german with DRM. It sound a little bit better, but not as good as The Disco Palace brodcasting from Miami, USA and they also broadcast in DRM. Do you to broadcast in DRM? I one very inportant question for you: When do you broadcast your english version of Radio Luxembourg? Because sometimes there is only a jingle and that´t the end of it.
    Regards Jan-Erik Olsson Sollentuna, Sweden (11/11/2011).

    818. Have just found your site and it is a real treat to read all that has gone on over the years,I first listened to 208 as a kid when the war ended and then on and off untill I came out here in 1981.Turn back the clock!!!!
    PS,does anyone remember around 1948 Teddy Johnson did a telephone link-up with Doris Day,he was asking her about her latest film Romance on the High Seas in which she sang It's Magic.Well he got her to do a duet with him on the phone and of coarse it went out over the air waves,he had a good voice and I think he was married to Pearl Carr,either that or they sang together.
    Gerry Ellis Bowraville, Australia (09/11/2011).

    817. Thank You!
    Janos Penzes Budapest, Hungary (08/11/2011).

    Fans of Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG will have a final chance to say goodbye to the larger-than-life DJ, broadcaster and fundraiser ahead of his funeral next week. Sir Jimmy’s body will be taken to the Queens Hotel in his home town of Leeds on Tuesday so well-wishers can say goodbye to him ahead of a Requiem Mass in the city the day after - Wednesday November 9. Jimmy will be buried the following day in the North Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough, which he loved and where he also had a flat overlooking the North Sea. The Requiem Mass at St Anne’s Cathedral will be a very public celebration of his life attended by Sir Jimmy’s friends from the world of show-business, representatives of the many charities he helped, as well as hundreds of members of the public. The veteran DJ started his broadcasting career on Radio Luxembourg in 1958. In 1964 JimmySavile hosted the first episode of Top Of The Pops, and the week after its launch guested on the second edition from a Manchester Church suspended upside down from a rope with Todd Slaughter desperately hanging on the other end. But it was Jim’ll Fix it that scored bigger audiences than Coronation Street and attracted 20,000 requests each week from kids who wanted to appear on the show. He was found at his flat in Roundhay, Leeds, on Saturday - just two days before his 85th birthday. His death came after a spell in hospital earlier this month with a suspected bout of pneumonia. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall led tributes to the star, who started his working life as a miner in his native Yorkshire before running a series of clubs and working as a wrestler and DJ. Sir Jimmy raised millions for charity and for many years was a regular marathon runner in support of good causes, though his finest achievement must be the £20 million he collected for the creation of the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, in 1983, following damage caused by severe weather to the old pre-fab wooden huts which had housed spinal cord injury patients.
    Todd Slaughter Leicester, United Kingdom (05/11/2011).

    815. I was one listeners from the early years 1952 until the beginning of the 70th. I hear now from the satellite astra 19 degrees aest in the german talk. greetings hans from holland 65 years old.
    Hans Verbiest Eindhoven, Nederland (04/11/2011).

    814. Barry Alldis, You was the best .Top twenty every sunday and I love Del Shannon. What a sound, what a time. Memories from a Swede boy.
    Ronny Hall Malmö, Sweden (04/11/2011).

    813. Fantastic radio luxembourg site, brings back memories beyond belief of total enjoyment of our youth.
    Bob Skene Worthing, England (29/10/2011).

    812. Hi A BRILLIANT site thanks for the effort in putting it all together! I wonder if you can help as I'm certain that when Simon Dee was at R Luxembourg he hosted a programme that the tag line was ," ....and it's on EMI the best you can buy!!" and the signature tune was a very sixties instrumental. I've been trying to find the name of it so I can get a recording but to no avail! I've been trying for years, so maybe with your brilliant archive you may be able to help! I do hope so! Anyway even if not the site is wonderful, thanks for all your work.
    Ian Brighton, UK (22/10/2011).

    811. I was an avid listener of Luxy from about 1970 through to the 80s. I remember the great DJs of the time like Tony Prince, Mark Wesley, Paul Burnett, Bob Stewart and Dave Christian. If there was ever a time for Luxy to return it's now, as internet radio is established!
    Alan Jarvie East Kilbride, Scotland (14/10/2011).

    (Photos: Alan Bailey)

    810. Used to listen to Dan Dare every night as a schoolboy, in Newcastle on Tyne. It was a great station, even if it faded a bit. All the best
    Malcolm Humfress Valencia, Spain (14/10/2011).

    809. I know Luxy from1974 It was fantastic os the radio from the other planet Remember the spring in 1977the first three were Sunny,ABBA and very sweet song Uncertain radio receiving was especially charming Sometimes was a success tu rekord new hits that were on hooligan wave 200m It was fine to lesten to"Maybe the morning"at dawn Checrfulvoices of Dgs from Radio Luxembourg will always remain in my memory.
    Anatoly Ryzhkin Rostov on Don, Russia (08/10/2011).

    808. A friend of mine recently published a news clipping, it appeared, of her mother, who won the "Miss Radio Luxembourg" contest, being kissed by Rock Hudson. I imagine she would share it if you are interested.
    Steve Shaw CIncinnati, USA (07/10/2011).

    807. Great sit brings back loads of memeories. Listening on the net to luxemberg, but it appears there web site has been suspended.
    Chris Mutton Poole, UK (07/10/2011)

    806. great great site thanks for the info can i ask a favour ?? one of my listeners remembers 208 and asked me if i could find a song that she said was used for close down[dont know the year] it has the following lyrics " a long lonely road we travel dont know where we're going" i know this is a long shot but thanks again for the memories tommy murphy Ballina, Ireland (02/10/2011)

    805. Great memories from my childhood through my teens and into adulthood, great Radio Luxembourg. It had to be the most listened station in the British isles.
    Tony Byrne Dublin, Ireland (30/09/2011).

    804. I am very sad to find that the 208 has closed again. There was so fantastic to hear and to se on Radio Luxemburg again via the "net". There is still a market for the radio. You got a load of younger listeners during the time you were back again. Send my best to the chaps and take care now. I´l be waiting for the "Old 208" to get back again! See and hear you !
    Lars Erik Hanhart Bergqvist Stockholm, Sweden (29/09/2011

    803. Much time has passed, but the emotions experienced with Radio Luxembourg, they are still alive and rooted in our minds.
    BEPPINO SAN VITO AL TAGLIAMENTO, Italy (26/09/2011).

    802. Wonderful site. RTL208, the best station I ever listened. Tuning in at night with my old valve radio, especially during my student days. Lots of happy memories. Many thanks.
    Robert Torino, Italy (26/09/2011).

    801. Thank you very much indeed to radio Luxembourg for the so many wonderful hours spent on your tune in the late seventies!
    José Antonio Gramage Alcoy, España (18/09/2011).

    (Photos: Ray Georges)


    800. GRAZIE
    Franco Pinerolo, Italy (18/12/2010).

    799. Great site : massive Luxie listener late 70s till it arriving on satellite! seem to loose it's magic then!
    Sean Martin Paignton, USA (16/12/2010).

    798. Thank you for initiating such a wonderful tribute site to enable us to keep these golden memories for ever.
    Alasdair Macleod Cupar Fife, Scotland (04/12/2010).

    797. My earliest memories of Radio Luxemburg go back to around 1955 when I was 10 years old.It helped to mould my musical tastes to Rock 'n' Roll from 1958 to 1967. My favourite show was of course Sunday's Top Twenty with " Your DJ BA" sponsored by Mr Horace Batchelor in Kaynsham spelt Kaynsham Middlesex. Brilliant. Thank You Radio Luxemburg very much.
    Mr Robert. J. Cronin Hartlepool,England (02/09/2010).

    796. Wow, those were the days!!! I used to listen to your radio from '71 to about '74. After all these years your names bring back so many memories.Thank you for all the great music and your warm voices that kept me company through my teenage years.
    Oh Mar Yangon, Myanmar (26/08/2010).

    795. These were happy days. Still in radio streaming 7 days a week com sat/sun 12 - 6p pacific = mon/fri 10= 2p pacific; from Palm Springs,California Question "How do you spell keynsham" (horace bachelor commercial).
    Don Wardell @KWXYFM USA Palm Springs, USA (14/08/2010).
    See nr. 174

    794. Very nice site!
    alex Oakland, USA (12/08/2010).

    793. Just read the sad news about Dave Christian's passing. I worked with Dave in Luxembourg during the mid-80s. He was a legend to work with and one of the nicest, most generous guys I've ever met. I am distraught today.
    This Reality Podcast Oxford, UK (09/08/2010)

    792. I just came across this site purely by accident. So nostalgic, I feel like crying with joy ! I used to listen to the broadcasts as a young boy when I lived in Dublin on a Philips table top radio. The signal used to fade in and out, but such a joy to listen to at the time as it was the only "pop" station.
    Maurice Manchester, England (28/07/2010)

    791. Hi! Congrats for the site and the whole project! Some 30 years ago I remember well (and sadly now) to crawl into bed clutching my am/fm radio for an hour or two of good music before felling asleep, and desperate each time the wave fade... I'm 46 now... I hope I can tune it again some day!
    Carlos Noivo Torres Novas, Portugal (24/07/2010).

    Studio (01/18/77)
    Studio (01/18/77)

    790. Radio Luxemburg was the radio of me growing up. I will never forget the station and that I did hear a lot of new music for the first time from 208. Why can one not turn time back?? Thanks for all music you played!!!
    Paul Kaare Sorensen Aarhus, Denmark (18/07/2010)

    789. 208 is the best station ever I listened to in my life. All the great hits from late sixties I used to listen to while I lived in Czech Rep. bring tears of joy in my eyes. Thank you for keeping Radio Luxembourg alive.
    John Weston Alexandria, USA (17/07/2010)

    788. best memories from my childhood are related to radio Luxemburg 208 1440 MHZ which I listened to 69-79.Through R-lux I learned English at school where we learned Russian.Program is well heard around midnight to 2 after the break.Thanks to all people who were creating this wonderful program.Now it often hear over the internet and I always visit the good old time band Sweet, Slade, ledcepelin, Nazareth, klifricard, T-Rex, Mud,
    ISMET HUSKIC Gracania, bosnia and herzegovina (14/07/2010)

    787. Hy teachers i was one of your students learning to do self up in 1988,89....with Mike Night and Andy Haward ...Bob Stewart ... Oh la la Unforgetable time... Great web side
    Thierry Reisch Luxembourg, Luxembourg (13/07/2010)

    786. Hello Dick: Just downloaded t Top Twenty shows. Thanx a million for making it possible. Beautiful memories of the past. Great feeling. What about the April 1962? Much better songs as I was never a BEatles and those other shouting Brits.I prefer American artists. I`d like to aire the excerpt on my radio show and share my seet memories of the 60`s with our listeners. Thanx again. You can open this: and click on "country" and you`ll be able to see some pictures of mine with some legendary Opry stars and more. Enjoy. Kindest regards from Poland.
    Miroslaw Desperak Czestochowa, Poland (07/07/2010)

    785. While serving with the USAF in Italy in the early 1960's I listened to Radio Luxembourg as much as I could. It was the only place to hear the latest tunes. Great memories!!!
    Karl Reimer Kinsman, Ohio, USA (06/07/2010).

    784. Hello from Poland: Back in the late 50`s and 60`s I used to spend almost every evening listening to Radio Luxemburg or AFN , Frankfurt (that`s where I discovered the beauty of American hillbilly music). My favorite shows were: Top 20 and Presenting Elvis Presley both hosted by my favorite d. j. Barry Alldis. I wish I had some of those original RTL recordings. Too bad I got rid of all those reel-to-reel tapes. I miss them so badly now. Could anybody help me ? I have a weekly radio show (45 min)" Along the railroad track with C&W music". I spent 6 years in America and was in Memphis and twice backstage at the Grand OLe Opry and I met in person : Hank Snow , Bill Monroe , Roy Acuff , Jean Shepard , Porter Wagoner , FErlin Husky , Boxcar Willie , Bobby Vinton to name just a few. My e-mail address is: I wish I was 18 again. Beautiful memories of the long gone past with RTL. Great and spectacular website. Well done. Keep up the great work. All my very best - Miro.
    Miroslaw Desperak Czestochowa, Poland (06/07/2010).

    783. Page is totally sensational - for someone who thrived on Barry Aldis and the gong; night after night. Any more top 20 shows coming up - from 61 for instance? thanks!!!!!
    Tore Vik Oslo, Norway (14/06/2010).

    782. listened to RTL every night from Jan. '75 to Feb '76 while stationed with the US Army in Germany. Excellent station. I miss it.
    Kevin Rohrer Media, Ohio, USA (12/06/2010)

    781. Luxy was my station on AM in Europe when I was there and on SW when in America. It's shadow now entertains me on the internet and I still listen whenever I can.
    Tom T Toronto, Canada (12/06/2010).

    (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    Alan Dell
    Jack Jackson

    780. Radio Luxemburg ment a lot to us in the old days (I am 67 now) My memory may be a little rusty, but as far as I remember, I listened every night, when I was young.
    Soeren Pedersden Broendby, Denmark (04/06/2010).

    779. OH Oh to discover this website. Memory lane. God bless y 4 the 2 tapes from 65 and 66. Hoping that older tapes will be discovered soon. 1959 -1960 could be fun.
    Ulla Moulvad Copenhagen, Denmark (02/06/2010).

    778. times, great radio... i remember when i was young, listen on AM, The Great 208, congratulations for your page, it´s very good, excelent.
    gaspar aedo Braga, Portugal (01/06/2010).

    777. Very nice site!
    alexd535 Oakland. USA (31/05/2010)

    776. I am 54 years old. "The Station of the Stars" was my favorite radio station in the 70s. J listened to Radio Luxembourg every night. Thank you very much for the interesting photos and information.
    Adam Wronski, Lublin, Poland (29/05/2010)

    775. I LOVED this radio and listened to it every night in the seventies! I miss it.. Great dj and beautiful voices...
    Manu Milano, Italy ((26/05/2010)

    774. Thank you Dick. Your Radio Luxembourg page brought back many memories. Keep up the good work.
    Russell Kent Stowmarkwet, USA (23/05/2010)

    773. I used to stay up most of the nights when i was a lad listening to Radio Luxembourge the best station on air in those days hope to be able to listen again as soon as im able to receive it. All the best with re-launch.
    Trevor Barnett Rotherham, United Kingdom (23/05/2010).

    772.Memories of teenage years brought to life again.Fantastic site to turn the clock back a while.Thankyou!
    Ian. Mather Worsley, England (17/05/2010)

    771. Radio Luxemberg Super Radio in 66's and ever.Hallo R.L. Bay Bay.
    Vasil Stryj, Ukrane (16/05/20120).

    Bob Stewart
    Jimmy Young
    Paul Burnett

    770. Thats what I needed. A good entry to rhe story of Radio Luxembourg.
    Jens Peter Madsen Odense NØ, Denmark (15/05/2010)

    769. the small transitor i had to listen to 208 was not very good and i used to change direction to improve reception as it faded in and out.........brilliant.
    bill o'reilly co.kildare, Ireland (15/05/2010).

    768. Merci à vous en 1961 j'avais 14 ans j'écoutai le soir votre station c était fubuleux.
    Bernard THOMAS PAIMPOL, France (14/05/2010).

    767. As well as the music there was so much other entertainment--Take your Pick---people are funny--Dan dare Pilot of the future --opportunity knocks--shilling a second--candid mike ect ect and good old Garner Ted Armstrong !!!
    Billy Butler Liverpool, England (04/05/2010).

    766. For me Radio Luxembourg was really the thing that made me lucky. In those quite boring times (especially at sunday) Radio Luxemburg was the real Star in the Sky.Falling asleep with that Great Music. I worshipped those broadcasts.Ok, you got addicted but there was no harm caused by it.It was free of costs and the things they tried to sell we're not in reach anyway. Even the records we're hard to get. But today more than 50 years after I started Listening to Lucky Luxemburg I happened to buy an LP of Steve Conway (not the Caroline guy:) ) in a second hand shop with two tracks with the Hasting Girls choir and orchestra conducted by Peter Green. Getting in the mood again at once. In the autumn of my life but nobody can take that away from me....
    JohanBennink Hengelo, NL (29/04/2010)

    765. Ik ben ook een radio adept van de 70's Noordzee en Veronica. In mindere mate Luxemburg en Mi Amigo in 1975. Leuk dit stukje radio geschiedenis.
    Hans Kuijpers Eindhoven, Nederland (22/04/2010).

    764. I have just found your website,fantastic!! I listened to radio Luxembourg on 208M in the early 1950s, to Dan Dare pilot of the Future too, and on into the 1960s, so much better than the BBC, the top 20 show and other programmes ect, amazing times!!
    Cameron Warner Blackpool, England, UK (11/04/2010)

    763. This is truly a fantastic site for Radio Luxembourg fans ...Well done Dick for your hard work here over the years ...Following on from my last posting .... I have a catchy single on the HMV label from about 1961/2 called "Midnight In Luxembourg" by The Charles Blackwell Orchestra (A Joe Meek production). It is so very familiar, and yet I'm not sure that I remember it being used on 208 at all. It certainly was most appropriate for the station, and fits comfortably with the time, but maybe somebody out there can shed some light on this one for me. Many Thanks Once Again.
    Mike Bondy London, England (06/04/2010)

    762. I was at boarding school from the late 50's to early 60's, and at night had my Perdio transistor radio with earphone to tune in. Teen & Twenty Disc Club and The Top Twenty on Sunday night were the highlights for me. Please could somebody tell me what the name of the tune was that introduced the Top 20 programme with Barry Aldis. Very distinctive, a kind of American marching song if I remember rightly.
    Mike Bondy London, England (05/04/2010).

    761. I have been listening to Radio Luxemburg since 1959 to the end of your broadcasting.
    Lars Rydberg Kristianstad, Sverge (23/03/2010).

    Photos: Hans Knot archive)
    Record Library
    Jack Jackson

    760. A part of radio history that I am proud to have been around at the time even though at times I only had a crystal radio in my bedroom so it was a hit and miss situation until the sitting room radio was vacated by my parents. At 61 I am still in Radio, with Malta’s number one radio station 89.7 Bay Thanks.
    Edward Fenech Bahar ic Caghaq, Malta (11/03/2010).

    759. Luxembourg was a lifesaver in the sixties, when the BBC had the monopoly on broadcasting. I heard so much great stuff on Luxembourg, that I would never have heard via the Beeb. Fantastic memories of the "left ear in the speaker, right hand on the tuning knob" technique.
    Mick Weaver Torrance Ca., USA (07/03/2010).

    758. Great memories of a time gone by. Thank you for having made me living that period again.
    Ferdinando Travisan Lenta (VC, Italy (04/03/2010).

    757. Hi there guy's it is2:59 am in florida in the U.S.A. I'm so greatfull that i found you, i was listening to you in Poland in 1967, 68, 69 i left poland toward the end of 1969, so many years later... it almost brought me to tears, just amazing - i am back at 17 years old! Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Henry Mandel West Palm Beach, USA (27/02/2010).

    756. = Gee boys, what a blast.. congrats & keep on trucking..!!best regards...
    Ray DJ Luxembourg, Gr.Duchy of Luxembourg (17/02/2010).

    755. I use to listen to it every night when I could I loved the tune that use to be played at the end of each evenings or should I say morning broadcast and I have tried to find that tune every where with out any luck what was it ( at the end of the day you'l hear me say thank you) that is as much as I can remember now.
    Peter Kelly Plymouth, United Kingdom (13/02/2010).

    754. Radio Luxembourg was my favourite radio station of my youth in sixties and the Top Twenty on Sunday evenings stay unforgettable.This station stay in my heart forever.
    V i t Zdenek Èervený Kostelec, Czech Republic (09/02/2010).

    753. I listened to Radio Luxembourg throughout the 60@ & always listened on a Sunday evening to the Top Twenty. Brilliant reading the contents, seeing old charts, and putting faces to some of the names.
    Ian Wright SALTBURN BY THE SEA, England (08/01/2010).

    752. Radio Luxemburg was my preferite radio when I was young. I listen on my old AM radio in the late night.I always had in my ears the beautiful jingles... A piece of my heart in this waves.
    Franco Scuri Robecco s/N, Italy (07/02/2010).

    751. I remember it well!
    Sandra Barry, Northallerton, England (07/02/2010).

    Muriel Young
    Colin Hamilton (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    750. I was a regular listener during the early 1980s and have a couple of recordings in my collection. The last night of Luxembourg (1992) was also relayed on many U.K. commercial stations so we were able to listen in FM stereo.
    Andy Thacker Mold., Wales, U.K. (06/02/2010).

    749. Boy those where the days the late 50s and most of 60s when real music whas created it sure makes me feel Good to bring back the memoris agin thanks to old 208 and you for a great site.
    Ronald Grahn Bastad, Sweden (06/02/2010)

    748. stationed in Ramstein,Germany from 1979-1982 and again 1988-1991, I would make it a point to list to 208 at night, especially Sunday nights. That is where I first heard the news of the Lockerbee Plane crash! I am so glad to be able to relive the old 208 and enjoy the new 208 via the Web. THANKS!
    Grover Keith Rome, GA, USA (02/02/2010).

    747. Wow! What a goldmine your site is! In reading through the many colorful comments from over the years, I note lots of folks writing to say they were listening as early as the seventies or even the sixties! Well, you guys are newbies--I regularly tuned in to 1439 from 1954 until mid-1957. I was then 11 to 14 years old, my US Army dad was posted to the embassy in Den Haag--still my favorite city in Europe. These were three of the most glorious years of my life! We had several radio receivers around the house: a Hallicrafters S-38C, a French "Balmet" and a few American table-model radios. All were sufficient to tune in Radio Luxembourg after dark--and this was my introduction to Rock'n'Roll! This was over 50 years ago, so I certainly can't remember all the shows I heard, but I do remember a show called "208 and View", and I did write to the station personalities a couple of times. In each case I got a reply--how I wish I'd saved those letters! One said tha! t Lionel Hampton's band was coming to the Netherlands, and that the station might be able to arrange tickets. Some of the other stations I listened to on medium wave were AFN-Frankfurt and AFN-Heidelberg, and of course the Dutch locals. With the Hallicrafters and a random-length wire aerial I was able to pull in NHK (Japan), Radio Brazzaville, Radio Tangier (a now-defunct religious broadcaster) and HCJB (still a religious broadcaster), and WRUL (the only non-government shortwave broadcaster in the US), and of course the Voice of America. But the greatest thrill of all was to go exploring on Medium Wave in front of the warm glow of the slide rule dial on the Balmet. Hearing the hissing and crackling as you turned the big knob and watched the indicator line move past the names of all the big cities of Europe, and straining to hear the faint signals fading in and out as the atmospheric layers did their dance in the ionosphere--it was like a treasure hunt every night! You ! never knew what you'd find but it was always rewarding, especially whe n you found a new station. In case you're wondering what prompted me to find your website, here's the answer: Last week while watching a rented DVD we saw the previews to the film "Pirate Radio", and I mentioned to my wife that 50 years ago I regularly listened to the original pirate broadcaster, Radio Luxembourg. That of course prompted a discussion of what Medium Wave broadcasting was like in the fifties in Europe, as experienced by an American kid whose dad made sure there were always good radios in the house. With warmest regards to all who love radio, --Vic Delnore Norfolk Virginia, USA
    Vic Delnore Norfolk, United States (27/01/2010).

    746. When I arrived at Bitburg,Germany (Aug.1969), I bought a radio and search the band for station and found radio Lux. Listened to it in the barracks and in my 1962 VW. Left in Dec. 1971 It was great. Thanks.
    Ron Wood Atlanta, USA (23/01/2010)

    745. Have been a huge fan of Luxy since a kid growing up in Ireland. It inspired me to become a radio broadcaster in Ireland and then on to doing radio commercials in Los Angeles. Just found it today online and have been listening for the past few hours. Does not have that same feel but certainly nice to listen to the podcasts... the memories are always nice. Dick, thanks for taking the time to keep this site updated for so long. I check it from time to time. I am now a professional web designer and would love to re-design your Luxy site... NO CHARGE! What say you?
    Shane Finnerty Los Angeles by way of Galway, Ireland, USA (22/01/2010).

    744. I was In Radio Luxembourg studio In 1983. Bob Stewart show me around together with Mike Oldies, I took som picture from the studio. Next year I was In London, Hertford street 37 and talk with the director In 2 ours. We was talking about the future, and satelite radio. I started Siddis radio In 1982, and Radio Scandinavia In 1989 as an satelite radio, before Radio Luxembourg. I was lisening to Radio Luxembourg from I was 5-6 old. It was a dream for me. You have a very nice page!
    Rolf Pedersen Stavanger, Norway (21/01/2010)

    743. It seems that Luxy on the Internet is dead as of 2010. I miss it ... again.
    Tom Tass Toronto, Canada (19/01/2010).

    742. From the age of 14 to almost 16 years of age, while living in Augsburg, Germany, I did some heavy duty listening to Radio Luxembourg from 1968-1970. They rocked the radio waves hard back then.
    Victor Malone Dayton, USA (19/01/2010).

    741. Radio under the duvet in the 80's, what memories.They were indeed better days;-)
    David Tavendale Southampton, England (16/01/2010).

    740. Radio Luxemburg is radio I listened when I was young. I listen that radio today gladly.
    Ismet Sarajevo, Bosnia add Herzegovina (15/01/2010).


    738. :) Thanks for the interesting story! I listened ÇË in 1977-1983 and the best music listened from them. And now I listen. :)
    Dmitry Kazan, Russia (11/01/2010).

    737. I am an ex-Brit, now Canadian, living in Canada since 1977 but visiting Florida for the winter. Tonight I was watching a documentary on TV about how the Beatles helped destroy the Communist system in USSR and how RL was a huge part of that story (excellent BBC show!). Remembering how I listened to RL every night from about 1960-1967 I googled Radio Luxembourg and found your wonderful site. I shall visit it again for a more detailed look, and follow the links, but just wanted to say thanks for the trip down memory lane! Just seeing the DJs names brings back wonderful memories. RL had a huge impact on my generation when the only alternatives were BBC Light and BBC Home! Thankyou so much.
    Carole Quirk Jasper, Omtario, Canada (10/01/2010).

    736. Congratulations. This is the world's number one Radio Station.
    Sincerely, Kovalcsik József Bátonyterenye, Hungary (09/01/2010).

    735. Love Radio Luxemburg; glad to have you back again.
    Mark Riley St. Helens, England (09/01/2010).

    734. Bar Manager at Shepherds Tavern, 50 Hertford Street, London W.1. 1956-1957. I looked after them, you know who were my regular customers. But one was Jimmy Edwards (handlebar moustache). What was he doing there?
    Norman Andrews London, UK (04/01/2010).


    733. Hello Dick, after several years (I was the 25th to sign your guestbook in '98), I returned to your WONDEFUL site about Radio Luxembourg that was the definitive soundtrack of our youth, during the years I found some old notes with a lot of Luxy charts, you maybe already have these data.

    August 16th, 1970 the last Luxy top 20 to begin with the number 1

    1 (2) Neandertal Man (Hotlegs)
    2 (9) Signed, Sealed, Deliv (Stevie Wonder)
    3 (10) Rainbow (Marmalade)
    4 (12) Natural Sinner (Fairweather)
    5 (20) The Love You Save (Jackson 5)
    6 (13) A Song Of Joy (Miguel Rios)
    7 (1) Something (S.Bassey)
    8 (17) 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago)
    9 (-) Tears Of A Clown (S.Robinson & Mir.)
    10 (19) Sweet Inspiration (J.Johnson & BW)
    11 (5) Lola (Kinks)
    12 (-) Wigwam (Bob Dylan)
    13 (-) Make It With You (Bread)
    14 (-) Wild World (Jimmy Cliff)
    15 (6) Love Like A Man (10 Years After)
    16 (-) It's So Easy (Andy Williams)
    17 (3) The Wonder Of You (Elvis)
    18 (4 ) I'll Say Forever My L (J.Ruffin)
    19 (-) Mr.President (Dozy, Beachy, Mich & T)
    20 (15) Long & Winding Road (Ray Morgan)

    August 23rd, 1970 Luxy's top 20 (the first to begin with the number 20)

    20 (-) Apartment 21 (Bobbie Gentry)
    19 (6) A Song Of Joy (Miguel Rios)
    18 (7) Something (S.Bassey)
    17 (-) Tell It All Brother (K.Rogers & 1st Edit)
    16 (-) Love Is Life (Hot Chocolate)
    15 (-) Reflections (Supremes)
    14 (-) Mama Told Me (3 Dog Night)
    13 (-) I, Who Have Nothing (Tom Jones)
    12 (19) Mr.President (Dozy, Beachy, Mich & T)
    11 (16) It's So Easy (Andy Williams)
    10 (14) Wild World (Jimmy Cliff)
    9 (12) Wigwam (Bob Dylan)
    8 (1) Neandertal Man (Hotlegs)
    7 (13) Make It With You (Bread)
    6 (10)Sweet Inspiration (J.Johnson & BW)
    5 (2) Signed, Sealed, Deliv (Stevie Wonder)
    4 (8) 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago)
    3 (5) The Love You Save (Jackson 5)
    2 (4) Natural Sinner (Fairweather)
    1 (9) Tears Of A Clown (S.Robinson & Mir.)
    1 (3) Rainbow (Marmalade)

    Well, incredible, two number ones that evening!!!

    Fabio Monego Zoldo Alto, Italy (27/12/2009).

    732. RTL ,incontournable sur les ondes, toujours à l'écoute du 1440! bravo pour le site !
    ALAIN LEMESNAGER LASSON, France (23/12/2009).

    731. Used to love listening to Gracie Fields on Radio Lux. every Sunday evening at 1930 hours think it was WISK HALF HOUR, wonder what happend to all those tapes of Gracie and how good it would be to have them on a CD.
    Denis Lownds Horsham, Sussex, England (15/12/2009)

    (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    Barry Alldis
    Jack Jackson
    Jimmy Savile

    730. Its a shame that radio luxembourg now is just a prerecorded loop only available via internet with a classicrock format. Radio Luxembourg should have returned as the station it always has been at its demise in 92 ie a pop/rock and entertainment format,with satellite relay via sky and freesat on eurobird1's european S1 beam at 28.5degE,cable all over the UK and Europe,DAB in the UK and online. Forget about DRM shortwave for the moment,there are hardly any radios about,only have this when the radios are on sale and the technology is widely used,and 1440AM technology is old hat and not worth considering with the fading and interference factor.
    Anthony Accrington,Lancashire, UK (13/12/2009).

    729. Excellent site.
    Gerry McCann Basseterre, St. Kitts (13/12/2009).

    728. Great site. used to listen to top twenty every sunday night also other progs twdc smash hits, and of course the haunting At the end of the Day tune at the end of broadcasting. brings back lovely memories of my childhood. thanks again After all these years playing in showbands, rock bands, solo gigs etc I'm now a production engineer with local radio CRC fm (community radio castlebar) 102.9 or on the net tune in sometime. all the best for now regards john murphy.
    JOHN MURPHY KILTIMAGH, CO. MAYO, Ireland (11/12/2009).

    727. I used to listen under the bed sheets to Luxy when I was at boarding school in the early seventies. Funny thing though, the most vivid memory I have of 208 is the music from the Peter Stuyvesant ads in 1974/75!
    Ivor Williams Herts, London (08/12/2009).

    726. Hello, I have been in US since 1973 am American citizen. Have the number one program "Don's On!" on KWXY FM hear it on " Sat -Sun 7-12 pm Pacific-Am out of closset -Gay -luv dw.
    Don Wardell @KWXYFM USA Palm Springs, USA (04/12/2009). See reaction nr. 174.

    725. Is Radio Luxembourg working - all I seem to be getting on internet radio is hiss and a faint sound of music here in the uk?
    Woody Woodward Frome, Somerset, UK (26/11/2009).

    724. Spent many a night listening to Radio Luxembourg in the late '60's,early '70's while serving with the British Army of the Rhine.
    Kaspar Coward Bridgetown, Barbados (24/11/2009).

    723. Dear sir,thanks your new Radio Luxembourg. Thanking you.
    Sultan Mahmud Naogaon, Bangladesh (19/11/2009).

    722. I was stationed in France in the U.S. Army from 1961-1964, and listened regularly to Radio Luxembourg. For some reason the song, Telstar, is the one I most identify with Radio Luxembourg. Maybe because it was so unique. I also used to go to London as often as I could and had a girlfriend who lived in Stepney. Those were the days. I also have most of the early Beatles records on Parlaphone, as well as a few on Odeon (their French label?). Thanks for this wonderful website.
    Charles Mann Langhorne, PA. USA (15/11/2009).

    721. 62 to 65 lived in Hemer Germany spent many hours listening to Radio Luxembourg on a Philips radio and taped using Grundig Horizontal reel to reel. Great site , lots of memories. Thanks !!
    Pete Booth Havelock, Canada (13/11/2009).

    Jimmy Savile and The Rolling Stones at Luxy studio's in London (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    720. Formerly of Sheffielo England. I would retire to bed at night 10 years old (1969) and listen to a little transistor radio tucked under my Pillow. Great memory,s.
    Mac Levers Hamilton Ontario, Canada (13/11/2009).

    719. The saddest day in my life was when Icame back from SKorea on Leave I wanted to refresh my memories of my life back home in England my first night home I eagerly tune to 1440/208 on my stereo only to hear static i was heart broken and the thought of you can never go back came to mind ...with horror I asked my mum what happened to Radio luxemburg she said in a calm voice they closed it down ,didn't I tell you...and i said no Mum and gave a small tear for a lost childhood of listening to the radio under the covers just like in the movie the boat that rock and I had to live without my close friend...
    Sam Soto Orlando Florida, USA (07/11/2009).

    718. thank you thank you ....this has been a very emotional look at your a 62 year old who, as a child had my grandads bush radio under the sheets ...listening to the fading coming and going and always getting angry when the song never finished...oh how wonderful to see the faces of all the oldies too...great and thank you once again.
    malcolm crane Norwich, England (02/11/2009).

    717. In the US Air Force stationed in the UK during the late 60's, Radio Luxembourg brought us music from home. Thanks!!
    Rich Fischer Oak Park, USA (01/11/2009).

    716. love radio Luxembourg, I became aquainted with it when I was stationed in Germany in the 70's and then again in the 80's thru 90. Absolutely the greatest radio station in the WORLD!
    Randall L. Roberts Shreveport, USA (31/10/2009).

    715. Very nice memories I began to listen to radio luxembourg in eighties and it was fantastic sound.My favourite dj was Mike Hollies but was sometimes really poor signal in my town Komarno. Thanks.
    Laco Liker Komarno, Slowakia (26/10/2009).

    714. I really enjoyed your website. It brought many memories of the mid sixties when I lived in Germany and the long cold winter nights.
    John p. o,Day Columbia SC ()26/10/2009)

    713. Just to let all you Luxy listeners know, Mike Knight (ex Luxy presenter/manager) is on Saturday's and Thursday's @ 7pm and Friday's @ 12pm UK Times.
    Paul Kent, UK (25/10/2009).

    712. Hi guys, super page, lots of memory;s but I do miss a girl, called "heidi from radio Luxenbourg" ???? She was also a manager from electrola in koln in Germany.
    HENRY Allpas Vernon, Canada (23/10/2009).

    711. Hello, Dick. My name is Alex and I'm from Belgrade, Serbia. I'm 14 years old and I must say that your Luxy tribute site is truly great. I first heard of Luxy in 2004 when dad told me everything he knew about Radio Luxembourg so i found some online archives to listen to the old tapes. I miss the "real" Luxy a lot, even though she has "returned" to the web. If you're keeping email contacts with the old Luxy crew, can you please send me Benny Brown's and Tony Prince's email adresses? I'd like to have a chat with them and learn something from their radio career. It would really mean a lot to me.
    Aleksandar Kocic Belgrade, Servia (15/10/2009).

    (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    Barry Alldis and Cliff Richard
    Beatles at Luxy studio in London

    710. I remember all these nights on sundays and will be never forgetting my records at RL. Also great web site and greetings to all.
    Anders Dahlsberg Degerfors, Sweden (12/10/2009).

    709. For Dave Christian: Hi Dave. Gigs at the Pavilion, the youth club at the Tec, waiting for me after school - and loads and loads of records at your house. My Mum was worried that I might marry you!!! Great times!
    Janet Bailey Chester, England (09/10/2009)

    708. Witam Kierownictwo najwspanialszego Radia Luxemburg, jakie Ziemia wyda³a. £za siê w oku krêci na samo wspomnienie tamtych wspania³ych lat 60, 70 i 80. pozdrawiam Wszystkich bardzo bardzo serdecznie.
    Mirko Wiolicki Szczecin, Poland (08/10/2009).

    707. 1966 - 1989 - The best years of my life.
    Slobodan Selena Novi Sad, Serbia (07/10/2009).

    706. It's so sad that I didn't live in the years of these well-known station. These times has ended... But I listen to the Gold and also to the Big L over my old good soviet VEF-206... And I think how good and cool was it. Thank you for this page!
    O. Babka Czech rep. (04/10/2009).

    705. I have ben here before, about 4 years go. I say, this again, this is just the BEST. THANK YOU!
    Peter B. Nadhazy Cleveland, Oh, USA (02/10/2009).

    704. What a great site !! bought back so many good times,Tuesday nights chart etc. who did'nt listen under the bedclothes eh? it always sounded fun and thats whats missing from todays radio. I still enjoy the Kid though on GOLD and Planet Rock.
    Tony Cattani Woking, England (28/09/2009). but there will never be the magic of Luxy 208.

    703. How I miss the english broadcasting of radio luxembourg! on the big 208........even when I was working on one of the radio ships on the nordsea! yep radio caroline! and radio nordsea international! i will always see radio luxembourg as my rollmodel,you guys teached me so much! Thanks; John
    John (Tony Blackburn) Haverhoek Houten, the Netherlands (27/09/2009).

    702. What was the closing song sung by Bing Crosby during the 60's? It was like a good night song & prayer. I always went to sleep listening to it when stationed at RAF Chicksands.
    Ralph Corso Burlington CT, USA (26/09/2009).

    701. Ho scoperto casualmente il tuo sito che mi ha fatto rivivere fortissime emozioni! Radio Luxenbourg ha riempito con la sua musica, i suoi jingles e tutti i suoi DJ le mie serate da teenager, prima, e di servizio militare di leva, poi. Leggendo sul sito gli aneddoti e la storia della Radio, ho avuto un quadro del tutto inedito e piacevole di 2-0-8. Le registrazioni delle hit parade, con i fading originali, sono il punto forte del sito in quanto fanno rivivere appieno le emozioni provate ascoltando le radio di allora. Grazie ancora per l’idea e la realizzazione del sito!
    [Transl. (approx): By chance I’ve found your 208 website and it gave me strong emotions! Radio Luxenbourg was a good friend with a lot of music, jingles and DJ’s during my “teenager” nights… Story and other “infos” about the Radio are new and interesting for me. The Hit parades recordings, with original fadings, are the most important part in the site: they give the original emotions when old radios was used to hear 2-0-8! Thank you for the website idea and pages!]
    Fulvio Canciani Trieste, Italia (26/06/2009).

    700. Wel, I stumbled on to this. Wil check it out some more. I am from Groningen area.
    Andy Offringa Jenison Mi, USA (11/03/2009)

    699. Hi Glad to hear that new plans for European & worldwide audience are on the way!!I was raised close to an old valve receiver always tuned to french LW RTL, more than 55years ago in my native France, nearby Verdun. Later I enjoyed 208 and the Channel/Nordsee pirate radios. Maybe one day I might hear you on DRM SW channel right here in Japan. Thank you for the good job 73s from yhe other side of the world.
    Francois LIENARD ICHIKAWA, Japan (11/03/2009).

    698. Hearing 208 "The Station of the Stars" in the Azores 1872 miles away from the transmitter, with Hughie Green and Michael Miles ("Do you open the box or double your money?)" Listening later to Dave Christian, Kid Jensen and Noel Edmunds(?) and staying awake until 3.00 a.m just to hear "Maybe in the Morning" closing the day's broadcasts. I also heard the final programmes,by now I was living in London. All very sad. Gone but never forgotten. Thanks Luxy you were the only source of pop music for most of the 1960's for me.
    RB, London, UK (03/02/2009).

    697. Hi, everyone! I'm 47 now, but Radio Luxembourg still ocupies the biggest part of my life.These days I often do something like this: when I am downloaded some rare single played in 208 (mostly from 1975 - 1977), I take accordant playlist( one of thousands written down those years ago and now luckily survived) and put in my wmp-playlist (that's in my computer) and then - at first accordant jingle mixed up with accordant piece of voice of real DJ ( unfortunately then usually but not always I wrote witch DJ is presenting on Big L at that very hour of the night or morning) and then follows single or albumtrack taken from the list, then jinglemix and then again: the next song and so on: the whole hour, including freshly provided new material of my collection. And then I listen. It is very funny and I am feeling the same way as it was when my favourites: Peter Powell, Chris Carey, Bob Stewart, Mark Wesley, Stuart Henry, Barry Alldis and Tony Prince served in luxy brin! ging us joy and sense of being together with good friends or even family. Thank You very much! Thanks, Dick! :)
    Edvins Gorbunovs Tukums, Latvia (28/01/2009).

    696. Hoi Dick. Congratulations, and thanks for making such an intersting website. I first found your page about Radio Luxembourg through Google, and then continued through the other pages. I enjoyed reading the pages about your hometown, and your life. Even the live webcams, wow! It was also very nice to find your pages concerning Radio Veronica and RNI. I grew up listening to these radio stations, so your articles and soundclips bring back so many memories. As a teenager, it was because of Radio Veronica that I started to take an interest in your country, and to try to learn something of the Dutch language. (I wanted to know what the dj's were talking about). That was many years ago! Since then I had several nice vacations in Nederland, one day I hope to visit again. Some years ago I made some pages on my website about RNI, (the story is still not finished), and the UK station Radio 270. Maybe you have seen it? If not, I hope you might care to take a look. The URL is: Nogmaals, hartelijk bedankt voor uw fijn website. Beste Wensen en de groetjes vanuit de UK. (Hope that makes sense).
    Dave Salmon Liverpool, UK (20/01/2009).

    695. Between 1959 and early 1962, I was in the US ARMY and stationed in France. Almost every night myself and my buddies would listen to 208. We loved it! British and American music--WOW!!!
    Bill Yarbrough Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA (20/01/2009).

    694. Great WEB site for information about the history of this very famous Radio Station. Fab 208 played a very important role for British POP music and I used to listen to it in the early seventies before commercial radio started in our area. I'm collecting information to produce a four part radio documentary about the history of Pop Radio in the UK. From the 1920's ( The Marconi days before BBC ) right up to the present day! Thanks for the useful trivia, the audio clips and photos are great.
    Jeff Egginton Birmingham, England (15/01/2009)


    693. Absolutely brilliant website, great pics, great info, great memories. Brings back my youth when I used to listen to 208 on my small tranny radio under my bed clothes! Cheers, Tony (now 61 years of age) Tony Alston Milton Keynes, United Kingdom (04/12/2008).

    692. Always enjoy visiting this great wee website coz it brings back so many great musical memories! Its also fab 2C the 208 reunion photos, cheers! All the very best to one and all for the fast approaching new year of 2009!
    DJ Duggy Day Bijing, China (18/11/2008).

    691. Hello, My name is Peter and I am journalist from 1 Program of Polish Public TV. I prepare documentary movie about Radio Luxembourg 208. This radio was important for Polish people in communist times. Radio Luxembourg brought people freedom. I have contact with Benny Brown and with Kid Jensen. Is this possible to make an interview with you about "old times" in Radio Luxembourg or at least I would like to ask you for help in collecting materials to my movie (recordings, photographs...) related with Radio Luxembourg. I know that you have huge archives. Thank you for help.
    Piotr Warsaw, Poland (03/11/2008).

    (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    Barry Alldis
    Chris Denning

    690. Good Morning, Hopefully you can help me ... I got your details from Enda Caldwell who has done some onair work with Radio Luxembourg in the past and who you may know ... We are an Irish TV Production Company called Good Company Productions, and we filmed in Bonn on 23rd and 24th May 2008 and then travelled to Luxembourg City on Sunday May 25th to film there .... The programme we are making will be shown on TG4, ( ) the Irish National Language Channel, and is called 'Mi na Meala' which means 'Honeymoon'. We bring couples who were married in the 1960s & 1970s back to the location of their honeymoon, to re-live the experience and re-visit special places along the way. The programme has a very relaxed, nostalgic style. The Couple in question for this Programme was Nollaig and Mairin O'Gadhra from Galway who went to Bonn and onwards to Luxembourg in 1970 .. They walked the streets, ate some food and visited Radio Luxembourg as Nollaig had a passion for Radio .... Sad news on our side in that Nollaig O Gadhra died 4 week ago .. Very sad for his family ... Therefore I have been putting the Cut of this final programme in the Series on the long finger but now want to finish it and get it broadcast in late November .. We visited the Old Home of radio Luxembourg at Villa Louvigny which is now the Dept of Health and we interviewed Enda Caldwell as an Irishman who had worked with Radio Luxembourg ... I am wondering can you help me with the following : I have contacted RTL and Dan Daversa but I think getting any footage from there will be very difficult ... Do you have ANY Radio Luxembourg Photos ... I only need a few to help me visually enhance the Interview ... Do you have ANY Radio Luxembourg Jingles from the 60's/70's .. that I could use ... OR Any possible archive ... Let me know if there is anything you have that I can use for this now very nostalgic piece of Programming ... THIS IS PURELY FOR USE IN THIS PROGRAMME AND ON TG4 ...
    Evan Chamberlain Director, Good Company Productions Ltd. 3, Charleville Court, Market Square, Tullamore, Co.Offaly. IRELAND (23/10/2008)

    689. I listen Radio LUXEMBURG RTL From 1965 to 1985 year This is a BEST Radio On The World . Gratulations to all Service People
    Jacek PUSTELNIK Maz, Poland (22/10/2008)

    688. Forever remembered and always missed - those days of the Great 208, falling asleep to the radio fading in and out while living in Germany 81-85.
    Mike Brown Edmonton, Canada (21/10/2008).

    687. I listened to Radio Lux while stationed at RAF High Wycombe with the USAF European Weather Central and from RAF Croughton from 1970 - 1973. Late nights working with weather data and maps, we needed some music boost. This site brings back some great memories. I had a great radio on my MG and would listen while touring around England and UK.
    Jim Perry Atlanta, USA (18/10/2008).

    686. Wonderful nostalgia.
    Barry Savage Saltash, UK (13/10/2008).

    685. Greetings! Double the memories for me. I was stationed with the US Army in Vicenza, Italy 1965 - 1967. I was age 18 then and RL was about all the decent music available then - a real lifesaver. My second exposure to RL was when I was again stationed with the US Army in Neubrucke, Germany from 1976 -1979. We did have the Armed Forces Network to listen to this time around, but Radio Luxembourg was always the station of choice when possible. Thanks for the memories on this terrific website.
    Terry Schmechel Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States (12/10/2008).

    684. Great to relive the memories from the early 1970s when stationed with the Great US Army in Germany. Keep up the good work.
    Doc Holliday Smoot, WV, USA (10/10/2008)

    683. Hello I’ m from Southern Ireland and used to listen to the great 208 luxy right up until the final nite of broadcasting and missed it howeverI’m not sure if the real thing is back on air.
    Timothy John Garvey Surrey, Canada (09/10/2008).

    682. Just found your site, its great to see it. I must say that in my teenage years 208 was the only way to hear Pop music. I enjoyed the music so much and I now than all involved. It was a major part of my life at that time. The hardest thing was to get a clear signal!1 but it was worth it. Thanks again.
    Mike Beeny Auckland, New Zealand (24/09.2008).

    681. Dear sir: I remember a late night programme on the radio in 1980 called "Music your Mother wouldn't like". I am sure it was Luxembourg, but I could be wrong. They played things like Floyd, Purple, Genesis, Yes, etc. Can you clarify for me. I look forward to hearing from you. Any links would be helpful.
    Dan Wesley Crawley, United Kingdom (23/09/2008).

    Roger Day
    Colin Nicol
    Paul Kaye

    680. Pase muchas noches de mi juventud viendo un cielo lleno de estrellas y compartiendo con amigos tiempos y largas conversaciones de como mejorar el mundo mientras que en la radio del coche sonaba Radio Luxembourg que nos daba música y rpresentaba el mundo libre que en esos momentos los españoles no podíamos disfrutar aquí. Gracias.
    I pass many nights of my youth seeing a full star sky and sharing with friendly times and long conversations of how improving the world whereas in the radio of the car she sounded Luxembourg Radio that gave music us and represented the free world that at those moments the Spaniards we could not enjoy here. Thanks.
    Luis Osuna Melilla, Spain (20/09/2008).

    679. Thanks for that.
    Jan Kravec Presov, Slovak Republic (12/09/2008).

    678. Finding, reading and listening to this page has me feel all funny inside, I was a kid in middle England and Luxembourg was deffo a part of my young life.
    Paul Frankfurt am Main, Germany (08/09/2008).

    677. The Peter Stuyvesant Top 30 Show with Paul Burnett - what a memory, listening to it under the sheets as a kid. Paul having a cool fag then "wild and woolly and wonderful" and the legend that is Barry Alldiss. A totally different world and in many ways a better one!
    Chris Dowsett, Preston, UK (08/09/2008)

    676. I grew up with 208 ringing in my ears.
    Ken Kumla, Sweden (07/09/2008).

    675. I wish the best to the great family of the lovers of Radio Luxembourg.
    António Alegre Luso, Portugal (06/09/2008).

    674. What great memories.
    Rod Mitchell San Francisco, USA (03/09/2008).

    673. I have listened to Radio Luxemburg since I was a little boy, from 1959 until the radiostation was closed down.
    Lars Rydberg Gualöv, Sweden (25/08/2008).

    672. I was in Germany in 1962 to 1963. I listen to Radio Luxembourg all the time. I enjoyed it very must. I liked Cliff Richard ,but haven't anything on him. I went to Radio Luxembourg today and found him. It brought back members. Thanks.
    Jerry Burns West Point, MS, USA (21/08/2008)

    671. Thanks For All The Memories-I Was Listening To 208 - In German And English , In The Early Sixties, When I Was Living In Austria- And Welcome Back.
    Erwin Weinhofer Toronto, Canada (17/08/2008).

    Tony Brandon
    Alan Dell
    Chris Denning

    670. Wow,brought a tear to my eye listening to your clips.Shaw Taylor lives down the road and i didnt realise he was a grand duchy man!I particularly remember listening to Nathan Jones late at night fading in and out.Bring back The Great 208 yee ha!!
    Charles Pettit Isle of wight UK (07/08/2008).

    669. Hi Dick, what a brilliant website you have. I used to listen to Luxembourg in the early 60s mostly under the sheets in bed on my homemade transistor radio with an earpiece so I didn't get discovered!!! Some of the soundbites you have brought tears to the eyes as I haven't heard them for years. Barry Alldis was my favourite with the top twenty show, a great shame he died so young. Thanks again for a great website!!!
    Steve Willis West London (UK) (06/08/2008).

    668.Yeah- always tuned in to 208 M - and your H Samual ever right time! Unfortunately the station was prone to fading/interferance. I also listened to some unknown (to me) station I think "Radio Netherlands" Always wanted to know what "Fixo and Fixo Flux" (close as I can remember) were - always advertised. ANd the constant tea theme song - "I like a nice cup of tea in the morning"etc etc. Anyone else listen to that program - I was avid S/W listener as I loved music, and BBC did not put much on. HEnce laterally the Carolines! Any other 'listeners' of that era - 50's.
    Geof Jones Lakeland FL USA (05/08/2008)

    667. I got tears in my eyes listning to the old tapes with the known voices - and the noise. Glad someone take care about the tapes and let us listen!
    Flemming Myrup Skjern Denmark (05/08/2008).

    666. I have been and still am the bass player with the Searchers since 1964. I loved the site. Luxembourg was so important to our career but also to my youth when I was first being turned on to rock and roll and had to listen under the bedclothes to hear my favourite discs. I recall the Capitol programme on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I could get to hear Gene Vincent and Tommy Sands etc. I have a favour to ask. My biography of the Searchers is published next spring and I need a photo of Jack Jackson to go with the opening chapter which talks about Radio Luxembourg and the Capitol programme and then goes on to mentions Jack Jackson`s slightly later television show. I do not however have a photo budget so it would have to be a no-fee situation. Can you help? I would appreciate it very much. Many thanks.
    Frank Allen London, England (04/08/2008).

    665. Great memories, bring it all back again.
    Alan Wootton Whitchurch England (03/08/2008).

    664. I still listen to old 208 show stuff on tapes i made. love to hear the voices and enjoy the great record played then, love all the stuff. it never ceases to cheer my memories.
    Donald Campbell newcastle. co down northern ireland. bt33ohp (03/08/2008).

    663. Vroeger 1959 tot ongeveer 1975 luisterde ik heel veel naar jullie en heb er leuke herinneringen aan overgehouden,en luisterde met een ontvanger van RCA een CR88.en een paar meter draad als antenne. De ontvanger doet het nog uitstekend. Ik gebruikte een bandrecorder van GRUNDIG , een TK 24 en heb kilometers band waar ook veel van Radio Luxemburg op staat. Best 73 van Wiebe,PA0GWS.
    W.Sijtsma Gerkesklooster - NL (26/07/2008).

    662. Thank you for your excellent 208 website. I was a keen 208 listener 1971-1980. I rediscovered the station in the early nineties on stereo FM. I have 150 hours of stereo cassette tapes from December 1991-October 1992 including the entire closedown show in 1991 as well as 1992 shows mainly by my then favourites Tony Adams, Shaun Tilley, Jodie Scott, and Jonathan Miles. The tapes gave me plenty of listening pleasure throughout the nineties. (As I am now living abroad the tapes are temporarily in storage until summer 2009). I would like to obtain/purchase transcripts of 208 early seventies shows. My all-time favourite 208 DJs are all the six members of team of 1972 as shown on your website. What happended to the 208 audio archives after the closedown in 1992? I know they existed then because Jeff Graham said on air that he had been going through them when preparing for the closedown show. Surely someone (RTL?) must have them still? How can I get access? Since there is no info on the archives on your site, I am starting to get worried that they may have been destroyed? Please advise.
    Inge Hoem (15/01/2008).

    661. Hi, I'm a longlife Elvis Presley fan. I visited this website to find information on Radio Luxembourg because my mother and her friend who were also Elvis fans used to listen to Elvis on this radio station. So glad it's been re-launced.
    Jacqueline Hendren Edinburgh (10/01/2008).

    660. Radio Luxembourg should use the Worldspace-System for transmissions.I`m so glad that Radio Caroline is there free to air!Why not also the great 208?
    Thomas Brandt, Bremen/Germany (10/01/2008).

    659. Great site and greatest memories. 1440 khz.
    Branko B., Cres, Croatia (09/01/2008).

    658. 208! Thanks for the memories... the site is great.
    My life won't be the same without all that music and those sleepless nights...
    Gigi Masin Venice, Italy (08/01/2008).


    657. Very good website! Brings back good memories of many, many hours by the medium wave radio, listening to music, jingles, commercials, news - and (often) very entertaining DJ's. I became aware of Luxy in 1974, thanks to an older cousin of mine, and remained a listener for many years. I must admit that I wasn't that enthusiastic with 208 after the mid Eighties - they obviously had difficulties competing with MTV etc, and most importantly: They had problems recruiting new and "colourful" disc jockeys whenever one of the old ones left the station. In the end Bob Stewart - back from America in 1990, after 3 years working on TV and radio in Texas - almost carried the whole station on his shoulders alone... A funny thing: In December 1991 I listened in to 208 one evening for the first time in several months - and found out, to my surprise, that I was listening to the station's very last MW broadcast... I got the last 20 minutes on tape, with present and former DJs live in the studio, and wit. Half a year ago - in the summer of 2007 - they had 7 or 8 DJs, including the "veterans" Dave Christian and Benny Brown. Some months later I discovered that one of my two only favourites on the "new" Luxy - Mr. Christian - had quietly left the station. The only other real personality, Benny Brown, is still there in December 2007. But last night I took a look at their website, and discovered that Brown was one of only 4 DJs left at the "new" Radio Luxembourg now... It looks as if the whole project is about to crumble. And it doesn't surprise me. The station is in my opinion really a "phoney". Only capitalizing on the legendary brand name. Except for Christian and Brown, the staff has been faceless and mediocre, and even though they'd never admit it, I suspect that every word said between the songs is pre-recorded and just mixed with songs from a computer. They go on and on about "send us an e-mail!" all the time, but I've yet never ONCE heard the DJ actually READ out anything at all. But: Perhaps the staff really DO spend just an hour or two each week, introducing records without mentioning too many artist names, so that they can mix these introductions with any randomly chosen song from the computer...? Well-well. It sure isn't as charming and magical as the original Radio Luxembourg, and it looks as if the station is about to fold again. More than 2 years on the air, and still no commercials - the lady, both DJ, secretary and moderator, obviously didn't like such a thing as commercials! - and they are down to 4 DJs now... Which makes it more monotonous than ever to listen to them. A very bad sign, this reduction of on-air staff members. And choosing that RDM system was perhaps their biggest mistake. They can be heard on any Internet computer, too - yes - but the whole station is in my opinion almost a farse. They should never have been given the right to use the brand name "Radio Luxembourg". Not even with Christian and (still) Brown on the team...
    Frank Simonsen, Søgne, Norway (16/12/2007).

    656. Hello! Good site! I'm From Khazahstan! I'm doing well! Thank you!
    Wholesale Khazahstan (08/12/07).

    655. The 66-71 years people were free from fresh tunes, but it was a great time to me behind the iron curtain, I was in my teens filled in love and music by 208 in Hungary. I was a schoolboy and a policeman once in schooltime high-handed asked us about Radio Luxemburg. The Radio 208 was a fountain for every young rock-guy to talk about the Top Twenty to feel about the pop music, we loved Luxy. It's a great site, thanks for recalling my memories.
    Kubik Attila Hungary, Budapest (22/11/2007).

    654. Me too, a teenager in the 60's, father in the US Air Force and stationed in Germany. We were hungry for US rock'n roll, which was not freely avialable on the American Forces Network (AFN). We were so desperate, that we often listened to CFNZ (Canadian Forces Network)out of Zweibrucken, Germany. Thankx for your website.
    Dr. Linda A. Polle San Diego, California, USA (21/11/2007).

    653. Elvis' Teen and Twenty Disc Club number was 11321.
    I was an engineer on all Jimmys programmes.
    Glad to know you're books open again Dick.
    Alan Bailey Nottingham, U.K (21/11/2007)

    652. In the 60s I was at boarding school. We all listened to Luxemburg after "lights out". HELP one question? Jimmy Saville often referred to Elvis by his Radio Luxemburg Club number! Can anyone remember that number?????
    John London (20/11/2007).

    651. Wonderful memories listening to Tony Prince and Bob Stewart till close down, on night shifts in the Signal box at Marchwood, Hants. 1977-82.
    John Buckingham Hampshire, England (15/11/2007).

    Kid Jensen (1973) (Photo: Jelle Boonstra)

    650. Happiest memory, maybe the morning by Marion Montgomery, stayed up to hear it. full of such hope but tinged with saddness that the program was over for another day!!
    Ann Keeble WEST LOTHIAN SCOTLAND (20/07/2007).

    649. Ihave just discovered your site, full of really good stuff does anyone remember the closedown tune that started with the words " AT THE END OF THE DAY? " Would like to hear that again.
    John Birmingham England (10/07/2007).

    648. By the way, Dick, looking through your site again just now, I realise I might mention I actually presented the Top Twenty on 208 at one stage - I think twice only, as Don Wardell was on leave. That programme was never handed over too willingly! One of those shows was really traumatic. As you know, the technician was in an entirely different room, separated from the studio desk by two heavy, bomb-resistant doors and a passageway between. He had total control of the output. He played the discs and the commercials - the announcer could only do the talking and indicate when the next item was to be played. On the night in question, the technician suddenly started behaving strangely just after the opening of the programme and then went into some sort of shock. He froze and did nothing. For the rest of the time I had to announce the disc, rush into the control room and put the disc on, rush back to the studio - and so on through the Top Twenty, with its millions of listeners. It was a nightmare, really beyond description. Especially as I was struggling with only basic French at the time. I have wiped most of it from my mind. Obviously the programme sounded bizarre. I don't know now how it ended, but I suppose I put on the next taped programme in the control room and got the schedule back on the rails. Some time later, the same thing happened to Don Wardell, with the same technician. Then Don admitted to me that the management hadn't believed my story and instead, believed that technician, who had told them it was I who had blanked out. In the end, I was believed, but was very offended I was doubted in the first place. To begin with, it must have been obvious to any knowledgeable person listening as to what was happening. It's a wonder I was kept on at the time. The technician, I gathered later, was put on other less crucial duties. Considering what that incident did to me, it's hardly surprising I had almost forgotten it!
    Colin Nichol (Colin Nicol) Perth, Western Australia (10/07/2007).

    647. Ja, op 'good old Radio Luxembourg' luisterde ik naar de eerste pop-muziek in mijn geschiedenis. Dat was nog vóór Radio Veronica 192 begon. Mijn broer en ik luisterden er zoveel mogelijk naar, voor zover mijn ouders niet ergens anders naar wilden luisteren. Er was maar één radio in huis zo rond 1960: een heel klein Philips bakelieten geval. De zender liep veel weg; we moesten hem steeds bijstellen. Voor ons was het opzienbarende muziek, onze 'eigen' muziek waar we met veel plezier naar luisterden. Via het gastenboek van radio 5 heb ik deze site ontdekt. Mijn complimenten, heer offringa, U hebt er veel aandacht aan besteed en het ziet er verzorgd uit. De vele muziekfragmenten doen de oude tijden weer een beetje herleven.
    Met vriendelijke groet, Dr Martoso van Rijsdam Den Haag (07/07/2007).

    646. Best Radio Luxembourg site. I have great memories of shows 1959 onwards. I remember Hot Chocolate Crazy by Eden Kane being the PYE record show theme tune & Green Jeans by the Fleerakkers for the short lived Triumph Label show (good old Joe Meek's label) What were the theme tunes for the others and what was the other record played with At The End Of The Day at closedown and who was it by ? I present shows for Angel Radio 91.5FM on the Isle Of Wight, a nostalgic station that plays music recorded 1900 - 1960.
    Best wishes Richard Anscombe Isle Of Wight UK (05/07/2007).

    645. Hi Dick, Last Sunday 1st July '07 a ceremony was held to honour DJ Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman by a plaque unveiling ceremony at Brinsworth House, Twickenham, U.K (his final resting place).
    To start the ceremony a speech was made by Rick Wakeman and the unveiling by Robin Gibb of the BeeGees. Other notables in attendance were Chris Tarrant, Adrian Juste, Bill Pertwee (Dads Army), Liz Frazer, Frank Carson, Danny La Rue, Jeff Stewart (The Bill), Bobby Ball and Philip Madoc.
    Alan Bailey Nottingham, U.K (05/07/2007)

    644. I,m a support worker and wonder if you could help me? One of my clients is autistic and wants to know what time Paul Burnetts show was in 1973,I would appreciate any information Thank you.
    Lorraine Grimes Glasgow (04/07/2007).

    643. Won 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' and two other singles on the (Decca) American 'Hot Ten'circa 60/61. Still have Tony Hall's letter.
    Simon King Rhyl, Wales (26/06/2007).

    642. Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
    Alaina Djibouti, Budapest (21/06/2007).

    641. The Greatest years on Radio Luxembourg was the 1950s ,,the Rock & Roll era".
    The top 20 chart had the best of the best artists every week.
    Stan Howard Australia (19/06/2007).

    (Photos: Colin Nichol archive)

    A Lux. studio engineer setting up discs for one of the many live English programmes coming from Luxembourg

    640. It's good, very good to discover this. Thanks for helping me to remember good times. Please continue the history.
    Joao Porto Lisbon, Portugal (29/03/2007).

    639. Radio Luxembourg and me, that was the greatest time in the seventies.Thank's for the nice time.
    Horst Pauling Winsen/Luhe, Germany (24/03/2007).

    638. Hi there, Just go ahead with Radio Luxembourg English service DRM broadcasting. I have plan to buy Morphy Richards DRM receiver, and it is not expensive device for such a pleasure! SWITCH ON THAT TRANSMITTER!
    Milan K.Pesich Lovosice, Czech Republic (20/03/2007).

    637. Listened to you in the time when I lived in Luxembourg in the late 60s & early 70s.
    Art Crum Lynne, PA, USA (16/03/2007).

    636. Great site...brings back wonderful memories of listening under the bedclothes to the Station of the Stars :)
    Dermont Mullingar, Ireland (16/03/2007).

    635. Brillant site and keep on the good work.
    Roy Peter Mesch, Luxembourg (14/03/2007).

    634. As an owner of a new Morphy Richards DRM-receiver I`m waiting for the continue of the 7295 Kc transmissions.I think RTL-208 should also broadcast on Astra/Eurobird via 28°East ,because there are not enough terrestical receivers to pick up DRM.RTL should not forget the fact,that in these days there are other good classic-rock-stations like Virgin,Arrow Planet-Rock,Caroline etc.So why should people buy new receivers for 208,when there are enough good stations via satellite?I think the only chance for 208 is to make a unique style of programms,transmit it via satellite into the UK`s Digi-Boxes(and all other European sat-receivers)to make it well-known and popular and loved by the audience.If in the future there are mobile DRM-receivers for cars etc.on the market,I´m sure the listeners will buy the equipment to get RTL 208 while they are mobile.
    Thomas Brandt Bremen/Germany (04/03/2007).

    633. I read this with tears in my eyes as I remembered lying in my bed in England. ooo brings back memories of my old radio haha and listening to my favorite songs and updates from the no.1 radio station then and now BRING IT BACK!!!!!
    Christopher Sims Australia (02/03/2007).

    632. Brought back lots of memories. Gratefully appreciated.
    Fernande Alldis Luxembourg (16/02/2007).

    631. All my memories come back, especially country shows. I have got tape with jingle and piece of music - just like relic.
    Piotr Stachowski Malbork, Poland (15/02/2007).

    Simon Dee
    Stuart Henry
    Kid Jensen

    630. I used to listen each night to 208 on small one valve radios I built wake up in the morning with headphone wires round my neck and set still on ! my mum would have a fit! said I would be strangled!
    Denis Speirs Arbroath,Scotland (22/01/2007)

    629. Is there anybody who knows what happened to Petr+Pavel who released "Laska" single on Page One label in November 1968 and Radio 208 gave them a power play then? Despite the campaign the song has never entered U.K. charts but it´s still a jewel in my collection! Please help and drop me a line. Thanks.
    Josef Usti nad Labem, Czechia (21/01/2007).

    628. Nice site! loved all the nostalgic sound ;o) Ah! A pleasure!
    Eivind Jul Wibe Fiksdal Haugesund, Norway (17/01/2007).

    627. Just reliving those golden years from my teens in the 70's with my Belgium girlfriend. How I used to love those nights of listening to 208 Radio Luxemburg. Just wish there was a Doc who could take me back to those Days.
    Kenny Borthwick Fettercairn, Scotland (14/01/2007).

    626. I live in Poland but I hearkened Radio Luxemburg from 1971 in my little radio until 1981. 10 years very great music for my lugs, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Now I am collector of DVD from seventies especially from music of the bands like Slade, Sweet, Suzi Quatro and many more. I am interested of trade my discs.
    Jan Olesnica, Poland (07/01/2007).


    625. Born (1955) and raised in Iceland I grew up listening to 208 and even met Kid Jensen. Thanks for the memories.
    Niels J. Kristjansson Calgary, Canada (27/12/2006).

    624. Great site. I listened from 1983 (age 14) up to 1987 living in Beekbergen. I don't understand were I got the energy from, but I listened from 10.00 pm up to 12:00 pm local time. RL was always a few weeks ahead with new records on the Dutch charts. The mistery of this transmission from London, the fading of the signal, I remember it very well. Good luck!
    Dick Vonk Almere, Netherlands (11/12/2006).

    623. Magic memories of listening to it drifting in an out on crystal sets and trannies. Really nice to see that Dave Christian is in the new line-up to maintain a link between what we remember and that which is new.
    Mike Spiers Birmingham, England (23/11/2006).

    622. I was lucky enough to meet some of the RTL jocks during a visit to Luxembourg in the 1980's. My hero was Stuart Henry and I got to meet him with his wife too. Thanx mainly to a good pal of mine at the time, former RTL Jock ' Tony Kaye'. We lost touch over the years and I was wondering 'whatever happened to Tony Kaye'?
    all the best, DJ Duggy Day (18/11/2006).

    MANY THANKS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. C. Wachyman 18/11/2006).

    Don Moss

    Real Audio LIVEJack Jackson
    Muriel Young

    620. I was listening to Radio Luxembourg almost every evening/night in the sixties and early seventies. I loved it. Nice to have found this internet-page - brings back old and good memories. Thank you for your wonderful Top Twenty Shows.
    Regards Jan Richard Berg Hosle, Norway (31/10/2006).

    619. Do any recordings of Dan Dare broadcast in the 1950s still survive.
    Bob Haines Plymouth UK (29/10/2006).

    618. Nou Dick - kom weer es hier voorbij, maar gaaf deze pagina over Radio Luxemburg - het was inderdaad een gaaf station waar ik - na de zeezenders - in de zeventiger jaren 's avonds naar luisterde op een klein transistor radiootje.
    Nu kan ik er dan nog van genieten via eventuele oude opnamen via Golden Radio.
    Groet je Eindhoven (25/10/2006).

    617. Hallo Dick ! Bedankt voor de geweldige foto,s op de site, zo blijven we op de hoogte van de RTL activiteiten, alhoewel de naam Radio Luxemburg mij beter in de oren klinkt. Ook jij hebt radio-5 ontdekt merkte ik deze morgen, leuke muziek en eindelijk wordt er eens rekening gehouden met de "ouwetjes", we horen er bij ! Misschien kan je je nog herinneren dat we samen in het vpro-programma te horen waren in maart 2005: RL vrijbuiter in de ether ?? Omdat ik al ruim 11 jaar in Spanje woon en maar zelden in Nederland kom heb ik destijds met Gerard Leenders gesproken via Radio Nacional de España (studio in Alicante. Leuke ervaring !! Ik beluister de CD nog wel eens een enkele keer en er staan toch wel wat foutjes op, maar...een kniesoor die daar op let. Ik ging RL beluisteren op mijn 10e (!!) altijd al radio-gek geweest en dat was dan op de lange golf, die een uitstekende ontvangst gaf in Rotterdam. De 208 was een ander verhaal, veel fading en na 08.30 uur in de ochtend bijna niet beluisterbaar, wel nog op de 6.090 kHz. maar ook dat was niet ideaal, de Bayerischer Rundf. zat immers ook in de buurt op 6.085 kHz. Jij was de specialist wat betreft de Engelse programma,s en de discjockeys, ik was meer gecharmeerd van de Vlaams-Nederlandse uitzendingen en later ook de Duitse. Heb de eerste Duitse testuitzending gehoord in 1957, duurde een uur, van 2 tot 3 in de namiddag, al snel werden die uitgebreid. Toen Annemarie Coebergh bij Luxemburg kwam was Christina daar al JAREN !! Zij was beslist geen secretaresse maar de allereerste omroep ster en ook de meest populaire. De eerste uitzending van Christina was op 1 maart 1948 (!!) en dat was natuurlijk op de lange golf. De studio was toen nog in de Markstraat 80 in Brussel, later is men verhuisd naar de Grensstraat 66. Het adres/administratie van de Vriendenkring was Brouckereplein 5 in Brussel, een piepklein kamertje ergens bovenin een kantoorgebouw, je kon er je k... niet keren, zo klein. Dick, mocht je belangstelling hebben voor wat copieen van RL medewerkers-studio-zenders etc. dan stuur ik die graag naar je op, oud materiaal maar wel erg leuk !! Van computers begrijp ik niet veel, ben inmiddels 68 en heb zelfs moeite met het zenden van een e-mail bericht, echt waar ! Groetjes en ik blijf je site volgen, uiteindelijk zijn we beiden geinfecteerd met het 208-virus. Radio 5 is leuk, zeker weten maar de SFEER is toch....anders !
    Groetjes, Alfons Gelens Benidorm - España (05/10/2006).

    616. I got tears in my eyes,thinking back. Thanks for what you gave me in my younger days. R L became a part of my life. And still is.
    Roger Kaushagen Beiarn,Norway (30/09/2006).

    615. Hi Great to get back in time I startet listened in the 50 and for all this years to the closing time. I have been looking on your site many times for read and listen I think you need one record on the site it was back in the 60 on the top ten or so they usually play Teen Seen with The Hunteres so if you have it put it on or maybe I can get it for you. But thanks a lot for the GREAT 208 site
    Regards Ed. Reinholdt Denmark (27/09/2006).

    614. Thanks for reviving great memories. I listened to 208 in the UK...used to start about 7pm and as you say wavered in and out very slowly. Sometimes it would be crystal clear reception for other times would turn off. I am searching for 208 on the net (LIVE FEED) and also Radio Luxembourg in Hong Kong...used to broadcast in Cantonese throughout the 1991 for sure...I was there. Sent me any details you know...
    Regards...Paul Hai Australia (26/09/2006).

    613. Hi,I love this site. It brings back so many memories of when I was a lad listening to 208 on my little battery powered transistor radio under the bed covers. I was in my teens (1970's) and used to listen avidly each night Luxembourg was broadcasting. I had many a late night fallling asleep to the sound of 208. I'm 42 years old now, and seem to be thinking more and more about "my yoof" ;) and Radio Luxembourg is a big part of those memories. Thanks again for this site.
    Adrian Stainton Cheltenham, England (18/09/2006).

    612. Dave Christian - Thanks for the plug mate, we go back a long way. Did you know your audio is on my site?
    Todd Slaughter - A real legend for the famous magazine FAB 208, still available on ebay.
    Alan Bailey Nottingham, England(06/09/2006). (See also reaction nr. 368).

    REGARDS DAVE CHRISTIAN , LUXEMBOURG (06/09/2006). (See also reaction nr. 435).

    Two clocks in the old, brown coloured, studio; wintertime in Luxembourg and in Great Brittain.

    610. Hi Dick: I dip into your site every so often. I love it, and it brings back so many many memories. I have ordered the book.
    208 - I really miss it. I will send you our next Elvis Fan Club magazine which will excite you, and when you read it - get in touch because I would like to talk.
    Regards, Todd Slaughter EPFC, PO Box 4, Leicester LE1 3ZL, England (05/09/2006).

    609. I was lucky enough to be the receptionist/telephonist at Hertford street in the mid seventies, it was a fantastic place to work. This website is fantastic! Thanks so much for the memories.....
    Jacqui Carter London (05/09/2006).

    608. Hi Dick,
    What a fabulous site.
    It brings back great 208 memories.
    Best wishes to all my listeners from those days of yesteryear.
    Sir Jimmy Savile O.B.E K.C.S.G (30/08/2006).

    Jimmy Savile was also a professional wrestler and here with Alan Bailey
    he practises a few grunts and groans in Studio B.).

    607. This is one of the very best radio sites ever. And it's about one of the best radio stations ever. 208 always was my absolute favourite for so many years back then when I was a youngster. Today I'm running a website about another great (little) European station from the 60's, far smaller than 208 but with the same amount of charisma, charme and heart: If possible I'd like to put a link there to this great site. And if possible I'd like to get me a time-machine one day to ride back into the 60's. Will carry my old Grundig Satellite with me then...
    Eroc Breckerfeld, Germany (25/08/2006).

    606. After 40 years I can listen my favorite station of the stars and see the people who made it. Thank you Mr. Offringa very very much.
    Jirka Bulant Czech (25/08/2006).

    605. Hello Mr Offringa! Like many others I also had listened to The Radio Luxembourg in my 20s. Thank you for keeping a piece of history available to all of us. I wonder if you have any information about the jingle for The Postal Bingo Show. I can`t get it out of my head.
    M Horacek, Canada (25/08/2006).

    604. A great sit and good to see all the old faces of the old jocks. A great lover of all the old radio days; mainly the offshore kind. You know radio London, England, Caroline, etc. Will check the sit again soon.
    Best wishes Paul Home in Canada (24/08/2006).

    603. Hi Do you have any recordings of 208 in the 60's my favourite time when listening to 208. Great site.
    Hi Dick What a great website to a truly great station. I tuned in first time in the early 60's and listened up to the end in 91. I auditioned for 208 as a presenter in 1987 but sadly never got the job I finished up on Caroline instead.I think I was interviewed by Richard Swainson in Hertford St London. The two stations I really wanted to work for were Caroline and 208,got one but not the other.
    Regards Paul Graham Frinton on sea Essex UK (19/08/2006).

    602. Hello ! Could you help ? I'm looking for a tune I heard in 1961 on "Radio Luxembourg anglais". I still have the tune in the head, but this is of no use to you I'm afraid. So maybe you could tell me how I can hear, say, a day's program of 61 on the web ? Any respons welcome.
    Yours, Daniel Nottet le mazet, 30480 St Paul la Coste, France (19/08/2006).

    601. RTL were great times listening to short or medium wave on portable radio sitting behind the so called iron curtain in Eastern Germany.
    Bernd Germany, Erfurt (13/08/2006).

    Villa Louvigny -Luxembourg City (English Service from 1953 until 1991).

    600. Born in 1947, I can remember lots of transmissions specially during the sunday afternoons a kind of a top twenty or top of the pops in Dutch.The progam started at 1300 or 1400 with a tune from a song of Cliff Richard (was it move it?? an during the late evening of course the English version at 2300. I will never forget this transmissions received with a very old tube call it family radio en the fading A very romantic time Keep Up the good works.
    Frans Utrecht NL (12/08/2006)

    599. It's a shame that R.Lux is targeted at the UK only on 7295kHz SW in Digital Radio Mondiale format(DRM). It would do better to put it out on a pan-european basis with a massive widespreading omnidirectional beam covering all four corners of Europe from the UK in the northwest to Turkey Greece and Cyprus in the southeast, and from the Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal in the south west right up to bordering Russia in the north east and from Scandinavia right across to the extreme south of italy and the various holiday islands and destinations of the Southern Med. This way EVERYBODY across Europe will be able to take a DRM portable across Europe and keep listening to Radio Luxembourg's relaunched english service wherever they go.
    Anthony Accrington,Lancashire,UK (11/08/2006).

    598. Ich bin mit euch luxy 208 musicalisch gross geworden. Ich habe immer noch die music in denn ohren. Gut dass es euch wieder gibt.
    "Andar" Yves Urbschat Giengen DE (07/08/2006).

    597. Im very happy that This radio is back on the air. Good Luck!
    Mario Kielce Poland (06/08/2006).

    596. Thank, You. excellent site. Please ressurect these abandonded SW, LW and MW spectrum. Digital 208! Wow... Help me obtaining one of these miraculous receivers for DRM,
    Trevor Broderick Euston Station, London UK (23/07/2006).

    595. remember how Radio Luxembourg use to excite my older brother,how he used to wistle or hum songs,melodies that were almost tatooed in my memory as well..."oh,mummy,oh mummy mummy blue oh mummy blue...thank you Radio Luxembourg for the great music over the years. Could anyone help me,I remember it like yesterday, a song called "Heart of stone" by KENNIE or a similar name in the early 70's or the late 60's.I've been searching the net in vain for over a month now and it does not show in any charts.Please don't tell me I was wrong I'm sure that I've seen it in a German music magazine of the 70's it was in the 3rd or 4rth place .Last time I've heard it was 1983 while "visiting" Belgrade.I miss that song I don't know exctly why.Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence ? Same way I am looking for a song that some of the lirics were ..".Marakesh I've lost my wife I've lost my hapiness..."It has become a chalange not only a hobby of collecting "oldies" Please reply if it do.
    Joseph Takacs Australia (22/07/2006).

    594. Por casualidad descubrí el sitio. Me pareció excelente. Soy músico de aquellos años y trabajé en radio posteriormente. Me agrado sobremanera la presentación de todo el material. Un afecto grande desde estos lejanos lugares. Raúl.
    Raúl García Santa Fe - Argentina (03/07/2006).

    593. I am 42 , a massive radio1 fan and listen on digital radio Great memories of 208 in the 70's and 80's briliant website
    Andrew Kent Tetbury Glos UK (27/06/2006).

    592. Just found your website tonight. It brought the memories flooding back listening to the Dan Dare pilot of the future episodes on the old Ekco valve set. Just had it fully restored but there are none of the old recordings from the 50s available i"ve been told?
    Bob Rothwell Chelmsford, Essex, uk (19/06/2006).

    591. It was a great surprise to find this web site which could help to refresh my memory. In the year 1961/?/ -could be 1960, 1961 and 1962- when I was 15 years old only, I met with Chis Denning in Budapest and had the opportunity to speak some hours to him. Some years after I got a mail from Luxembourg, Chris sent me a one-week programme of Radio Luxembourg in which he was indicated as disc-kockey. At that time I was also music-fan and used to spend many hours listening Radio Luxembourg. Later I lost communication with Chris and the years gone ... What happens with him? Wether he remembers me?
    Miklos Kovacs Budapest / Hungary (05/06/2006).

    The 208 bus passes Piccadilly Circus during "The Festival of London".

    590. I am a huge fan of Connie Francis and I know that Connie had 30 min programmes on Radio Luxemburg. Is it at all possible to buy tapes of the shows? A long shot I know.
    Thanks, Cora Francis Northampton (01/06/2006).

    589. Radio Luxembourg was my education in at least five things: English, music, radiotechnology, weather and how to find a girl...Well, born in 1954 I was about twelve years when these marvellous people started their sharing with millions of people something unique. Thank you so very, very much from the deep of my heart! May your new idea do the same to people today like the old one did, then you have changed the world a little better. In respect!
    Morten Glenn Olsen Oslo, Norway (27/05/2006).

    588. What a fantastic site! One these rare sites that changes your day - and a good bit more. I tuned in to 208 from 1959 and onwards. Especially 1959 - around 1967 was the 'golden' years for me. Reception conditions were not always optimal to say the least. We had to wait to after sunset before we could pick up 208 and even then we - here in the Copenhagen area - had a very disturbing interference from the Radio Danmark transmitter on 210. Later in the night conditions generally improved so the most important - The Top Twenty Show with the one and only DJBA - normally came through loud and clear. Great to hear those voices, tunes and jingles again. Great site - great work Dick! So 'Keep in touch with the Dutch' is still true. (Quote from the legendary Eddie Startz of 'The Happy Station' - another giant in radio history).
    Benn Bangsvig Virum Denmark (26/05/2006).

    587. Just found Radio Lux play back and burst in tears did I really grow up with this icon of splender. R Lux was our everything in the 70,s and 80,s. We lived for 7 pm to hear it open for english service. Winter time signal was clear but summer time heat nearly wipped it out. Thank you where ever you are for placing this link on the net. Over whelmed...
    Paul Donnelly South Ireland (26/05/2006).

    586. Hi..Great Site..I listened to Radio Lux at nights when I was a kid back in the 70's and never forgot that great closing theme, I now found out it's called Maybe the morning by Marian Montgomery, and then it was some classical piece afterwards I recall. Would very much like to know where I can get these songs..Anyone? Thanks again for a great job collecting all this material, brought back a lot of memories.
    Best regards. Svein Lokegaard Moss Norway (22/05/2006).

    585. Just found this website terrific!! I used to listen in 1955+ Hope to hear again.
    John Bigham Troon Scotland (15/05/2006).

    584. Could you please help. I am trying to remember who made the announcement of Elvis' death aug 16th 1977. I try to get a recording of that programme if possible as an avid Presley fan and Luxembourg fan. Hope you can help. Thanks .
    Alex Ireland (14/05/2006).

    583. The page "This is Radio Luxembourg; Your Station Of The Stars" is the vehicle of the time - transferring of the man into wonderful the sixties - years of the care-free youth, happy years... And these jingles and especially "The Beatles Presented that Barry Alldis": I listen them and again I have ... teen of years. But I have 57 of years.
    Andrzej Zoltowski Gliwice, Poland (12/05/2006).

    582. GREAT WEBSITE! Thank you, Barry. I started listenning to 208 back in 1965 to prefer British music scene to tough stalinist regime. Those were THE days! Lovley tunes, great DJs, the Music. Still have printed Lux Top 20´s among my most valuable treasures. Best regards to everybody reading this.
    Josef the Freedom Usti nad Labem, CZ (11/05/2006).

    581. I've got a new Mayah2010 DRM portable and am getting the all-day tests now centred on 7295kHz DRM-SW from 09:00-17:00 UK with excellent results and reception! Occasionally this falters (due to AM propagation fluctuations and reception condition variability), but provided reception conditions are stable, it CAN be quite good.
    Anthony Accrington,Lancashire,UK (11/05/2006).

    Sam Costa in Studio A for his EMI shows (© Alan Bailey)

    580. I was stationed at Laon AB France in 1963. I also am a bid fan of Radio Lux.
    Bill Dixon Healdton, OK USA (04/05/2006).

    579. Radio Lux 208 gives me the best of 60s-70s memories. I start to listen to mw 208 after 22.00 gmt (24/00 in Israël) every night!
    Offer Barth Haifa, Israël (22/04/2006).

    578. Nice to get into the memory of radio luxemburg, we always used to listen in those days. Wonderful memories of my youth in the UK.
    John Chambers Malta (20/04/2006).

    577. Us Army Germany 1957-1959. It was a great sound of home. Bud Watson, USA (17/04/2006).

    576. I used to listen to RL in 60' an 70'. That was wonderful time.Thank you!!!
    Marek Scibor Krakow, Poland (09/04/2006).

    575. Hallo RTL! I am happy that RTL will come back on the air with a DRM techonology. I am right now building my own DRM receiver and I wll come back later with listening reports!
    73 from Hans Karlsson City of Orebro in middlesweden (03/04/2006) SM4BNJ..

    574. It's a rainy Sunday afternoon. I'm bored. For some reason "Lets have a look and see if there are any Luxy web sites out there" pops into my head. Up till now I have avoided "going back", but today I'm curious. After 25 years I want to see if anyone remembers. Well, Dick, your site has answered that question fairly comprehensively. Thanks to everyone who has written in with their kind comments and fabulous memories of those days long ago. I was one of the lucky ones who worked at Luxy during the 70s. 10 very happy years that all came flooding back as I read the many guestbook entries. Strangely, it's stopped raining. Best wishes to all who listened and to any of my fellow workmates who may read this.
    Mark Wesley Essex, England (02/04/2006).

    573. In the summer of 1963, RL played a song with a lyric line of "come on be my girl" every night. Could anyone tell me the title of the song and artist, please? tnx,
    Ken Biloxi, Mississippi (31/03/2006).

    572. Hi! Just to let You know. My R Lux-site is on the air again. I put a link to Your site. It is funny to see how many people that was affected by this radiostation. I used to record every night on my tape recorder from late 50's to -65. Especially Top Twenty on sunday nights. I'm sorry to say that all my recordings are erased.
    Regards, Bertil Jøreng, Norway (29/03/2006).

    571. Reading this I had many happy memories of listening to 208.
    Janet Gates England (27/03/2006).

    The 208 Team (October 1972).

    570. Oh, how wonderful is to see the site! How great are all recollections of those nights when tuning Radio Luxembourg in 1970-1980s, doing my school lessons together with Lux :). The jingle RADIO LUXEMBOURG, LONDON W1 still sounds in my ears. I loved it deadly! We lived under the iron curtain in former Soviet Union, and the main window to forbidden Western music was this radio station, despite of interference. Radio Lux influenced my tastes in music. You know, as soon as I hear first accords of those times songs at present (for instance, Baker Street of G. Rafferty; Im Not In Love of 10 CC; More Than a Feeling of Boston, Under the Moon Of Love of Showaddywaddy; Love Is Like Oxygen of Sweet; Without You of Nillson, Animals; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Judas Priest; Chicago; Slade; Jethro Tull etc. etc. etc.), first thought comes - its Radio Luxembourg! I try to collect them all as Radio Luxembourgs songs :) Nowadays you can hear originals as well as covers of those hit songs. Dick, thank you so much for your site and good luck!
    Irena Sidlauskiene Kaunas, Lithuania (17/03/2006).

    569. Yours faithfully ancient hearer. Thank you Radio Luxembourg.
    Radovan Vycudilík Ruzomberok / Slovakia (16/03/2006).

    568. I use to listen to 208 from early 1960's to late 80's. For nearly 20 years, Radio Luxembourg was the nr: 1 station for young people at these days!
    K. Salonen, Tampere, Finland (10/03/2006).

    567. Thanks! 208m was the best radiostation when I was young.
    Stig Karlsson Sweden (08/03/2006).

    566. Just found this web site by chance. Brings back some good memories; listening to radio Luxembourg on my brothers radio gram. I must of been 11 years old; I am 46 now. How time flies. Great site.
    Dave Stark England (05/03/2006).

    565. Now I got radio Luxemburg back again; I listen to it on my little transtor radio in the 60s. Now I got it on broadband on my computer.
    Jan Harald Haug Kistiandsand Norway (01/03/2006).

    564. I found your site by pure accident. What a great find ! Pure nostalgia, I love it; it is I am back in Poland catching "the station of the stars" on my Tatry radio with the music from the "forbidden" west. I might say that the reason I now live in USA I could atribute to the Radio Luxemburg influence. Great, great job and pls keep it up.
    Wojtek Szymanski New York (20/02/2006).

    563. I used to live in East Germany between 1967 and 1973. My father(dad) was an officer in the Group of Soviet Army in Germany.All soldiers and officers enjoyed this radio station. It was the best one. Thank you very much.
    Belarus Sasha. Fort Myers, Florida (20/02/2006).

    562. Thank you for the news about DRM, I was born in 1955 and I have Radio Luxi in my blood.
    Paolo Rovelli Como, Italy (16/02/2006).

    561. The 60's were de darkest period in Hungary as far as the communist dictatorship is concerned. Therefore, among others, any of the world top musics were considered as "balack rag", i.e. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc. The only source of actual world hits was at that time the Radio Luxemburg and the Top Twenty Show. Nevertheless, many of the program shows I loved, like the Alen Freeman Show, or the Battle Of The Giants. This last one had a fantastic music signal, which I ve been chasing ever since. Should any one had an idea how to get this song or anything elese regarding the show please advise.
    Regards, Tamas Benedek Budapest, Hungary (12/02/2006).

    Barry Alldis with Billy J Kramer and Gary Marsden (Photo: Hans Knot archive).

    560. I was pleased on reading your web-site on the history of RTL 208, as I grew up through the 60s till the late 80s in Belgium, whilst I studied in Antwerp all along listening to the English Radio Luxemburg 208 and a local pirate stations Radio Seven. Congratulations to you. AND NOW THE MILLINON DOLLAR QUESTION: Is there any way the new transmissions you mention of RTL208 recently, can be received down in the south of Spain where I currently live?????
    Best Regards, Jose Merino Malaga-Spain (10/02/2006).

    559. I came accross these web pages quite accidentaly, however it reminded me to sixties when, as teenager, wouldn't go to bed till 3am listening every night Station of the stars. At that time I lived in Croatia (Zagreb) (Formerly yugoslavia) and the nights with you, were window to the world. Due to the broadcasting I brushed my English, and I imagine your overall achievement is greatly unknown, which concerns being mass media available and reachable over many frontiers. I used as well green magic eyed Grundig 2020 and immensly enjoyed each minute. Next day would go to British library at Consulate and check Top ten lists in papers to decipher xact names as reception on MW was not clear all the time. Funny enough, in eighties I moved to UK on business, but I am conviced that 208 influenced a lot my shaping through fantasic music etc. You did a great job not just to me you helped Rock revolution spreading albeit politics were suspicious and willing to silence it. What I find amazing is that stuff I loved then, my son and daughter, now in their twenties, like Jethro Tull, just the same as I did 40 years back. Thank you for such a great web site - it is history preserved for many after us, willing to hear, how was it then half century back, so different to anything before which outlasts any expectations - NEW CLASSICS WERE BORN THEN.
    Mladen London (09/02/2006).

    558. I would like to hear from people who have recordings of shows from the 70's and early 80's. I was a massive fan of Luxembourg during this time. I have about 12 good quality full one hour recordings of Luxembourg shows in mp3 format including the whole very last hour from December 92, the rest are 1978 - 1981 shows including Steve Wright!. I also have 2 recordings 'In flight shows', all free to Luxy fans of the world.
    Alexander London England UK (04/02/2006).

    557. As a child I had a fascination with radio. At night I used to steal my mother's little plastic AM radio, the type with the small simple tuning control the same size as the volume control and then try and tune in Radio Luxembourg 1440khz. Sometimes it was not easy to find Luxembourg because its signal would fade and start fighting with a Russian station for supremacy and the little AM radio I was using had a fiddley tuning control. I always did find Luxembourg in the end when the station's signal became stronger and I usually fell asleep listening to Luxembourg and waking the next morning next to a radio with dead batteries.
    Mark McLeod, Edinburgh (02/02/2006).

    556. Hi, I started to listen to Radio L in 1956 and Top Twenty was my favourite programme. It was late for me too considering that Sweden is one hour before, but it was worth it even if Monday mornings came too early for me. TTDC was a favourite too.
    Regards Jan Gustafsson Gothenburg, Sweden (30/01/2006).

    555. Good to finally find the recording used to end broadcasting day, "End of the Day." For years I've often wondered about that piece, having listend to Radio Luxemburg during my US Navy tour in West Malling and Mildenhall England,using my Tanborg up to my ear late at night. What great memories.
    Frank Kluge Dallas, Texas, USA (27/01/2006).

    554. I recently discovered this website and it brought back memories of the early 70's. Does anyone know the name of a record and the artist of the early 70's which was about a young girl running down the railway track. That's all I can remember. I thought it was by Simon Ward but no such artist. Please someone put me out of my misery.
    Lynnette Newman Eastleigh - Hampshire (27/01/2006).

    553. Luxembourg to this day still gives me some of my best childhood memories. I listened between 1978 and 1985.
    Sputnik Soho London (25/01/2006).

    552. Ik luisterde in mijn jonge jaren altijd naar radio Luxemburg.
    Ap Hak Sleeuwijk (Nederland) (25/01/2006).

    551. Great memories! I was living in Bucharest, Romania in the mid-sixties, the signal was poor(fading, interference), but I enjoyed it so much! Spring 1965. At that time, top of the charts was "Winchester(?) Cathedral" I remember a french rock song that started with a telephone ringing and the male artist answered:"Gaston y'a-ll telephone qui sonne, mais il y a jamais personne qui respond...". I would appreciate it if you can help me find the name of the artists (for the french song, I believe, it was either Jackues Dutronc or Michel Polnareff, but I am not sure).
    Nick Popescu Toronto (17/01/2006).

    Barry Alldis
    David Gell
    Ted King

    550. Very interesting. I recall in the late 50s early 60s trying to suck RL out of the air on an old radio (new at the time). It was like magic when you could here Lux. However I did learn that shouting at the radio did not improve reception.
    Jack Hong Kong (17/01/2006).

    549. great site great memories takes me back years and years back under the blankets listening to all the hits ah the memories.
    jim briggs Australia (17/01/2006).

    548. On sunday January 15th 8 o'clock CET we will do a nostalgia show about "208" including interviews with Benny Brown and Dave Christian. Please tune in to RMNradio (
    Herbert Pjede Germany (12/01/2006).

    547. Thanks ever so much for this page. It's like a trip down Memory Lane. I used to tune in regurlarly to RL. Fed up with interference I changed to Radio London. But after the off shore stations had gone in the late 70's Luxy was the obvious choice again. I think this site pays tribute to all those who made the 'Ring A Ding Station Of The Stars' great.
    Bart Voorburg The Netherlands (11/01/2006).

    546. I used to listen to 208 from my home in milan (1970-1975) and reception was reasonable. Now I'm listening via realaudio to the new DRM service and this the same station ? Opinions ?...
    Marco Barsotti Como Italy (07/01/2006).


    545. This is a great New Years present for me: to find and, moreover, listen to my favourite station after many years of silence. I've started to listen to 208 regularly in late sixties, being a teenager. This was a hard task in our area: the signal was poor, it became better in the middle of the night. In eighties the listening became almost impossible at all times because of the interference with other stations (at the Middle East, if I'm not mistaken). Thank you for all these photos on your web page: the nice 208 DJ's voices are still in my memory... Thank you for your good job.
    Sergei Malyutin Saint Petersburg, Russia (30/12/2005).

    544. Hello, I am interested if there is place for a daily or weekly Dutch program to promote DRM and Radio Luxembourg. Waiting for an answer, greetings and good luck,
    Carlo Hendrickx Heusden-Zolder (Limburg, Belgium) (28/12/2005).

    543. Wonderfull!
    Gabor Patkos Tordas (Hungary) (27/12/2005).

    542. As Radio Luxembourgs record Librarian (1982-1990) I find this site really well put together,I could never look at working for RTL as a job,it was more like being paid for your hobby,and as you know the DJ,s were more like family,sadly hard to replace,I am still in touch with Fern (Barrys wife) I hope she knows about your site, I will tell her as well as Janet and John (barrys children).
    Andy Hayward Luxembourg (24/12/2005).

    541. Talking about a Blast From The Past! Staioned at RAF Upper Heyford 1962-1965. Spent many a night with a small radio tucked inside my parka hood. Station of The Star's. Thanks for a really great site. I have forwarded your site to all my milatary friends with whom I have kept contact. Warm fuzzy feeling as I read and listen. The gong! Perhaps a question could be anwsered: I remember well At The End of The Day sign off. However, wasn't there a female who signed off with the words "Good Night Johnny Boy in French, German and English?
    Terry Thomas Ocala, FL US (22/12/2005).

    The famous "Top Twenty" turntables
    The antenne of 208 (07/18/67); no passive reflector.

    540. I was a teenager in Hungary back in the early 60's. I listen to RL every night. I never forget the times. Nothing but the best. This site took me back, and I was a teenager again for hours. Thanks guys for the good times.
    Peter B Nadhazy Clecveland USA (19/12/2005).

    539. Great web site full of memories from when i was a teenager in the 60's,I remember listening to Luxy in her hay day after the Pirate station's had closed in '67 Although I was listening on and off from around '63,I loved those DJ's and still have in my possesion signed photo's from Paul Burnett,Tony Prince,Don Wardell,Colin Nicol and many others over the next decade. Does any one out there remember an Australin DJ called Tony Murphy working on Luxy around 1968,he always ended his show with the words "May the lord have Murphy on you"I cant see him mentioned on your site and I guess you have covered everyone else,maybe no one else remembers him. Thanks for a great web site and keep the memories coming.
    Bob Glen Bishop Auckland England (09/12/2005).

    538. Radio Luxembourg was a welcome change from the BBC until the pirate stations brought a breath of fresh air. My favourite shows were Peter Aldersley's and Jim Dale's. Your website is a great piece of nostalgia, even if you've gone a bit overboard on pictures of Barry Alldis. But the spellings could do with a bit of smartening up. Jimmy Saville should be Jimmy Savile Brian Matthews (picture caption) should be Brian Matthew Photo's should be photos. Program's should be programmes (unless you're in America, computers have programs and radio and TV have programmes - and no apostrophes). Sorry to quibble. Keep up the good work!
    James Pringle Surrey (06/12/2005).

    537. Dear Mr Offringa, My name is Cristina Miro and I am working on a show for the BBC about the history of Light Entertainment. I hope you can help me. I am looking for rare footage of Radio Luxembourg to include on our programme. I thought that you would be the perfect person to give me a bit of advice. I am not sure if you know who owns the copyright for this type of material but any help will be much appreciated.
    Yours truly, Cristina Miro London (28/11/2005).

    536. Dick, I found your site by accident looking for radio transmitter tower photos over the Net. Congratulations! I started listening to 208 in the early sixties and some of your sound bites brought tears to my eyes. 208 used to be my favorite station until the pirates came. In Paris, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Tunisia it could be heard (with the usual fades, part of the fun) late at night. I would listen for hours until their closedown. Barry Alldis was my favorite DJ by far. Too bad he died in 1982. Thank you for this wonderful site.
    Jean Cocart Paris, France (28/11/2005).

    535. Great site. Tell me, does anyone remember a record recorded by A J Freeman that won the Radio Luxembourg song contest in 1969. It was called:When you walked out of my life.I bought two copies of it on special order from my local shop and still play them to this day. I know of no one else who has even heard of this record or of the singer. It was played continuously by the station when it was out in late 1969. Any one else know of it.
    Bob Hind Portsmouth (10/11/2005).

    534. I have enjoyed so much reading the comments on the Radio Lux. Site (which I accessed for the first time tonight), I just wanted to say that I did exactly the same as many of your fans! I searched through the site to see if you had a recording of "At The End Of The Day" then played it! I'm not ashamed to say it bought tears to my eyes. I was born in Wolverhampton (England)in 1942 into a very poor family. So in 1955 I was 13 yrs old.. and saved up my money from my newspaper round to buy a "Crystal Set" Kit which you assembled yourself c/w headphones!! On this I would tune in to R.Lx. I Used to listen in to the Top Twenty every week.. Many, Many times I woke up to hear "At The End Of The Day" playing in the headphones.. It was good to read all of your comments.. I now live in Cairns, Australia with my family.
    Best Regards.. Richard Green Cairns Australia (09/11/2005).

    533. It's good to be back; on Friday 14 oct for the first time. Last listened on Wed 30/12/1992.
    Ian Bennett, Hereford (08/11/2005).

    532. Dick, I enjoyed your site it was well put together. Brought back many memories of my childhood days. All the very best for the future.
    William Hunter Ashford Kent (06/11/2005).

    531. I used to listen to Radio Luxemburg in the early-mid 50's from my parent's house at Roseworth, Stockton-on-tees. It was exciting with the lights off and the glow of the valves from the rear of the wireless. I used to listen to the Dan Dare, pilot of the future episodes and received a plastic Dan Dare badge from Horlicks after sending off some labels. It used to annoy me heaps when the reception faded. :-)
    Merv James Adelaide, South Australia (29/10/2005).

    Real Audio LIVEJimmy Savile
    Stuart Henry
    Tommy Vance

    530. I used ot be a huge fan of Radio Luxemburg and listened to it every night right up till it closed down. I now hear its back on the air but will I be able to listen to on digital radio here in Ireland ? I have the internet but its very poor quality.
    Timothy Garvey Republic Of Ireland (21/10/2005).

    529. Hi Dick, What a great journey into the past. I remember as a boy tuning the transistor radio as the signal came and went from Luxemburg 208 curled up under the covers on cold windy nights. It was like escaping to another world.
    Can you remember a tune that they used to end with. The words were something like: Maybe the morning will find the sun shining, Shine on the eyes of our children again, Maybe the morning will bring us together, Making the world more beautiful then. Look well at your parents now, Look well at the teacher, Think of the pain of those long early years.............. I'd love to find out who it was by and what it was called
    Simon Growcott Stenton, Scotland (20/10/2005).

    528. My highlight was listening to Tony Prince open the nights English programme in the early 70's. The jingles were good.
    Philip Bendall Auckland New Zealand (13/10/2005).

    527. Great website. Hope to do a feature on 'Luxy' our next RSL here in Tircoed (December). Keep up the good work.
    Bob Walker Tircoed, centre of the universe! (05/10/2005).

    526. Hello Dick Thank you for sending your updated site. What memories it brings back! It is great that you and so many others are still so enthusiastic about 208. I am really interested to follow what happens with the station in the near future. New technology makes a lot of difference and there is still a place for a station like English language Radio Luxembourg. From what I hear, it could still do well in Europe and especially the UK!
    All best wishes and happy memories Colin Nichol (Colin Nicol) Perth, Western Australia (02/10/2005).

    525. Great memories. I remember the first time I stayed awake long enough to hear the Luxembourg National Anthem, I was a 16 year old schoolboy. Also, a woman sung a pretty ballad as well. I get emotional just thinking about it! What was it called? Keep up the good work.
    JUDE TURPIN IRELAND (28/09/2005).

    524. I am 47 years old.Radio Luxembourg englisch service listening from 1972 year.My favorite jocks was: Bob Stewart,Peter Antony,David Lee-Stones,Tony Prince,Jodie Scott,Shaun Tilley.I am very glad for Radio Luxembourg is back on the air. Good luck.
    Jaro Lehocky Stropkov, Slovakia (26/09/2005).

    523. excellent. brings back lots of memories. best dj i have ever heard - barry aldis
    Peter Wakefield Manchester UK (25/09/2005).

    522. I was a regular listener to AFN Munich from 1947 to 1958. There was a DJ by the name Ralph Moffat (known as Muffit Moffat) who had a late nite show "Midnight in Munich". He was a sergeant in the US Army. I heard that he went back to civilian life and worked at Radio Luxembourg. Does anyone have any information about Moffat? Did he go to RL, and if so, how long was he there and where might he have gone after that. I'd be very pleased if someone comes up with solid info.
    Peter Roberts Groton, MA USA (24/09/2005).

    521. Once again congrats! Dude, you have a splendid website. I'm still looking for a copy of Jimmy Savile's version of "AHAB THE ARAB", it fascinated me a long time ago and still does. Please help me, my friends and have a look at 208 RADIO LUXEMBOURG, THE STATION OF THE STARS on my very successful website Take a six pack and tell you girl that you go to bed a little bit later, if you read everything about sex and drugs and rock'n'roll. Happy trails(
    HANS WERNER FINKING (Buddy's German buddy) DORTMUND - GERMANY (24/09/2005).

    520. enjoyed ur website on 208 the station of the stars.although my main interest was 60s offshore radio,in particular radio scotland 242,i have fond memories of luxy and have collected some old 208 recordings,not many mind u,as they are few and far between now,especially the 60s ones.hope to hear luxembourg back on the radio again one day.
    gordon mccreary glasgow scotland (23/09/2005).

    519. I have been trying to find an MP3 of the Luxembourg Waltz. STILL without any luck! Why not put a link on your site! Still well remember the night I first listened to the Sunday Top Twenty and was amazed to hear that "Trudy" was top of the pops- but that was the days when SHEET music accounted for popularity! It changed shortly afterwards of course! Excellent site!
    Bill Evans Colindale (London) (22/09/2005).

    518. Excellent LUXY site! Great work! We have a copy of 'At The End of The Day'. We play it every evening as we consider all the gifts God has given us, and as we look forward to the joys and challanges of the day to come.
    Johnz USA (22/09/2005).

    517. I keep wishing that something like this radio will appear some day in RF. Great Station!
    Foreigner Russia (14/09/2005).

    516. Its fantastic site! Born 1948. Congratulations.
    Jerzy Grzadka Zgorzelec Poland (11/09/2004).

    515. I happened to get to this site thru the Original BigL website & I'm glad I clicked on. I'm always interested in Radio Nostalgia clips, etc. I wasn't born in the 60's to remember all these great clips, but it does show me how much my Dad told me was true about how good when he were a young lad listening to the fresh, spontaneous style of Radio Luxembourg. Shame radio stations now, don't take the hint from your's & other websites like this, how out of reach stations are to there listeners now. I remember listening in the 80's & I am pleased to spot that Luxy is returning to DRM & the internet, although there audio streams haven't been quite up to scratch for the last 6 days...! But there off line at the moment, I'm hoping that they are rectifying the problem, so that as there website says, I can listen to a legend again, once more!!
    Stephen May Sheffield (11/09/2005).

    514. Great site,plenty to read. Looking forward to listening to Luxie once again on DRM.
    Jeff Holt Grimsby, United Kingdom (07/09/2005).

    513. Dick, your site is fantastic. After many years searching for this song I was grateful to find it on the net. I got round to deciphering the lyrics for Maybe the Morning as a personal quest. They are for both the Marian Montgomery and the Sunny Leslie versions. I do not know if you have them but they are attached inWord format. Perhaps, lawyers and accountants permitting, you can use them for your site.
    Regards, Peter Wright

      Maybe the Morning
      Singer: Marian Montgomery (Luxembourg shutdown song from 1972 -1978)
      Maybe the morning will find the sun shining,
      Warming the eyes of your children again.
      Maybe the morning will bring you together,
      Making the whole world more beautiful then.
      Look well at your elders now, look well at the preacher,
      Think of the pain of those long early years,
      Look well at your parents now, look well at the teacher,
      See how the good times are too close to tears.
      Quickly they're growing, and fighting and crying,
      Trying to understand why it should be.
      When they love someone its not always easy,
      To make us aware, to make everyone see.

    512. Hi there!I was listening Radio 208 in the 70'/80'. I was a huge fan of you!I loved to listening the charts. You started the whole thing!A special ciao from Milan.God bless you all!
    Paolo Cannito Milan, Italy (24/08/2005).

    511. Oh, I am still looking for a song. How to get Top Twenty chart for years 1976, 1977, 1978?

    Barry Alldis (01/18/1977).
    Studio (01/18/1977).

    510. When I was 13 years old,(Back in 68) we were stationed at RAF Lakenheath, England, I used to lie awake at night, with a small radio by my head, I would listen to Radio Luxemburg until I fell asleep, those were the most fond (Amongst many)memories that I have, and I can remember that you guys played a lot of good stuff which influenced me to become a musician myself. i was trying to find the Radio station to plug into my computer network where I could listen to it again and get an idea what you're playing now as well as get an idea of what they're listening too over there in Europe.
    Larry Ingram Portland, Oregon (15/08/2005).

    509. What a wonderful site for a today rather grown-up man who in the early 60´s were listening to Top Twenty and much more regularly. Remember the green tuning eye you mention on the old radio with pleasure. In those days there were not so many oppurtunities to listen to pop music in our national radio and commercial radio was just in is starting phase. I will with pleasure return to this site, "keep on running" this site please.
    Gunnar Claeson, Gothenburg Sweden (12/08/2005).

    508. A truly wonderful site, brought back so many happy memories, you have brought a tear to my evenings as a young child on Tyneside in the early 1960s, listening to Luxembourg under the bed covers...the tunes from the 1962 chart made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! I was a regular listener to Luxy till the early 1970s, when I switched for some reason to the "Pirates" (probably because they played more "prog" music!)Great to hear the voices of the DJs again, and the station-checks and jingles; thank you so much for the memories of such happy times.
    Chris Bainbridge Bury, England (11/08/2005).

    507. Hello Dick, thank you very much for your history course. I'm just listenig to one of the shows off your site - it's a moving experience because I used to listen to the Top Twenty when I was a pupil under my blanket so my parents wouldn't know. Each monday in school we compared what we understood and what not. 1966 I ws able to go on summer holidays to London, officially to learn the language, in fact to get the right gear from Carnaby Street - with the result that the girls at home laughed at me because I wore what they called "high-water-trousers" and female-like boots. But nothing could spoil my love of pop music and fashion. Best wishes & thanks again,
    Michael Schreiber Hamburg, Germany (11/08/2005).

    506. Very nice, accessible site, I viewed it tonight for the first time. Many were the nights when I listened to 'Luxy' on 208m (1440 kHz) between c.1970 and 1974 - the Top 30, Bob Stewart, Kid Jensen and all the greats. Now, at 41 yrs old I present and produce music progs on a local Dublin station. IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM!
    Ewan O'Doherty DUBLIN, IRELAND (31/07/2005).

    505. "...and the time by my 'H.Samuel Everite' watch is...". Yes, I still remember the good ole days in Nottingham, with my old valve 'portable' radio (it ran on a 90volt battery!), listening to the Radio Luxembourg 'fade'. Brilliant times. Many thanks for the nostalgia on your web-site.
    Best wishes, George Cook Gold Coast, Australia (27/07/2005).

    504. in 70 s i ve listend everyday r. luxemburg 208 it was my youth age in high school for me from east block it was the luciest time to listen now i m 43 and i remember a song in 75 (LOOK ET CALIFORNIA....)
    nikolai bukarest ,romania (24/07/2005).

    503. Have just listened to MY PRAYER AT THE END OF THE DAY. It brings back many memories.
    Ivan Sewell London (24/07/2005).

    502. FANTASTIC!! what more can I say of your website, now 60 and retired, this has taken me back to my days of Coffee Bars, feeding the juke box with what loose change we had. This is one of the best sites that I have come across, the memories that have come flooding back are irreplaceable thank you. These were the days when music was music. It was in 1960 when I first tuned into RL. Thanks again XX.
    Myra Rowe Coventry, UK (13/07/2005).

    501. Happy for news of 208. I started listening in 1968 (13 years old) during night. Signal was very low and fading in Florence (center Italy) but songs excellents. Thanks for memory.
    Daniele Gallori Paris (now), Florence Italy, born (7/7/2005).

    Paul Burnett
    Paul Kaye
    Tony Hall

    Les Miller Kings Lynn England (04/07/2004).

    499. what was the music that was played at the end of transmission every night , think it was by alan haven. great site.
    robert spooner southport uk 02-07-2005.

    498. Thanks for the existence of your site on the Lucky Luxembourg. I was an addicted listener between 1978 (at the age of 14) until the late-eighties. My favourite DJ throughout the years was definitely Bob Stewart. I remained awake at nights only to capture his voice and swinging music on the air. However, even more than the Britsh broadcasting service we used to appreciate the Dutch service, particularly on Sundays The Benelux Top 20 presented by Frans van der Drift "op Drift". Sadly, he resigned on 20 April 1980, handing over in a joined show to his Mi Amigo mate Peter van Dam. Peter was ok, but it is Frans van de Drift who lingers in our memories. Do you or anyone know what he is doing know? Can he be heard anywhere on air or in the net? Does anyone dispose of recorded clippings with him during his Luxy period?
    Michael Wiegleb Montreux, Switzerland (30/06/2005).

    497. Just wanted to say what a nice web site.I am from GREECE,but i have never listened to Radio Lux.I wish i did. I am a big fan of CONNIE FRANCIS and i believe that she was a guest on her 15min show every now and then.Also on March 9th 1961,Connie recorded the closing down theme of the Radio from 1961-1963.I don't know actual dates but it was 'IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODNIGHT'.This was lost in the convening years and was discovered in the EMI vaults in 1996..and released on a Bear Family Box 5CD set on Connie Francis.I am pleased to say that i have this,If anyone would like i can send them...
    Best Regards Roger Turner Athens,Greece (10/06/2005).

    496. I was "summer relief" for two or three years at the Villa Louvigny! That was before I went "serious" with Radio 4 and BBC World Service!
    Sorry - just came across an error. The photograph with the caption "Stuart Grundy (Photo's: Hans Knot archive)is NOT Stuart Grundy but ME - talking to the Editor of "Fabulous" magazine when they did a big full edition on 208. (Of which I still have two copies!)
    Colin Hamilton London(currently) (10/05/2005).

    495. Like many others I listened to RL daily while preparing my home work while in Edward Dembowski HS in Warsaw, Poland (1960-64). Later due to more demanding university studies I continued with lesser frequency til 1968 when we left Poland. At the time I did not know enough English to appreciate the DJ comments. All I recall was regular "...hit parade.." and graet music. There were 20-40% of my class mates who listened to your programs daily. Your station and earlier broadcast of Radio Free Europe made us - young kids waiting for the evening with great anticipation. I found your site by accident, but wat a great surprise. Thanks for keeping the memories alive.
    Richard Neuman, Austin, TX (02/06/2005).

    494. It was a real wonder for me,living in the USSR behind the iron curtain, to listen to R.L.sometimes at midnigt, when radiowave propagation was relatively good. It was like a portion of fresh western air. This site has brought great memories of my youth!
    Andy St.Petersburg Russia (01/06/2005).

    493. A terrific site. Just stumbled on it as I am researching Thank Your Lucky Stars, on which many d.j.'s appeared. Will look fully later. Best Kevin Mulrennan Birmingham, England (30/05/2005).

    492. I was a listener 1965-mid 70s but was never certain when Lucky Luxembourg went off the air. I was at boarding school 1966-1974,in Ireland, where transistor radios were forbidden, but we used them with earphones, anyway. The night's final programme, during the small hours, was 'progressive' music with Kid Jensen. I never missed the Sunday night Top 20. Youth, Summers - all gone. Why can't they just play recordings of all the old shows on the air, again?
    Aidan Convery Norway (27/05/2005).

    491. As Russell Woodcock said (in note 487), ex-Lux DJ Ernie Sigley is still going strong on Melbourne radio, holding down midday to 4pm weekdays on 1278 3AW. He still occasionally makes reference to the Luxemburg days. After leaving Lux, he returned to Australia, becoming a big name in Adelaid, and latr national TV. Happy to supply details, if anyone's interested. Pretty sure he used the surname Williams when he was on Lux, photos and / or sound files would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Chris Keating Plenty Valley FM, Melbourne Australia (21/05/2005).

    Peter Powell (01/18/77)
    Mark Wesley (01/18/1977)

    490. What a fab station 208 was.I grew up with the station of the stars.Wish you could whisk me back to those great 208 days.Miss you all,

    489. It was a fluke that I came on this site. I was a dedicated fan in my early teens, my grand mother had that Grundig radio and I had her even older Grundig radio. I was living is Sweden outside of Stockholm (50 Miles west). I had to put up an outside antenna to get good reception. My father let me use a few trees in the yard and that made the trick. I also remember when Radio Luxemburg was broadcasting the Boxing Match Between Ingemar Johansson and Floyd Patterson. The Swedish Boradcastiong refused to broadcast it so Radio Luxemburg did and my fathers Company Advertised during that Boxing Match. This website brings a lot of memories from just a Teen at that time but I'm greatful that someone has preserved such an important part of my life. Thank you for maintaining this website and I will go through my archives of reel to reel tapes and see if I can find something of use.
    Holger Stenberg Philadelphia, PA (18/05/2005).

    488. Hallo, thanks for your RL-Site. RL 208 was part of my youth and it will be a part of my life in my mind . Never forget the hours late in the evening on AM with this real hifi-sound. Im looking for tapes or cds with old 208 radioshows end50/60th? Do you know any saler?
    Thanks Bernd Thiel Cologne Germany (11/05/2005).


    486. Now I am 65 but the tunes of Radio Luxemburg are still in my ears. Thank you for interesting article about Station of my stars from London W1.
    Marko Perucic Zagreb, Croatia (04/05/2005).

    485. I just did an interview in Palm Springs with Don Wardell on Sunday. It was great fun, he's a wonderful host. Very much fun for me.
    Mark Miller(02/05/2005).

    484. Hi dear Dick! I love Radio Luxembourg208!!!Better than radio Luxembourg I till now radio station have not found.Radio Luxembourg-London W1 the best station on all times, people from this station have outstripped time for some tens years.I simply admire very much I wish to hear their alive voices on air on 1440KHz 208 meters at night up to 3. Where is you now Mike Hollis, Tony Prince, Bob Stewart, Stuart & Ollie Henry, Peter Ross, Marc Wesley, Rob Jones, Barry Alldis and other gold D.J.s I remember you everyday ??????????
    Anatoly Anatol'evith Murmansk/ Russia (28/04/2005).

    483. Compliments with the good site from radio luxemburg. All the foto,s from the famous DJ,s.
    hans v/d wateren Almelo (holland) (24/05/2005).

    482. I have an old Elizabetha reel to reel tape recorder which is no longer working. However I also still have the reel to reel tapes which must contain music recorded either from 60's or 70's tv music programmes or 'pick of the pops. Can you help. thanks.
    Jane Sullivan Leicester England (19/04/2005).

    481. Since the year of 1973 when I began Listen RTL on 208, The Radio was my very good friend. Now I miss about It So Much.
    Burmakin Alexander Russia St. Petersbourg (05/04/2005).

    Mark Wesley

    480. Fabulous web site about 208. Lived in Jedburgh, Scotland, in 50's and 60's had several old radios and then in 1967 a Hacker Sovereign. Listened to 208 and 873 AFN Frankfurt, then came the pirates. Still have my fathers old Bush valve radio. Going to Rock-am-Ring June 2005 with my teenage sons, hope to have a little detour past Marnach to show them where the signal that all we oldies listened to and talk about came from. Travelled past the transmitter site about 1974.
    Gordon Baron Livingston, Scotland (29/03/2005).

    479. A great site for a great station...!
    Denis Cure Strasbourg France (26/03/2005).

    478. Dick, congrats to your fab site! 208 Radio Luxembourg was a part of my life, when I was a young boy, now I'm 58 and having a new homepage about Buddy Holly in English and German, I wrote something on it about 208. I remember the German transmissions, too. "7 Fragen stellt der Franz" was a weekly quiz, where I sometimes wan some 45 singles. What a wonderful time. Do you have any material about this "Franz" ? Maybe you have the connections to find it out for me. Good luck to your website, have fund and keep rockin.
    Hans Werner Finking Dortmund, Germany (25/03/2005).

    477. Although I grew up in California, we spent summers in Switzerland with my Mom's family. With practically no pop on Swiss radio in those years (the 60s and 70s) I was elated when, late at night, listening secretly in my room, I discovered RL! I became totally obsessed. I listened every night as long as I could. I eventually became a radio top 40 DJ myself in America for many years. I remember imagining the RL studios as luxurious, state-of-the-art palaces... to see your pics of the low-tech closet they worked in teaches me a lesson that it's about the talent, not the tech! This is a GREAT site-- thanks!
    Rene Schlaepfer Santa Cruz, California (24/03/2005).

    476. Terrific memories of the greatest radio station of all time. it will be great if it ever returns. the early 70s is my era. some of those power plays still come into my head from time to time. your website is very intresting and really sends me on a great nostalgic trip. keep up the good work.why did my mum not let me listen as i did my homework?
    Terry Lynch co. donegal, ireland (21/03/2005).

    475. Hi! This site is one of the best i have seen on the internet,a treasure for all of us nostalgics:) Even though i,m only aged 29,i have many,many nice memories from RL 208!I grew up with parents who always had a radio on,and with my father who always loved to listen to the middle and shortwaves at night.I started listening to RL around 1983,when i was 7 tears old,and i listened until the sad end in 1992.There is something special about late nights with a radio and a cup of hot chocolate,that cant be described in words.Too bad all the kids today dont get to experience this feelings!Thank you very much for giving me and all other RL-fans out there memories to look back on:) "Radio luxembourg-hidden in your heart".
    Per Kristian, Gjøvik, Norway (21/03/2005)

    474. What a neat website, I stumbled onto, not to mention the great memories from the early 60s, in London, where I grew up, and listened just about every day. Radio Luxembourg and radio Caroline were my faves back then.
    Tony Llewellyn Calgary Canada (17/03/2005).

    473. During the late 60's I used to listen to Lux on the radio under my pillow while at boarding school, and constantly had my radio confiscated! During the day, we would listen to London and Caroline, and as the signals were very weak, we had to take it in turns to put our fingers over the aerial hole at the back which seemed to improve the reception!!! What happend to Johnny Walker...I was in love listening to him on the radio! Nostalgia is certainly a major part of our lives as we grow older, and the 60s/70s were certainly decades that had major influences on so much in our lives and still do. Great nostalgic web site..Thanks
    Michele Edmonds Australia (Previous UK) (10/03/2005).

    472. Hi Dick, I have seen 5 sites on Lux and yours is the best. Congratulations and thank you very much. It's been a great thrill going through your site. Thank you again. I hope to write more in the near future. Best wishes
    Zbynek Prague (07/03/2005).

    471. Mijn complimenten voor deze prachtige site, ik krijg er rillingen van! Ben al heel vroeg luisteraar van radio Luxemburg, ik was 8 jaar oud (1964). Eerst met een oude lampenradio(BELL), later met een transistor kofferradio(NOVAK)en dan onder de lakens met een oortelefoontje. Supergezellig. De fading die deze zender bezat maakte alles heel speciaal. Ik ben s'avonds blijven luisteren tot de Engelse service ophield te bestaan. Ik heb daarna nog wel naar de Duitse uitzendingen geluisterd maar eigenlijk was dit niet meer echt hetzelfde. Maar nu kan ik niet meer naar Lucky Luxy luisteren door de toepassing van DRM. Als vervanging luister ik nu dagelijks naar Radio 10 Gold.(ook wat fading). Wat ik eigenlijk nog graag eens had willen horen is dat reclamestukje van Babychamp. En wat betekende indertijd het noemen van een letter uit het alfabet met een daarbijhorend getal? Dit is wel wat ik me zeer vaag herinner uit mijn kindertijd. Nog heel veel succes met je site. Groetjes.
    Albert De Winter Lint, Belgie (05/03/2005).

    Tony Hall

    Ray Orchard

    470. I was a dedicated Radio Lux listener from approx 1958 (at night under the blanket 14 years old!). In late July or early August 1964 I attended a recording to Sunday Night at the Cavern visiting Liverpool. I know for sure the program was on the air the last Sunday of August 1964. Can anyone help me to remember what band was playing? The weekend two weeks ago my wife and I brought our eldest grandson, Karl 10 years, to visit Liverpool (LFC, Cavern, Penny Lane and The Beatles Museum). He had just as great time as I had 40 years ago - thanks to Radio Luxemburg!! happy to have discovered this website!
    Per Omre Trondheim, Norway (04/03/2005).

    469. Yes, I would also rush to the radio at home (in Prague) to tune to the radio Luxembourg daily at 8.0 pm. I was upset and brokenhearted when they changed my favourite theme song in 1963 to the Duane Eddy's tune "Because we're young". The original Hunter's tune was much better and what made radio Luxembourg my favorite! They should've stayed with this theme tune forever! I still play this tune daily! It's been some 40 years now... This is a nice page. Thanks for the memories!
    Michael Hadac Canada (now) (02/03/2005).

    468. Nice memories ... I used to live in the Czech Republic and listened every night in the sixties ...
    George Kolenaty McLean, Virginia, USA (02/03/2005).

    467. The Luxembourg Waltz took me back to happy radio listening days. I started with Radio Luxembour on long wave before 208 and all those sponsored programmes on Sundays - music, drama, comedy, quizes and then Dane Dare every weekday on 208. I also enjoyed listening to AFN and, later, the "pirates". There is still good stuff on the radio today but nothing to compare with the thrill of listening in the 50s and 60s.
    Mike UK (20/02/2005).

    466. RLI208 fut la radio par laquelle je decouvrais la popmusic quand j'avais 14 ans(1968), je fus un auditeur assez fidéle jusqu'aux derniéres heures d'emissions, c'est avec beaucoup d'émotions que je parcours ce site. Amitiés à tous les auditeurs et aux dj's, merci pour ce trés beau site.
    Christophe Debray Lisieux, France (07/02/2005).

    465. I was amazed to see a site dedicated to the Great 208. I grew up listening to Mike Hollis. Wow,it would be great to have it back again.The other stations couldnt hold a candle to Luxemburg.
    Darren Holden, New York (07/05/2005).

    464. I would love to see this radio station back on medium wave again. wonder if that is possible? Keep up the good work on this website.
    R Lang East Yorkshire UK (02/02/2005).

    463. In m'n tienerjaren was Radio Luxemburg het einde voor me!
    Ben Kahmann Huizen (27/01/2005).

    462. Beautiful site. You are only talking of the famous, also for me wellknown 1440kHz transmitters. But there have also been transmissions in the 6mHz band, if i remember well it was 6090kHz for a long time and consistent on the same frequency. This was funny since shortwave stations tend to change frequency with the propagation up and down. During daylight (RTL) it was in German language and during the night after midnight it was changed in the English language. I am a addicted shortwave listener, and as a radio amateur and maritime officer in the late 60s and 70s i used to listen to the named QRGs. Even nowadays when i'm at sea i tend to run around the 6mHz band to hear for known to me stations Especially on board it was at that time a game when homeward bound from the Far East via Capetown, Durban or the Panama canal who heard at first the big L on 1440 kHz and the Hilversum staion on 1008kHz mediumwave. I also remember there have been Italian transmissions from the Luxembourg transmi best regs and good luck with maintaining your site.
    Dirk Koolhaas Schagerbrug (27/01/2005).

    461. What an amazing site ...memories flooded back. Radio Luxembourg was the only real source of pop music whilest at boarding school - illegaly listened to under the blankets at night - punishment a beating !! Later as a trainee hotel manager at the Grand Hotel Eastbourne, I got to know Pete Murray well - I always recall his Daimler and the regestration plate 'PM 208' - always greatful as haveing taken him to the coffee bars and 'night clubs'! of Eastbourne - I never had to pay an entry fee again !! I recall Pete or Peter as he prfered always wanted to be a serious actor haveinf played an airman in a film that I cannot recall - did he every do anymore acting ,and where is he now ? I cannot believe the NME chart of June 66 - did we really have all those amazing hits - still classics of today - all in ONE months chart !!! Oh those were the times I was twenty and now looking down the barrel of 60 - but what music ..still love it !
    Patrick Griffin Sydney Australia (23/01/2005).

    460. Will it be hard to believe? Well I heard your transmissions on 6090 Khz. back in the 70s right here in the middle of Central America. As a debuting DJ by then, you gave me my first listening for America´s "A Horse With No Name". Sadly for all of us who apreciated your real way of making radio all this has passed away. Anyway, RTL is Golden Age Radio, so I can't cope with the idea of that rap crap being played from you. Congratulations from Costa Rica. Great site!!!
    Raúl Saavedra Costa Rica (21/01/2005).

    459. Hi, back in dublin, in the early sixties when radio luxembourg was always on our dial. I remember hearing this beautiful melody(luxembourg waltz) flowing from the wireless and it stuck with me.I would havw being about 7. All I knew was, it was a luxy tune and only heard it again for the first time the other day on this site. The memories came back.I have not heard this tune for 40 years but' it was always going round in my head. I love it and what I would like to know is, can I buy it in cd format or download onto cd? Any help please, thanks ,
    Stephen Haugh Liverpool (19/01/2005).

    458. Prachtige site. Was zelf niet zo'n fervent 208 luisteraar, maar herinner me wel de uitzending van het (opgenomen) live concert van de Stones in Hyde Park (1969?) en een fantastische uitzending 's nachts van Kid Jensen 's Dimensions (1970), waarin hij de (wereld?-) première had van Deep Purple in Rock. Ik was - al luisterend naar een kleine transistorradio van een obscuur merk - onmiddellijk verkocht. Those were the radio days.
    Emile Grivel Nieuwegein/NL (12/01/2005).

    457. Radio Luxembourg used the New Musical Express chart. The earliest chart on this site is from April 7, 1962. Does anybody know WHEN they started using this chart?
    Jempi Belgium (12/01/2005).

    456. Can anybody tell me what the title is of that wonderful song by a lady-singer, which was played on Radio Luxembourg at the end of their transmissions each night, starting with the lyrics (I think): "Maybe the morning..." etc.?
    Piet van der Vooren Warmond, Holland (12/01/2005).

    455. Really inpressed to hear it again. Good reception too. A few mexican doggy´s included huh? :) From the late 50´s till the late 60´s it was my favorit. I listen to it by a very old philips radio, model 1928 or so Egg model tiniscale idication 0 to 100 with external speaker. O yes this remembers me. Am I glad those days are gone. But I still love to hear it again.
    Hans Mannee Den Haag, Holland (11/01/2005).

    454. Was wondering if any one had information on the famous disc jockey Keith Fordyce. Was wondering if we might be related in some way. Please e-mail me with any info.
    Keith Fordyce Indianapolis, IN. (11/01/2005).


    453. I was in Luxembourg in the early 70s and had the great pleasure of being friends with Bob Stewart and Mark Wesley, visiting the studio with Bob and Mark and traveling to England with Mark. Those were great guys in a great time...
    Bob Blough Calimesa, California (29/12/2004).

    452. Whilst serving in Libya and Canal Zone(Suez Canal) in 1952, we used to listen to Radio Luxemburg when stting in the guardroom.
    John Allen London (24/12/2004).

    451. In June of 1978 I arrived at Prum Air Station Germany, I found “Lucky”, Radio Luxemburg and was a listener of the night time English broadcast for 2 years. Thank you for the service!
    Peter Foshay, Portland USA (23/12/2004).

    Villa Louvigny -Luxembourg City.

    450. The best site Ive come across in ages. Really good and brought all the old memories flooding back. The hours I spent listening to 208 under the bedclothes on my first tranny, A bright red Ultra Globetrotter. Nearly 40 years later still got it and the memories it brings back. My favourite programme was one called "world top pops" Cant remember who the deejay was may have been Brian Mathew but he always came out with the phrase ""back to the Uk and our disc of the day". I really enjoyed reading the other comments.
    Michael Chatham, England (18/12/2004).

    449. oooh i still get goospimpels all over my body while listening to jingels/aircheks or old tapes.
    Jorn Norway (03/12/2004).

    448. Gosh what memories. the first time I heard 208 was on a PYE radio, my dad was in the forces and cam home and tuned it in. I was about 8 at the time and couldnt believe it. the first programme I really remember was introduced by David Gell I think and had the phrase " back to the Uk for our disc of the day " Kids nowadays used to digital radio, multiplex decoders nicam etc etc have no idea of the fun we had listening to 208 under the bedclothes and turning it off quick when mum came in!!! sadly long gone now but never forgotten,.
    Michael London, England (26/11/2004).

    447. Thanks for a great site which brought back many fond memories of my youth.
    David Barrett Delata, Canada (23/11/2004).

    446. I was a high school exchange student to France in the fall of 1977 and Radio Luxembourg was my route to the English world. I am happy to have found this site, It reminds me of fond memories of my time in France. Thank you-
    E. Buchanan Dallas, Texas (28/10/2004).

    445. My father was stationed in Germany from 1965-68. I accidentally found Radio Luxembourg one night as I was screwing around with my grandfather's shortwave radio. AFN was the only American music station we ever listened to before but I became a closet RL listener because the music wasn't dated and stale and, best of all, it was uncensored. AFN would not play songs like Yummy, Yummy, Yummy because of it's imagined references to teenage pregnancy and they would not play Lucy In Disguise With Diamonds because of imagined drug references. It was such a treat to get to listen to rock and roll and have a connection to the United States while immersed in Germany during the 1960's. Thanks for bringing back great memories of lying on the living room floor with large bulky studio headphones on trying to keep the station tuned in while everyone else in the house was asleep.
    Robin Christian Campo Live Oak, Texas (22/09/2004).

    444. I grew up with Fab 208 in the 70's. Used to wait for 7.45 when Tony Prince started the Englsh service. What great jingles, I even made a trip to the staion in 1977. Love to hear from anyone in New Zealand.
    Philip Bendall Auckland, New Zealand (20/09/2004).

    443. Thanks for the update Dick of your recent visit to Radio Luxembourg in August 2004.
    Jennifer Venville Nicol Vancouver, Canada (29/08/2004).

    442. I was DJ from 1976 to 1990 in RADIO ONE ( Florence-Italy). During the night me and my friends was in tune with RADIO LUXEMBOURG for good " inspiration".I remember very well Barry Alldies,Tony Prince, Rosko, Mark Wesley etc. etc.Thank you from my heart for the best years of my life.
    Pino Florence, Italy (11/08/2004).

    441. I used to listen to Street Heat in the late 1970s. The show was devoted to punk and new wave and was presented by Stuart Henry, who, like me, came from Edinburgh. Are there any other 70s' punk fans out there? Yesterday, I bought the expanded double-CD edition of "Live At the Witch Trials" by The Fall, only to hear a track called "Psycho Mafia" which formed part of one of Stuart's jingles. I also remember Stuart playing The Lurkers and Alternative TV. Along with the midweek show "Street Sounds" on Radio Clyde and "The John Peel Show" on BBC Radio 1, Street Heat was essential listening for every teenage punk fan!
    Mark Telfer Oldham U.K. (06/07/2004).

    Tony Prince (01/18/77)
    Stuart Grundy (01/18/77)

    440. Hi,this is the best I ever .I get tears in my eyes.......i ve been a listener of 208 m CRL/RTL R.Luxembourg since 1963.The best stn ever.station of the stars.
    Hakan Almroth Karlskrona, Sweden (28/05/2004).

    439. Enjoyed your website. Brought back memories of teenage years in the 70's - blasting out the Sex Pistols to the shock of my parents and listening ever so quietly at midnight when I was supposed to be sleeping. I came to live in Luxembourg in 1987 and had an apartment overlooking Villa Louvigny 88-89. I still feel kind of honored to live in the homeland of 208!
    Julie Mamer, Luxembourg (23/05/2004).

    438. Just to let you all know that Radio Luxembourg was know in Portugal too. I discovered this radio almost by accident, tunning AM instead of FM. But i quickly got addicted to the 1440 KHz. Sound was amasingly clear. I later understood that this was the World's most powerfull radio transmitter. I told some friends about this foreign and strange radio statio, but they all liked it !!! I am 30 years old today and I still tune the 208 metres once in a while, waitig for some day listenig again the Bob's Stewart jingles: Radio Luxembourg - The World's Biggest Commercial Radio Station. The Revival must happen, and I'm sure it will be a huge success. Greetings from Portugal!
    Eliseu Aveiro, Portugal (23/05/2004).

    437. I just printed out all 77 pages. This is was not a radio station but felt always like family. To my surprise yet there is nothing said about huge influence that this radio stations had on millions of the young people behind the Iron Curtain. This radio station was the ONLY radio station.
    George Schubert, Atlanta, USA (10/05/2004).

    436. Hi everybody, Greatings from good old 208 country. The transmitters are still there, up north in our little grand duchy have a look at, then chose : transmitters and get more details about the MW transmitter. Seems like RTL is coming back to the roots by starting again early in the morning at 5:30 with 1200 KW power until 10 am, then with 300 KW until 20:00 when Radio China Intl takes over. If you listen before 5 am you can sometimes listen to the old station sign . Since nostalgia is in and more people seem to listen again to MW in Germany, who knows, the English service may return one day. All the best to all of you wherever you may live.
    Nico Luxembourg (02/05/2004).

    Dave Christian, LUXEMBOURG (21/04/2004).

    434. Being just on the wrong side of 60 I remember Luxemburg from the 1950's. Bob Monkhouse and dennis Goodwin presented a programme called(I think) Smash Hits.Listeners wrote in asking for their least favourite record to be smashed on air.78rpms were still around so made a great breaking sound on air.
    Bob Balser Clacton on sea, UK (12/04/2004).

    433. Hello 208-Fans, who knows and can help? During the last Radio Luxembourg broadcast a video was made,too. Does somebody might have a copy that show would be able to record me this special one? Who can help me? Thanks a lot and many greetings from
    Eugen Ennulat, Kiel (07/04/2004).

    432. Mooie site, Dick. Ik had hem al lang niet gezien. Ik weet niet of mijn bijdrage goed is overgekomen. Dat laatste stukje van een zin wilde ik deleten, maar ja. Verkeerde knop. Succes.
    Hans Hogendoorn (30/03/2004).

    431. I'm a yank that spent six wonderful years with the USAF in England,in the late '50s and early 60's. All the evenings were spent listening to the (then)only source of popular music available in the UK - Radio Luxembourg, I still have fond memories of "The Station of the Stars" and "208 metres." Thanks.
    Al Woods,Houston, Texas, US (15/03/2004)

    Ray Orchard
    Sam Costa
    Paul Burnett

    430. I used to listen the teen and twenty disc club along time ago.
    Mic Ham Perth, Downunder (14/03/2004).

    429. Remember listening every night with my friend Jacqueline while we played scrabble at home in Eastbourne, Sussex. Where have all these years gone?!! So wonderful you have this site to stir our heartstrings with wonderful memories. Thanks so much.
    Pam Parker, now in Perth Australia (11/03/2004).

    428. I was listening Radio Luxemburg since 1964-68 every day at 20-23. I feel fine, when i read this site! Thanks! 1964 68.ig hallgattam a Radio Luxemburgot minden nap 20-23 óráig. Jól érzem magam, mikor ezen a site-on járok. Köszönet érte.
    Falus György Hungary (08/03/2004).

    427. Nice pages.... these get good memories in my mind.I was a DX listener and my favourite radio station was "208" there I listened good music. One great moment was when finnish band Hurriganes got a song Get On on the 208 list.
    Juha Poikela Finland / Helsinki (06/03/2004).

    426. I was also a big fan of Radio Luxembourg, from about 1957 until the 70s. Here in Vienna we had big fading problems, but it really doesn't matter, cause the music and all the DJs was so good.
    Robert Hewarth Vienna (15/02/2004).

    425. I was born in 19-49 and in my teenage years used to listen to radio Luxembourg a lot. And in my courting days would listen to it in an old standard 10 car with a transistor radio. Any way I got a lot of pleasure from listening to it, As it was the only radio pop station on in those days late at night. And I used to remember when Steve Conway came on with the song, At the end of the day that was it for the night. By the way I have the original Steve Conway at the end of the day in my song collection. Thank you so much for the memories.
    Aubrey Patterson Northern Ireland (15/02/2004).

    424. I was a big fan of Radio Luxembourg. Tuned in frequently though out the 70's and early 80's.Brings back a lot of good memories from my teenage years. It was fun visiting the site!
    Keith Higham Odense, Denmark (08/02/2004).

    423. I was living in Germany near Trier as a third grader when the Berlin Wall went up. I can still feel the comfort when at night I tuned in to Radio Luxenbourg. As a small child, I figured all was well as long as the music kept playing.
    Thanks, Bon Berg, Colorado USA (02/02/2004).

    422. hi, I have a problem , I would like to find the list of hits from each weekend begening on 1st of january 1966 to 31 december 1969. I tried to find it, but just could'n, I didn't know where to find it. If it's not a problem for you plaese tell me where can get it.
    Michal Poland (01/02/2004).

    421. Those were the days my friend, I remember listing to 208 mw of a friday night in the early 50's to 60 (my age now). Now I look at the site I can remember the names of the Dj's brings back a lot of memories.
    Thanks Max Mayer Langford Western Australia (01/02/2004).

    420. Thank you Radio Luxenbourg was my first radio station on a Blaupunkt. I was living in Geneva Switzerland 1961 thru 1964 age 11 to 15.
    Dwight Brooks Katonah NY (31/01/2004).

    SVEND HANSEN(31/12/2004).

    418. enjoyed visiting the site because I'm very interested in 60s culture. I found some old magazines titled Fabulous 208 in Britain and it was very interesting. Now I would like to read more of that title. Would you tell me how can I get some information?
    Susumu Oyama Nagoya Japan (31/01/2004).

    417. I was born in '58 in Clacton and grew up in High Wycombe. Like a lot of British kids I remember hiding under the covers of my bed with a radio (and very uncomfortable earphone) listening to Radio Luxembourg. I don't remember offhand who was djing, but, looking over your very cool site is bringing back a flood of memories. Can't wait to listen to some of the audio clips! Thanks!
    Graham Hobbs Anderson, Indiana, US (28/01/2004).

    416. Grandioos wat een mooie site!!!! De rillingen lopen me over het hele lichaam bij het horen van die jingels.... Ook ik luisterde vaak naar 208 mtr. Wat een AM modulatie..... En nog even naar RTL mogen luisteren via de kabel in stereo..... Ja dat was nog eens een station.....!!!
    H.D. de Boer Noord-Nederland (26/01/2004).

    415. The American cowboy folk-singer"Rambling Jack Elliott" recorded a series of radio shows for 208 in the early 1960's.I am looking for information about the shows and audio tapes?
    Robert Wylie Glasgow (23/01/2004).

    414. Brilliant stuff. I could not have survived the 50's and the 60's without Radio Luxembourg. I'm 57. Listening to the Top Twenty # 1 was really cool time travelling. Cannot get # 2 to play though. Could you please look into it? Once again, THANKS.
    Kjell Winther Nesodden, Norway (22/01/2004).

    413. gracias por haber puesto musica a mi adolescencia-estais en mis recuerdos como tambien lo estan mis padres y hice discjockey y conoci a gene kruppa.ahora tengo 50 y radio luxemburgo sigue sonando en mi cabeza rigth place roung time-Dr John.gracias
    Fernando Pons Gandia, Valencia Spain (20/01/2004).

    412. Schitterende site. Ik luisterde vanaf 1961 dagelijks om 19u30'naar de engelstalige uitzendingen van Radio Luxemburg...voornamelijk in de zomer.In blokjes van een kwartuur elk kregen we de laatste hits uit Engeland en Amerika voorgeschoteld...Vaak zat ik met het oor gekluisterd aan de radio om titel en uitvoerder te kunnen horen, want de atmosferische omstandigheden waren van die aard dat de laatavonduitzendingen erg gestoord werden..het geluid vervaagde en zwol opnieuw aan....en de tune :Because they're Young van Duane Eddy leidde het programma in... Ook 's nachts stond ik vaak op om af te stemmen op de zender..Ik hou er een warme jeugdherinnering aan over.....Many Thanks.
    Jos De Geyter Belgium (19/01/2004).

    411. This is my favourite site! I was also thrilled to see a message from an old favourite of mine who I have been trying to track down for years,Carol Deene.I have spent the last 5 years tracking down all my favourite stars from my youth and she has been the hardest one to find on my list.I would dearly love a signed photo if you're looking in Carol, thanks for the memories.
    GranvilleHolmes England (17/01/2004).

    Closing Time (1984)

    Bob Stewart

    410. Thank you! This was great!! Do you know were to find all the Lists of Top Twenty? On Web or books.
    Knut Thorshaug Oslo, Norway (15/01/2004).

    409. As a teenager in the 50's I used to listen whilst doing homework to R.L. when it wasn't a music station. The done thing then was to listen at 7:15 to"Dan Dare, pilot of the future" presented by "Horlicks". I understand that these progs, along with other shows like "Double Your Money" and "Take Your Pick", were recorded in the U.K. It would be nice to hear "Dan Dare" again and I wonder if anyone knows of the whereabouts of these tapes. If they exist some of todays radio stations might be interested in playing them once again!
    Mike Hodson Leicester (11/01/2004).

    408. It's very fine, congratulations!
    Falus György Hungary (10/01/2004).

    407. Great site,Does anyone know if there are any recordings of Gus Goodwins Rockabilly party,and also the sunday night at the Cavern. regards Darren Vidler Little Hadham Hertfordshire (05/01/2004).


    406. Hi, does anyone know where Bob Stewart is now? I used to know him pretty well before he became a DJ on Radio Caroline, but lost touch with him at that time. I believe he moved to the USA in the 90's, but any info would be appreciated so I could get in touch with him again.
    Brian Hughes Macclesfield (27/12/2003).

    405. Hi. I love the memories and wish I could go back (sometimes) in a way I am and I guess we all are. What a great bunch of people we were! I'm still hearing my Dad tell me turn off the music I have to listen to the news. Thank God for transistor radios. I used listen in bed late at night and I can again.....Thank you, and we'll stay in touch.
    Hi Barry, I was just browsing when I came accros your show. Exellent! I love the Top Twenties! It will take me some time to read everything but I'm sure I will enjoy it. Thanks, and until next time.
    Maggie Van Rooij Hamilton, Canada (27/12/2003).

    404. Great site. Just wanted to know what the last record played was / ran out of tape on only satelite which was second to last. Would love to know what it was.
    Ronnie Lambert Kent, England (26/12/2003).

    403. Very nostalgic. I was a luxemburg listener from the late 70s untill 1990 tuning through the am band in britain today is a wasteland for music. I now listen to Arrow 675 from the Netherlands
    Paul Billingham Ipswich UK (25/12/2003).

    402. I've listened 208 every evening, while living in communist poland in 1970's, damn best show....
    Mark Texas USA (23/12/2003).

    401. Have you ever seen the better radio station in the world?! I was a fan of Radio Luxembourg since 1969. There was wonderful time for me and my schoolfriends! Great site! Thank you, Dick.
    Jazzramke Lithuania (21/12/2003)

    Bob Stewart
    Don Wardell
    Pete Murray

    400. Great - So many things I had forgotten or thought I would never hear again.
    Ian Cook Kent in England (21/12/2004).

    399. Excellent site. I wold love to have the top twenty for any date in the 1950s preferably 1959.
    Mike Tobin Limerick (17/12/2003).

    398. Great site. Like almost everyone else I used to curl up under the sheets with my Perdio 66 tranny and tune in, especially on Sunday night, to the Top Twenty. The adults just didn't understand!!
    John Wood Leicester (09/12/2003).

    397. Wonderful site - only just seen it. Was with Radio Luxembourg as Director of Mew Programming and Editor in Chief from 1974 to 1988 and yes, your site brought back so many memories!
    Rodney Collins Scotland (03/11/2003).

    396. Great information - but I don't really know what I am looking for. All I know is that there was a D.J. in the 70's that used to be on air between midnight and one or two in the morning. His name was Tommy or Robbie. He was tall, six foot four, and originally came from Dorset. He went on to Local Radio for a while and did personal appearances around the Night Clubs etc. Can you help me out with any information? I would be most grateful. Sincerely
    Joyce McCormick Southport - Merseyside (02/12/2003).

    395. Radio 208 -- what memories! Those wild and crazy days in the 1970s, living it up in Europe, listening to Jimmy Saville on a transistor radio ... I wish, at times, I could go back, or, short of that, I wish someone would resurrect the great 208: I'd get a shortwave radio to catch it, or, presumably, it would broadcast via computer ....
    Ole J. Thienhaus Las Vegas, Nevada, US (24/11/2003).

    394. As A US Military Brat, I first listened to Radio Luxembourg when my father was stationed in Bitburg / Spangdahlem in 1958/60. We next moved to Alconbury in the UK and I listened again for 2 more years. We were sent back to the States, but memories of Radio Luxembourg lingered. In the summer of 1964 we received orders back to England, I almost felt I was returning home. To this day, I can still see the Green Eye on our old Grundig as it zeroed in on my favorite station for youthful Rock and Roll. Excellent site. Frank D Kelley Melbourne Beach, Florida (20/11/2003).

    393. Hi Brian, I have started a to write a play that harks back to the fifties. I used to listen to Radio Luxembourd a lot then'I found myself having to retune the dial often when the station drifted off. I am interested in the adverts and game shows from that period. Eample: She doesn't suffer from night starvation. She needs Ovaltine. Then there were of course the Ovaltinies. I need examples as aired. Then there was game shows like, 'Open the Box' with Carol Levis? Can you help me with only say four of each of the best. It would be grately appreciated if you can. I remember later other ads. But it is the 50's I am focusing on right now. Can you advise? Yours
    Ken Govier London (17/11/2003).

    392. This website is like a time portal, I am stunned, thank you so much for all your hard work!
    Rik van der Velde Western Australia (13/11/2003).

    391. Hallo,thank you Dick for the 208-Story and the Infos. Radio Luxembourg (Station of the Stars) is never died!!
    Friedhelm Hilscher, D-33647 Bielefeld/Germany (13/11/2003).

    Barry Alldis

    390. Great to discover your 208 site, brought back loads of memories, the Top Twenty with Barry Alldis on a Sunday night was the highlight, used to record it on my reel to reel and play it over and over again until the next Sunday (oops shouldn't have done that I know but didn't know much about royalties in those days) Now work for BBC local radio.
    Railton Howes Chester le Street Co Durham UK (10/11/2003).

    389. Hi!Many thanks for this webpage! I listened in the early 60s of Radio Luxembourg,when I lived in Poland, the signal music of the radio station was always played one instrumental melody. Sound like The Ventures. Can you tell me please who was played this melody. Please mail me back.
    Best Regards Jan (09/11/2003).

    388. Wonderful and evocative site. So many memories - happy days.
    Many thanks Jackie Carvill Derbyshire (06/11/2003).

    387. Any readers interested in hearing Luxy again please get in contact....I have a large archive of off air recordings from the period 1968 through to the closedown in 1992. If interested please email me for details.
    Best Mike Grant Chard Somerset England (01/11/2003).

    386. I use to listen to 208 in the 60s till it closed down in 1991 vry often. A truly great stn. I am interested in radio i use to find the signal propagation interesting in times of aurora flutter and in summer months early evening the sig was vry weak it took a gud antenna outside to pick it up. I use to make my own radios in those early days picking up the 208 sig was to me interesting, the test off the radio!! it was the only sig that played pop music till early hours in english. Sad to see stn has gone. I have a off air last night recording on medium wave on sync AM i often listen to it i recorded it on a vhs video on the linear sound track i later copied it to mini disc. Is it posible to get a copy on mp3 or cd audio of the last night broadcast on 208 from logging tape ?, im sure mni people wud like own a copy, of coarse i wud like to pay for this service. All vry best to one and all 73 gud luck.
    LES RICHARDS Bideford Devon (01/11/2003).

    385. It was year 1967 (15 years old) when i first time hear Radio Luxembourg. Last time i remember 1979. I wrote it down sundays LuX-list and does list was very happy reading, becouse i don't wrote then english. Music is anyway the point and it is one record which i remember allways. It is White a shade of pale - Procol Harum 29.5.1967.
    Pekka Laurikainen Turku Finland (22/10/2003).

    384. Amazing ain't it? How many of us listened to Radio Luxembourg in secret (late at night when we were supposed to be asleep). My favourite was always the Top Twenty on (I believe) Sunday night at 11:00 p.m. Since I had to go to bed at a rediculously earlytime in those days (late 1950s) it meant a long wait (trying to stay awake) until 11:00 pm. My own memories in the 60s were mixed with my own's groups efforts (including appearing on Friday Spectacular. which I have paid tribute to on the following page: Tim Airey, Calgary AB Canada (20/10/2003).

    383. Hoi Dick, Gisteren nog even tijd gehad om de site over radio Luxemburg goed door te nemen. Heb goede herinneringen aan the big 208. Was een luisteraar in de periode 1975 tot medio jaren 80. Vroeg me altijd af hoe de deejees eruit zagen en met welke apparatuur men werkte. Nu weet ik het maar jij bent er destijds bij geweest! Mooiste radiostem was van Bob Stewart. Enig idee hoe het nu met hem gaat? Heb begrepen dat hij in Texas woont en ernstig ziek is. Weet jij er meer over te vertellen? Verder vond ik Bennie Brown een uitstekende deejee. Heb nog een 2 uur durende bandopname liggen uit april 1981. Bennie maakte toen tezamen met Tom Mulder een programma ter gelegenheid van 200-jarige handelsbetrekkingen tussen Nederland en Amerika. Ergens gelezen dat hij in Duitsland is blijven "hangen" en daar op radiogebied nog iets doet. Vraag aan jou: heb jij zijn e-mail adres of kan ik op een andere manier met hem in contact treden. Heb een berichtje achtergelaten op zijn hotmailadres maar hier reageert hij niet op. Hoop dat je me verder kunt helpen.
    Groet vanuit Groningen stad. Patrick (17/10/2003).

    382. De mooiste site die ik gezien heb. Ja ik heb eind zestiger en zeventiger jaren ook geluisterd,op m'n philips EE-bouwdoos,en de Philips Bi-Ampli in de huiskamer, later via 97Mhz na 01.00 nachts. Fantastise tijd. Luxi,Station of the Stars, please come back.
    Jan Broekema Eindhoven / Holland (16/10/2003).

    381. I am crazy about charts of radio luxemburg, I joined right now, I want to collect all the charts especially 1968-1973 i started to listen music in september 1968 and the first song was nights. Slobodan Erceg kastel sucurac,CROATIA (13/10/003).

    (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    Barry Alldis
    Jimmy Savile

    Colin Nichol

    380. A brilliant site. I remember buying my very first transistor radio in the late 60's and tuning into Radio Luxembourg every night, underneath the sheets. Bob Stewart on a Sunday night with the top hits run-down and the Tony Prince programmes were my favourites, together with the Peter Styvasaint (or however you spell it!) cigarette adverts. Used to get about 20 minutes of great listening (if you were lucky) before you had to re-tune your radio or just hope that the sound returned before the end of the programme! Great station and a great website.
    Tony Savage Staffordshire. England - UK (13/10/2003).

    379. Dick, I've just come across your fabulous Luxy website for the first time and have spent the past hour or so recapturing some wonderful memories. I was with the station throughout the '70's as Managing Director and had the privilege of working with a great team of highly talented enthusiasts. I must congratulate you upon creating such an attractive and informative website. I really have missed out by not finding it sooner. My very best wishes to you and any of my excolleagues who may happen to come across this entry (that is, of course, if you decide to include it).
    Alan Keen Surrey, UK (13/10/2003)

    378. Geweldige site, fantastisch!! Pas begin 70 er jaren kreeg ik mijn eerste radio, en luisterde toen heel veel naar zowel de Nederlandstalige als de Engelsetalige programma's (vanaf 20:00??)de ontvangst was jammergenoeg niet geweldig in Brabant, maar dat was geen reden om niet te luisteren. Wat ik nu zo graag wil weten, zijn er nog opnamen verkrijgbaar van uitzendigen van de Engelstalige uitzendingen van eind 60 of begin zeventiger jaren?? Houd me van harte aanbevolen.
    Groetjes, Pieter Meulendijks Helmond (11/10/2003).

    377. Geweldige site. Was in de jaren '60 club diskjockey in Datteln, Western Saloon, Deutschland en heb van Radio Luxembourg veel inspiratie opgedaan. Vandaag ben ik programmamaker bij de ziekenomroep Zonnegolf in Apeldoorn.Ik geniet van de informatie, de oude jingles en radio fragmenten. Groetjes aan alle zeezender fans.
    Norbert Straeter Apeldoorn, Nederland (05/10/2003).

    376. I have been searching for the singer of that song which I used to go to sleep listening too, Steve Conway... At the end of the night. Such happy happy times.
    Peter Stanier Surrey England (29/09/2003).

    375. I was stationed in Reisenbach Germany from 1961 to 1965 on a remote radio relay site in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say every night we worked Radio Lux was "on duty" too. AFN in those days was a real looser for most GI's. Your site is just GREAT we will put a link to it on our GI Site at
    Richard Spoley Chicago, Illinois 60625 (28/09/2003).

    374. I used to listen to this station in 70's while living in Poland. In the middle of 70's I had my famous song played on Radio of Luxemburg with the title "Slowdown". Does anybody remember who was singing it? Since than I cannot find this nice song.
    Darius Beben California (28/09/2003).

    373. Hi Dick. Congratulations on a great site. The great 208 means a lot to me, it was there that I had my first big break. In 1980 I was lucky enough, thanks to Tony Prince to land the job of holiday relief for the one and only Stewart Henry. So off I went to the Grande Dutchie and had a ball broadcasting to all of Europe. While having a blast on the English Service, the German service of RTL who broadcast on the medium wave through out the day realised that I also spoke German and made me a great job offer. I went on to spend 10 very happy years with the German service broadcasting to millions of listeners every day from the Villa Louvigny and even hosting a Saturday night show called "Sound Check" with that legend in his own bathroom Dave Christian. After that I moved to Dutch TV still in Luxembourg, but at the Media Complex on Kirchberg, spending 10 years working for RTL4, all in all 20 very special years in Luxembourg all thanks to a job on 208. Now enjoying the sunshine on the Algarve in Portugal. Honey Bee Benson Portugal (27/09/2003).

    372. Great site. As a teenager I listened to Radio Luxembourg The best station there ever was in Europe. In 1963 I heard the Beatles at RTL for the first time and since that time I'm a Beatlesfreak. Feel free to visit my Beatlessite:
    Giel Maastricht (20/09/2003).

    371. I was lucky enough to attend a recording of the Monday (or Friday) Spectacular at Manchester Square, London. 2 things surprised me: Shaw Taylor and Muriel Young read from a script, and the guest act, The Toys mimed (on radio!) to their hit, A Lover's Concerto.
    Barry London (18/09/2003).

    (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    Doug Stanley and the Swinging Blue Jeans
    David Jacobs

    370. Hallo Dick, het is fantastisch dit alles te lezen over radio Luxemburg. Ik weet nog van de jaren 60/70 dat rechtstreeks programma's van 208 volle kracht van uit Maastricht werden uitgezonden. Bekende DJ's Als Felix Meurders en Peter Koelewijn waren toen al favoriet. later met Zaki, Mike Verdrengh, Peter van Dam, Frans van der Drift enz. Dat zijn allemaal mooie herinneringen. Weet jij of er ook een site is over de Nederlands/vlaams talige tijd van radio luxemburg? Heel tof zou het zijn nog eens geluidbestanden van toen te kunnen beluisteren.
    Guillaume Belfort Tongeren (17/09/2003).

    369. Words fail me - just listened to Steve Conway singing 'At The End Of The Day' I wish that I had a £1 for every time I listened to that song whilst working the night shift! What was the close down song before that? Something about 'climbing the stairs' springs to mind?? Anyway, as Bob Hope said "Thanks For The Memories".
    Cethyn Mid-Northumberland (16/09/203).

    368. Absolutely brilliant website. I was an engineer at Hertford Street and recorded many of the programmes mentioned on your page. I still have recordings of most. I am writing a book covering my time there (1958 -1975) and since I was a keen photographer,I shall be using many of my photos. They've never been published. It was also great to see a lot of your visitors who are old friends like Carol Deene,Doug Stanley and Tony Prince. I can't wait to read more. All the breast.
    Alan Bailey Nottingham England (11/09/2003).

    Click here for Radio Luxembourg book (Alan Bailey)
    Alan Baily and Cliff Richard listen back to a music track just recorded in Studio A in 1962.
    (© Alan Bailey)

    367. Remember a song played on 208 in around 1971/72/73. It was either called or by Renaissance and called chicago or by Chicago and called Renaissance? But I have checked both groups to no avail. This was certainly in the charts on 208. It was an instrumental and I dearly would love to know who it was? Please help?
    Kenny Owen Llandovery, Wales, UK (09/09/2003).

    366. My favourites are: David Jacobs plays the pops,The Alan Freeman show,Midnight with Matthews.Has anybody some recordings?Perhaps on CD?
    Peter G. Réti, Budapest,Hungary (08/09/2003).

    365. Great site. I used to listen on a radio my brother made up. This was the first tast of pop great times. Can you buy any of the tapes if so where.
    D. Dawson Cambridge UK (05/09/2003).

    364. I would like hear again Radio Luxemburg.
    Peter G. Réti, Budapest,Hungary (05/09/2003).

    363. Thank you for this site, it is fantastic. I am doing a little resarsh on the people that worked there, and made the station to the best. Do you or any one ells have information on all Djs that ever worked for the staion,and what years e.g. I would be verry greatfull for any help. Thank you.
    Ronnie Sweden (04/09/2003).

    362. Many thanks for this webpage!
    Falus György Hungary (04/09/2003).

    361. Really interesting reading through the comments. Like you I used to listen to 208 all the time. I have spent ages trying to find out who sang the closing theme "End of the Day". Thanks for solving that one for me. Do you know if it is possible to get a copy of the track?
    George Gilbert Scotland (30/08/2003).

    (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    360. I used to listen to Radio Luxembourg when I was in the army and stationed in Schwaebisch Gmuend,Germany from 1969 to 1971.
    Gene Jacksonville,Fl USA (30/08/2003).

    359. Great site.Brings back memories of sneakily listening to Luxy on a small transistor radio with an earpiece under the bedclothes in the late 60's/early 70's.
    Jonathan Brisley Codsall, Staffs (29/08/2003).

    358. A great site for an oldie who used to listen to 208 before WWII. I will return.
    Fred Plant Dorking (27/08/2003).

    357. Very interesting site! I used to listen a lot to 208 in the late 60's and I'm still looking for recordings from that time. I only have a few hours. Please contact me if you have recordings from the period 1966-1969. Thanks!
    Kees Brinkerink Boekelo (25/08/2003).

    356. Wow. Great site. I was seeking information on Radio Lux in the late fifties, my era. Mainly seeking info on who introduced the Jimmy Shand programme that everything stopped for in 56/57, except the feet. Wonderful dance music. Can anyone help?
    Ed Noone Brighton UK (25/08/2003).

    355. This is great. I used to listen to this station when my dad was assigned to Bitburg, GE from 1967-1970. I used to listen to the bingo game to help me sleep.
    Glen Atwell Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA (21/08/2003).

    354. Most interested to be able to play som of Radio Lux. Pls advise how I do.
    Jon Jorgensen Bergen, Norway (15/08/2003).

    353. I remember listening to 'Those Rockin' Boys', presented by Barry Alldis on Thursdays from 9.45 - 10.00. It featured records by Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard. At the end of each programme they faded out with 'Don't Be Cruel' by the Bill Black Combo but what was the record played at the start???
    Roger Browne London (12/08/2003).

    352. Great site!It brings back memories from the sixties,late sunday evenings with Top twenty and Berry Alldis .........
    John Ivar Bjørkaas Norway (10/08/2003).

    351. Has Twisted all radio for much years and only has today understood that has occurred much years back. R.Lux-my childhood. Is it Much saddened. This blow. In Leningrad R.Lux in the night receiver took the wave well. Has Accustomed to listen all friends, we were lucky. Much sting.This loss of a part to lifes, a part showers...
    Alexey St-Petersburg (10/08/2003).

    (Photos: Hans Knot archive)

    David Jacobs
    Keith Fordyce/Lesley Gore
    Brian Matthews

    350. Berlin, 6912th USAF 1965 - 1968 Thanks for the trip down memory lane
    Richard Brooks Tampa, Florida, USA (04/08/2003).

    349. Brought back very good memories. So much to read. Thank you for you time and trouble. Excellend.
    Steve Ward East London (20/07/2003).

    348. Radio Luxembourg was the main raison for what i'm doing since 1979: working as a radio-dj! it's good to revive the 208 feeling again! keep up the good work! kindest regards!
    Luc de Groot Belgium (27/07/2003).
    Former radio Contact Belgium, now maevafm (the follow up of radio Mi Amigo)

    347. Congratulations Dick! Fantastic and very interesting! In the midsixties I was listening secretly Top Twenty of Radio Luxembourg in bed.
    Jens Zimmerling Bremen, Germany (13/07/2003).

    346. Hello and many thanks for this great site. Radio Caroline continue(s)
    Pierre Washington (09/07/2003).

    345. I listened to all RL Top Twenty programmes between 1962 and 1969 (when I had to join the army), brought to us thanks to "Palmolive shaving cream - smooth'n'easy". The signal was fading and vanishing, but we could manage to record some tunes on mono valve tape recorders. I remember this particular chart, as it was on the day I left school. All the best to You, sir.
    W.Lipowski (57) Warsaw, Poland (11/07/2003).

    344. Hi, must say first that your site is excellent! I've recently bought a valve audio compressor that is supposed to have come from the London Luxy studios and would like to find some photos of the equipment from the 60's period to establish it's authenticity if I can. Any idea if such photos exist? I recorded several shows in the studio for the Radio Geronimo project in the 70's and half remember using the compressor then on the voice mics. Any info would be gratfully received!
    Best wishes Mike Craig (11/07/2003).

    343. I would love to know what the title of the beautiful sweeping haunting orchestral melody is, that was always played on luxembourg throughout the early sixties, can you tell me please? thank you,
    Stephen Haugh Liverpool England (09/07/2003).

    342. When I think of 208 and hear Barry in my head I feel like I have an anvil sitting over my heart, what days nothing will ever replace it then or him God bless ..
    Denis Speirs Arbroath Scotland (01/07/2003).

    341. Hi Dick, Nice site with lot of good old memorys.I'm also need some help from you.In Sarajevo, I work on the Federal Radio and I want to make some show about old times and music but I need to play some Radio Luxemburg jingle from 70's in that show. Can you send me some or show me where I can find those audio things.Thanks.
    Mirza Sarajevo (27/06/2003).

    340. I was truly listener of Radio Luxembourg since 1982, when I lived in Lithuania, and later, here in Nizhniy Nowgorod, where I live now (400 km to east from Moscow, yes, it was on MW possible, espessialy at deep night, so may be I was most "eastest" listener of 208 ever :)) Nobody knows here what is Radio Luxembourg now... May be I only fan of RL in Russia (ili ya oshibayus?:)) I remember Rob Jones, Stewart Henry... fantastic DJs, fantastic music. So till now it is best standart of musical broadcasting for me! Many thanks for this webpage!
    Alexey Nizhniy Nowgorod, Russia (24/06/2003).

    339. Thanks for including me.
    Carole Turner (Carol Deene) England (20/06/2003).

    338. Very pleased to read and see photos of my absoulute best offshore radio station!
    Greetings Jan Olof Haglund Ekehjelmsvag 8 SE-69133 Karlskoga Zweden 12/06/2003).

    337. If you´re looking for original vinyl records who appeared in RL Top Twenty. Have a look into my site.
    Skifram Sweden (06/06/2003).

    336. am A "62 year-old Boy ", A lot of Times Of My Youth I have Passed' to Listen to Radio LUXEMBOURG, Even if Often The Receipt Radio was Of Scarce Quality.' MA I HAVE NEVER LOST THE PATIENCE. HI Á. TUTTI
    Beppi San Vito al Tagliamento ITALY 04/06/2003).

    335. Hi! I was out looking for tunes that were "signatures" to Radio Luxemburg programs. Especially I was wondering what program The Hunters´ Teen Sceene was connected to. Is there a way to find out such things? Where? Thanks for a great site!!
    Gunnar Bergquist Göteborg Sweden (04/06/2003)

    334. I almost had a job on a pirate radio ship located off shore of the uk back in 1984. it was one of the things in life i should of done.
    Ed Deadhead Irving, TX (03/06/2003)

    333. Help wanted !!! I'm questing for the Top Twenty original main jingle - headline (the most famous from 60s). If anybody has this please help !!!
    Jerzy Janiszewski Lublin Radio (23/05/003).

    332. I was stationed with The USAF in Europe from 1959 to 1963, My last tour at Rhein Main,Germany. At the Rocket Club on the base we had some of the greatest shows ever. One was Eric DeLaney a drumer and of course I always listened to radio Luxembourg,who did not. I have tried to find his records, but have 0.
    Norbert Smith Forestville, NY (19/05/2003).


    330. Hi I'm 53 now but remember 208.I remember putting the radio on 10 minutes early to warm up the valves to listen to the top 20 on a sunday night. Hoping I wasn't going to be late for school the next day.To be honest luxembourg would't be the same without the fading. Thanks for a great site.
    Malcolm Kirby Basildon Essex Uk (07/05/2003).

    329. Du hast dir viel arbeit gemacht. Danke dafür.
    Franky Krysson Herten/Germany (26/04/2003).

    328. To Manfred in Florida.The song is called 'The Deal' by Pat Campbell and was a minor hit here in the UK back in 1969. If you're stuck I think I may have it somewhere and will send you a copy.Let me know. BRIAN BETHEL SCOTLAND (15/04/2003).

    327. "Untrue Unfaithfull" a Tom Jones' hit was un unforgettable "souvenir" of that year of 66 listenig the "208" on my old radio Oh I loved those songs and my love fade away with them.
    Ronan Ferragu Paris (08/04/2003).

    326. I well remember listening to the top twenty from 1961 onwards. However I had listened to Johnny Ray in the 1950's as well as "Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future" sponsored by Horlicks, with my uncle.
    John E Williams Caversham, England (04/04/2003).

    325. Hello Barry Like the site a lot. Do you know where I can get access to archives of the Radio Luxembourg playlist/ top 20 from the sixties and early seventies. I would greatly appreciate any help.
    Gary De Forest Auckland, New Zealand (31/03/2003).

    324. Great web site! I'm a 208 listener from the 60's when I lived near London. And for Manfred in Florida, the song is "The Deal" but I can't remember the performer. On a par with "Deck of Cards" in my opinion but there's no accounting for taste ;-)
    Brian Hubbard Vancouver, Canada (31/03/2003).

    323. Hello from Florida, this is a true beauty of a website! This brings memories back from the sixtys! And here is my little "problem". I was 15 -16 years old and lived with my parents in Germany, had myself built a special AM receiver just for 208, and listened as often as possible. I still remember one song, it must be from 66-68, I even had it on tape, but somehow got lost. It was more a spoken song, and I don't know the title or the artist. I'm trying now since 35 years to find that song. I still remember the lines. Maybe someone out there can help me. The Text:"I guess it was about midnight, when we arrived at the hospital. Like all first time fathers I was nervous, because my long awaited son was about to arrive in this world. The doctor was waiting at the door and they carried my sweet wife to a delivery room...." If anyone would be able to tell me artist or the title or even get me a tape of that song, I would really be happy! Please mail me back if there is any chance to get more info.
    Best Regards Manfred Bauer Florida USA (26/03/2003).

    322. Very Interesting I remember listening to Radio Lux and Radio Caroline back in the late 60's on my Transistor radio and old reel to reel recordings of caroline on my Westminster tape recorder which where brought home by my father when he worked in the North of the country
    Ray Shearing Merthyr Tydfil S. Wales (17/03/2003).

    321. Lovely Site. I was one of those kids who listened to the station on a Bush radio in North London in the 60's. I always found that there was an slight 'alternative' blend of pop, such as the Batchelors, Wayne Fontana, Adge Gummidge and Johnny Kidd, as opposed to Beatles, Beatles and Beatles. The deejays I remember were Sam Costa, John Jackson, Keith Fordyce, Pete Murray, Alan Freemand, Jimmy Saville and Brian Mathew and the sponsors - Horace Batchelor and his pools system, the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes -bless them all. I thought I was the only one listening to this station, as none of my schoolfriends admitted listening, but I am so happy to know that lots of kids, now also around their 50th birthday all over Europe enjoyed the shows.
    Steve Pickering Copenhagen, Denmark (22/03/2003)

    320. A real pleasure to read this. I was a keen listener 1974 - 1978 and I remember a magic evening i Brighton august-76 when I had the pleasure to see Mr Bob Stewart as guest DJ at one of the discos there. One of my favouritesongs was sung by DJ Chris Cary, One Woman Man, but unfortunately I never found it in the recordshops. Thank you DJ-guys for making the evenings happy.
    Jens Christensen Goteborg, Sweden (21/03/2003).

    319. Great site!! I remember Tony Hall as I was a great fan. Have loads of letters from him and visited the Lux studios a few times. Nostalgia rules!! What is he doing now- is he still in London?
    Yvonne Waite Seaton, Devon (16/03/2003).

    318. Bravo Dickowski!
    Wojtek Newelski Zielona Góra, Poland (12/03/2003).

    317. Great site. does anybody have the C and A commercials,would love to hear them again, still got the tune in my head,thanks
    Paul London (09/03/2003).

    316. I am trying to find out on what date in 1955 Jack Jackson played Unchained Melody. I believe that Al Hibbler's version of this tune was No 1 in Jack's chart well before Jimmy Youngs version. Can anyone help?
    Regards Gerry Hall UK (27/02/2003).

    315. Exceptional web site, brings back all these great memories and unforgiven music. It would be fantastic to have links to all these weekly charts. Perhaps there is a very devoted soul out there having them and willing to share. I personally would love take a look again at all these songs from the 70's. Thanks again for such a detailed history of one of the most inspirational radio stations of 20th century. 208 is missed but not forgotten. Best Regards Peace
    Robert Janik originally from Swinoujscie, Poland (26/02/2003).

    314. My dear friend! Congratulations, this is a great site,indeed! In the sixties in Hungary, we had hard times to live! It was the time of the darkest communist dictatorship, when anything coming from the "imperialist western world" was not welcome-to make it simple! In fact those, who showed any interest to the European or even to the American "products" might get in trouble! But there was no compromise to listen to the Radio Luxembourg! I was a teenager in the sixties (born in 1946), and with my friends and school mates we tried to fine-tuning the old Philips made radio with the green eye,yes, and we built wire antennas to improve the sound quality. And we did, and enjoied the broadcast. I had three favourites: The Allen Freeman Show, The Battle of the Giants and of course, the Sunday night Top Twenty shows. Me and and some friends made notes on the charts and could sell or change them for other thinks like records, tapes e.t.c. The signal music of the Battle of the Giants was great! Unfortunately, I could not ever get it on a record and have not heard ever since! Now gettin' close to the age of 60, in a serious job position (sales director), your site caused a strong nostalgic feeling to me. Thanks, and kindly ask you to advise if any recorded (LP,CD, DVD) material available to buy.
    Best regards Tamas Benedek Hungary,Budapest (20/02/2003).

    313. Great site. I remember Jimmy Saville with the TTDC and Pete Murray and also Radio Bingo. Used to listen on a Perdio Challange radio under the bedclothes.
    David Carrickfergus (18/02/2003).

    312. Fantastic tribute to the great 208. Soundtrack to our lives for so many years!
    Tony Makara Bolton,England (17/02/2003).

    311. Which frenkvency is now of Radio Luxemburg? You are the best.
    Slavko Dekovic Zagreb (12/03/2003).

    310. Here's Radio Luxembourg closing song in the end of the 70's
    "Maybe the morning" sung by Sunny Leslie(1974).
    Yours Hannu Karjalainen Oulu, Finland (09/02/2003).

    309. Welcome Dick and all fans of Radio Luxembourg 208 !!! Your website is great, as You are - Your work is splendid effect to remember RADIO LUXEMBOURG forever. I've started to listen "Luxy" in 1964 (I'm 52 now). I was listening it on old receiver "Pionier" (made in Poland). I remember that Polish beat band "NIEBIESKO-CZARNI" ("BLUE-BLACK") had their show (with luxy DJ - Colin Nichol). It was late night in October 1967. Luxy was my favourite and one and only radiostation. My nick - "luxy", is tribute to name of this station. I will always remember Radio Luxy as radiostation with: wonderful music, very interesting jingles and great D.J.'s . My wish is that R. Luxy will come back on air soon - as Radio Caroline. Your site is for me happy memories and sentimental journey to the wonderful time when I was young. Greetings from Poland to You, all people from R. Luxy and all fans of that incredible radiostation. RADIO LUXY GREAT FOREVER !!!
    Konstanty Korobczak Radom; POLAND (06/02/2003).

    308. What a wonderful page. As we kids of the mid 60's are growing older it is a very special delight to listen to our good old "208" .. which we had to listen either in the middle of the night or on Sundays before the meal was ready....LOL.. Remember I always had a fight with my Mum not to beready before 01:00....not before "Teener's TOP'ers tijd was ready on 208. Damned. We are old now :-)
    By the way: His name was Peter Koelewijn. Does anybody have a sound file from this guy?
    Gerd Rammes Duesseldorf, Germany (05/02/2003).

    307. Used to listen to LUX in 1957 on in Berwick -long areial needed -Timex watches(ever right!)
    J Richardson Sydney NSW (04/02/2003).

    306. Hi Dick, Wonderful site, I have many happy memories of listening to Luxy in the 70's. Specifically Rob Jones, but I also remember listening to Radio Luxembourg as early as 1972. I was sad to hear of its closedown and was also listening on that night in 1991 when it shut down on the 208 frequency. Luxy was part of my growing up too, Thanks for the memories.
    Paula J Myers Stoke on Trent, UK (02/02/2003).

    305. Stumbled on your site while looking for old playlists and charts. Used to listen to 208 in the 50's while I was supposed to be asleep. Fortunately, my mother was deaf! You've brought back a lot of memories. Long live Horace Bachelor!
    Vic Gray Bewdley, Worcestershire (31/01/2003).

    304. Radio Luxembourg will be missed forever. As a massive radio fan, I have yet to find a station to take its place. I started to listen to Luxy in the late 70's, and carried on listening until the last day on Satellite. A brilliant site.
    Mark Swansea, South Wales (30/012003).

    303. Great Site. Brought back memories of bleary eyes after listening to Kid Jensen
    Kevin newport south wales (27/01/2003).

    302. As an Air Force brat I used to listen to radio Lux while living in Ramstein and Bitburg Germany. I remembe Stuart Grundy hosting a dance at our teen club in the late 6o's. Thanks for the memories.
    Richard Dillon, Columbus, Ohio USA (25/01/2003).

    301. I listened in the 70 s when i was about 8 or 9, under the covers when everyone else was asleep ! FANTASTIC! but please could you tell me what happened to stuart henry ? last i heard he had multiple sclerosis and died of complications many thanks
    Vicky Button South Wales (22/01/2003)

    300. Was looking for radio luxembourg present day but cool site man! :)
    DJ NikiM London (15/01/2003).

    299. I was in an early sixties rock group (the Foursights). We appeared on the live Radio Luxembourg programme "Friday Spectacular" along with the Americans Gene Pitney (Twenty four hours from Tulsa) Bobby Vee (The Night Has a Thousand Eyes) and also the British recording artist Jess Conrad. I think the year was 1963. We were introduced to these established stars in the dressing room area before the show, and I remember that Bobby Vee was very friendly, and that Gene Pitney was not. My memory of Russ Conrad was one of him kissing the hostess of the show (was it Muriel Young?) back-stage just before the curtains were opened for us to perform and lip-sink our song. As the curtain opened, I distinctly remember some of the 'cool' young things in the audience sniggering at us because we all had glasses (that was our 'look'). Good job we were only lip-sinking, 'cos that would have put me right off. An interview followed during which I mumbled something incomprehensible. Happy memories! . Read more at the following web page:
    Tim Airey Calgary, AB, Canada (11/01/2003).

    298. Radio Luxembourg the one and only, sorry you had to go. I´m glad that I recorded the last 24 hours so that Radio Luxembourg can live on forever in my mind.
    Kristian Rasmussen Denmark (05/01/2003).

    297. WOW. what more can I say, now at 61 this has taken me back to my younger days again, going around on my Triumph to the coffe bars, feeding the juke box with what loose change we had. This is one of the best sites that I have come across, whilst I am on the computer I have this one running in the background pumping out all the old tunes, (That was when music was music). Many thanks for taking me back to my wild youth days.
    Mick Brown Dunstable, England (04/01/2002).

    296. An incredible sights. Just awesome - to be made recalled all the names of the deejays - and 208 had so many - forgotten but still there at the back of your mind and actually to see their faces. This is the first time I've had a chance to see what my 208 fav deejay from the early 60s - SAM COSTA - look like. Great job! I know I'll be returning to your site.
    THANKS. Pinch Prague, cz (03/01/2003).


    295. I was stationed at Bitburg Air Base, Germany from 1962 - 1964. I listened to Radio Luxembourg every night. They played all the great songs. I have lots of fond memories.
    John McDonald Florence, Alabama USA (28/12/2002).

    294. still missing 208 after all this years ( i'm 56 years old today ) the 60' was the best years of pop music in my mind !
    k. laustsen Copenhagen (27/12/2002).

    293. I am a Jingle collector with many quality jingles of demo's, full packages from PAMS, JAM, TM, Heller, and lots more. I would be pleased to trade with fellow collectors on DAT or CDR.
    Thanks Albert(25/12/002).

    292. I remember fondly listening to Radio Luxembourg from the U.S. Naval Communications Station at Grindavik, Iceland from September of 1961 through September 1963. Thanks for the great memories. Patrick Hanson Cleveland, Ohio (20/12/2002).

    291. Your website is a joy and absolute pleasure to read and listen too again and again! I listened to "The Great 208" throughout the 60's while my father was stationed throughout Europe. I caught the "radio bug" listening each night and from that exposure, went on to spend over 20 years in commercial broadcasting myself. I miss Radio Luxembourg and hope that things someday can return to the way it was. Radio here in the USA is dead and has no heart and soul at all. Meanwhile.,continue success with your website and may it continue providing us with memories that are special and precious.
    Allen Keefer North Olmsted,Ohio USA (18/12/2002).

    290. I go founf zorba's dance by m. minerbi in wav format or midi format.Thanks.
    The best regards. Romolo Cappola Teacher (12/12/2002).

    289. I was stationed in Reisenbach Germany in the US Army from 1961 to 1965 and we listened to "Radio Lux" every night AFN just diden't make it. Your site is absolutely GREAT!!! Keep up the great work I will put a link to it on our GI Site at
    Richard Spoley Chicago, Illinois USA (03/12/2002).

    288. hallo, toen ik 10 jr was zat ik altijd met mijn transistorradio,tje onder de dekens naar radio-luxambourg te luisteren,jullie waren toen fantasties hoe kregen jullie het voor elkaar, hebben jullie nog een boek met foto's voor mij van 1960,mijn adres is f.blokzijl k.katerstraat,15 ''' 1069 rp vast dank, p.s. zend radio-luxambourg nu nog elke dag uit,bestaat die fantastiche zender nog......?? nou ik hoor van jullie-he en kan ik radio-luxambourg-station ook bezoeken/een kijkje nemen en de echte radio luxambourg antennes zien,dat zou echt te gek zijn,om dat te mogen zien praten jullie daar ook nederlands/dutch?
    Ferry Blokzyl amsterdam/nederland (30/11/200).

    287. I like too much this web. THANKS!!!
    Paco Brussels (Belgium) (27/11/2002).

    ANDERS LOEWGREN SWEDEN (25/11/2002).

    285. I'm searching for archive footage of my father singing on opportunity knocks in 1962...can you give me advice on where to start looking?
    Sarah Cunliffe Bristol UK (24/12/2002).

    284. Fantastic and very important for the radio-history your web site about R.L. My name is Roberto and I'm writing from ASTI Italy and I'm 42 Y.O. I was a RL listener in 1970/1980 years! Every night. I remember the jingle. Elvis ha gone but his music lives on! RL the REAL nr 1 radio at the world. A piece of my youth!
    Roberto Asti - Italy (22/11/2002).

    283. Radio Luxemburg the unsung hero of rock and roll - All it's pioneers and djs should be put into the rock and roll hall of fame. Why do they take so long to do the obvious?! Yes like millions of others my life was changed by this station. For those of us with a cutting edge ear this was the station - made even more exciting by the fade in and out signals when your greatest record was on made you want to literally crawl inside the radio itself - I would stay up at any cost to hear that record fade in and tune in perfecto. A great site. Any more votes out there for the rock and roll hall of fame?!
    Chris Hampton Los Angeles California (17/11/2002).

    282. Hi, I loved listening to Radio Luxembourg as a kid. I lived near Edinburgh in Scotland and struggled to tune in the signal on my portable radio under my bed covers, turned way down low so only I could hear it. There were no other services that ran into the night back then, no 24 hour society so Radio Luxembourg was the place to tune to after dark as it faded in and out. It also played some great music, music you wanted to listen to, not the bad mix of music the national or local stations played to their wide audience range. When the time came I also listened on satellite, who can forget the jingle "Music at the speed of light, from the Astra satellite, Radio Luxembourg"? Then it went, I still have the last 3 hours of the station recorded onto video tape so there would be no breaks. Mike Hollis' last words certainly brought a lump to my throat and when I have listened again, it still does. That was a sad day. Radio, as something unique and special died that day. The world was no longer in awe of radio in my eyes and the television became king. Today, Radio lives on, in the car and in the workplace as background noise or something to kill time to. It just doesnt seem to be the point of focus anymore. It just doesnt seem 'special'. I feel there is a place for Radio Luxemboug, but it isnt now. It is in the very near future. There will soon be digital radio in the Short, Medium and Long wavebands. Offering high quality music over long distances. That is the time Radio Luxembourg should retake to the air as a pioneer for it's owners. Delivering a new music choice for a new millenium to the people of a united Europe. The day it went off air, a brand, an identity was frozen, it soon will be time to thaw the old bird and let it fly once more through the air and into our hearts again. I hope it's owners see the value in the brand, the identity and the legacy of Radio Luxembourg, a station at the very heart of Europe. Hopefully the joy of music will once again flow from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
    Steve (14/11/2002).

    281. -Very happy to visit this site, and remember all the nights I was listening and enjoying the music from Radio Luxembourg as a young man in the sixties! Please! if you can help me where to find a very mad record they often played, I think the title was: "I love onions" Maybe anyone reading this guest book could help me to find that record? Thank You very much.
    Jan Andersson Albanovägen 6H, , Eskilstuna, S-632 39 Sweden (14/11/2002).

    280. Hey great site ! I visited Tony Prince in the UK studios long time ago and got a cassette recording of the top 40. This wasa transmited a week later (when Davids Bowie was no 1 with Let's dance). This was just after BA death. If you want to hear more - email me. greetings - an old RTL fan.
    Mikael Honoré Denmark (13/11/2002).

    279. A am great fan of "208" 1959-64.... It´s great to see such wonderful things again and to download some pieces of that great sound,...sorry it doesn´t more this gold radio.
    Stanislav Pozarek Germany (13/11/2002).

    278. Excellent for us early fifty year olds. Memories of listening to our transistors under the bedclothes. Those were the days.
    Mike and June Wademan Scarborough UK (08/11/2002).

    277. Radio Luxembourg was the only station I ever spent much time listening to but I stopped in about 1970, possibly earlier. In boarding school we were allowed to listen to Top Twenty on Sunday nights although it was after official 'lights out'.
    Brian R Archer Dublin, Ireland (07/11/2002).

    276. I love you for the glory of our youth. I've just found your site - and it's jubilation! I will spend a lot of time with you.
    Paul Gabor New York, Budapest (04/11/2002).

    275. Hi Dickie , 208 never stop ! Allways live in my heart . Mike Hollis and his jingles , it was feeling of freedom and good music to me in occupated Czechoslovakia . I can´t forget... I believe , I will hear one day 208 again...
    Petr Záèek Humpolec , Czech republic (02/11/2002).

    274. I have been trying to find the name of the artist and the name of the song that used to be the last song played at night on Radio Luxembourg. I think it started 'Maybe the morning . . . ' Can you help me? I'd be most grateful. Thankyou.
    Sheila Maguire Northern Ireland (17/10/2002).

    273. What of memories !!! Regards George to listen to the closin tune "May be the morning... plsadvise
    George Karamanov Bulgaria (17/10/2002).

    272. I too used to spend hours tuning in to radio Lux. as a teenager back in West London during the sixties.
    Mrs Linda Saul Papua New Guinea (12/10/2002).

    271. Best Radio Luxembourg memory....Roger 'Twiggy' Day opening up Luxy, must have been around 1968/69 with a song by The Turtles. Crystal clear signal on a late summer evening, then going into such a deep fade that it disappeared for a while!! Great site, spent much time here!
    Mark Dezzani Seborga (10/10/202).

    270. Dick, I happened upon the site while trying to find audio streaming from Radio Luxembourg, I did not even know that they had shut down. Why? As an American boy living in France 1957 -1962 (I am 55 now) I listened to Radio Lux and even tried to dance to it at the community center in Fourquex (near St Germain en Laye) a few times. I still have the Grundig transistor that was used for clandestine listening with other guys both French and American. Alas no girls hung out with us back then. For some odd reason I vividly remember a commercial for "Baby Sham", but I cannot remember exactly what kind of drink it was. One last amusing story - Since only the first two minutes of a record were played I was not aware of the rest of the songs until I returned to the US in 1962. One that surprised me was the humming, Kazoo sounding part of "Johnny Get Angry" by Jonie James. That is probably all anyone can stand from me at this time. Thanks for the great site.
    James Tarter Kentucky, USA (05/10/2002).

    269. I came upon your site by chance. It's great to remember all those happy days in my teens when all I listened to was Luxembourg - like many of your correspondents under the bedclothes! I'm listening to one of your top twenties as I write - wonderful stuff!
    Kevin Bulger Liverpool, England (29/09/2002).

    268. Nice site. Before the start of the offshore stations I'll have to listen to Radio Luxembourg. It was a relief when Caroline start broadcasting!!! And the legend lives on!! The dutch service of Luxembourg was even more boring (Jos Brink brrr). I'm sorry.
    Best regards Koos de Ruijter Dieren (Nederland) (27/09/2002).

    267. I have all the top 20 from the 50 till today, but only monthly, you got them weekly, from where did you got them ?
    Francis Saliba Paola Malta Europe (20/09/2002).

    266. Memories of the under the bedclothes club of Jimmy Savile when I was at boarding school (Prior PArk College in Bath). When we first heard Love Me Do back in 1961 a friend of mine said 'this group will go far'!
    Phil Hamerton Shoreham-by-Sea (06/09/2002).

    265. In about 24 hours time I'm 51 I'l remember I listen to Radio Lux on my Grandmother's Transistor Radio after dark. That was fantastic. I was about 12-13 years that time. I wont forget It.
    Kjell Erik Nilsen Oslo - Norway (29/08/2002).

    264. Great site! Congrats! I'm 32 and listened often to 208 in the 80s. 'Next week top 40' was my my favourite program. I listened also every evening (19:00 - 19:30, I think?) to Mike Verdrengh 's show. Like most of the 208 fans, I also stayed awake to listen to the 208 jocks. Is it possible to put something from Radio Luxemburg in the 80s on this site? TNX.
    Steven Vandenput Belgium (24/08/2002).

    263. What a great site ! I was a BIG fan of 208 in the late 60's early 70's I would like to know the name of the song after bob Stewart closed down each night, it began with "Maybe tomorrow.... also is there anywhere I can get audio tapes of the chart shows from 1973 - 1977? I hope 208 will come back on air it is sadly missed for sure.
    N Deasy Ireland (05/08/2002).

    262. There was no better radio station to listen even on the AM. This is something it wont happen again
    Marknesse Netherlands (04/08/2002).

    261. Hi Dick! Great site! I just found it quite by chance. It brought back a lot of memories from the 60's. Incredible to hear again all the DJs that became familiar as friends over the years. I found radio Luxemburg around 62-63 (I,m born 1952), remembering distinctly having heard the Beatles Please Please Me (but not Love Me Do). I kept tuning in into the 70's and then lost track of Luxy until I found a local radio station that relayed the satellite broadcast after their own programs. From there, I actually have a cassette recording of 90 mins of the final night. How great it would be to have the recordings on your site on a CD. Anybody remember the Fab 208 magazine? I have a pile of those from the late 60's somewhere in the basement.
    Mats Elfström Lund, Sweden (25/07/2002).

    260. classic much missed station from the 60's so many memories..
    Jim England (21/07/2002).

    259. My original hotbot page about Pete Murray (message 120) closed down, but it's now on angelfire here
    Jeff Vagg London (16/07/2002).

    258. In 1976 in the souhteast of spain i found in the 1440 khz, the must wonderfoul music that i can´t never imagine it. The people who was speaking and playing music are comming for another galaxy, for his way to made it. For my condition of spanish speaker, i don´t understand the tittles and the artist who appear in the R.L. LW1. But now 25 years latters i have the tapes recorded in all long and good nights.thanks for your works. for alls.
    felipe olcina els pins, muro, spain (12/07/2002).

    257. Hi Dick, Superb tribute to Luxy. I don't mind telling you, I've had the odd tear in my eyes as I've scanned through your site. Many great memories firstly as a listener and then secondly I had the great honour of being one of the jocks based in The Grand Duchy for three wonderfully happy years. Such marvelous times with such wonderful friends, Bob Stewart (we shared a house and enjoyed much laughter together), Stuart and Ollie Henry (those nights when I stayed til' the early hours - where exactly did all those bottles of wine go?, Mike Hollis, Peter Antony, Dave Christian, Mike Knight and a few others. Presenting The Top 20 as I did every Sunday Night was also a special highlight. Out of the Luxy Legends, I still speak to Tony Prince, Bob (mostly via e-mail)and Paul Burnett who I'm co -presenting a weekly Classic Chart Show with (on air in the UK very soon). We had a terrific re-union in London back at the beginning of 2000, Paul was there aswell as Mike Read, Kid Jensen, Ian Brass (Brasso), Mark Wesley, Rob Jones and many more...sadly I couldn't get Benny Brown to come over from Germany despite my pleading on the phone. These days I present afternoons on Radio City (Liverpool) and life is fab but when I think back to my days out in Lux I can only say they're cherished memories indeed. Best Wishes to you and all the other dedicated followers of 208 from
    Shaun Tilley Liverpool, UK (16/06/2002).

    256. Thanks for this great site. I have same experience. Grown-up listening to music from beloved Station of the Stars, Radio Luxembourg in Prague, hopelessly behind Iron Curtain. But thanks to AM radio enjoying magic music from, so close and in same time so distant another, free world... Thanks for so great job creating this site.
    Steve Sabouk Oak Park, California (08/06/2002).

    255. Your site's a wonderful tribute to a truely great radio station! In the early '60's there was nothing like it anywhere. US stations were'nt playing European music yet, (except big bands, movie themes and Lonnie Donnigan), so this is where I got my Rock and Roll.
    Thanks for the memories!! Josh Panek Washington, DC, USA (05/06/2002).

    254. Hi Dick, many thanks for your great site. For all of those looking for RTL charts from the 70s, let me tell you that I set up a new site called "The Seventies Music Page" ( which includes many RTL charts from the period 1975-1978. See you there!
    Andreas Grimmig Bad Bentheim, Germany (26/05/2002).

    253. Just found this site and it is fab just like 208 was,it brought back so many memories.I grew up with Luxy and was very sad when it closed,I remember in the mid seventies a dj called Tony Murphy,he was Australian and his catch-phrase was, May the lord have murphy on you,does any one else remember him. Once again a very nostalgic site,I will visit it over and over again,thank you.
    Bob Glen Durham,England (25/05/2002).

    252. Hello Dick, many thanks for your great site. I was listener from 1971-1976, in secret (GDR). RL - unequalled for ever.
    Rudolf Kollhoff Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, Germany (21/05/2002).

    251. It is the first time for me to visit you website and it gets me excited since I was an audience of your radio station 35 years ago. Although could hardly recieve the transmition, I enjoyed listening to your programs.
    Ilan Goldberg ISRAEL (21/05/2002).

    250. I think that this site is the best thing I have ever seen! I spent 7 hours last night just looking at it and wishing I could be where you all were!
    Alice Sillett, school Norwich (20/05/2002).

    249. Hi there!! It is wonderful side, I am the great fun of Luxy 1959-1963 (I am 55) I made of jingles of your page and some rarities of mine big collection a wonderful CD, send me please your adress, and I´ll send there this CD record, I´ve made, I hope you will write me answer... bye,
    Stanislav Pozarek Wiesbaden (12/05/2002).

    248. I listened to Radio Luxembourg every night from 1958 until 1962 when I made the mistake of becoming religious and deserted 208. Fortunately, I am well past religious belief now. My favourite programme was "Top Twenty". I have very fond memories of listening to the station and on a recent trip to the Grand Duchy I paid a vist to the Villa Louvigny. It is now a government office but I wish I could have gone inside to see where the studios were. You have an excellent site. Many thanks
    Peter Tomlinson Shipley, West Yorkshire, England (11/05/2002).

    247. Hi..terrific terific site. Request... I am seaching for information on Jack Jackson. I remember his shows as very groundbreaking. I want to complile information on him. Can anyone help. Searching for his history, is there any book I can read. Any information will be received with great thanks. This is a time warped luxie fan remembering all the great times and shows and records that I listened to under the bedclothes. to you all with best wishes and fond memories.
    Jim Scotland (06/05/2002).

    246. Hi I will do this summer a documentary movie about " 208 The story of Radio Luxembourg" So I'm searching for informations, newspaperarticles, and so on. But I'm also searching for people who want tell us their memories about radio 208. Please contact me.
    Thanks a lot
    Bernard Michaux Luxembourg (01/05/2002).

    245. Nice report. I started listening RL at 17 in college during night in 1958.I had a small transistor Sony with earphone.This improved my English skill quite a lot. Reasons for closing down?
    Thanks Giorgio Bergamo Italy (01/05/2002).

    244. Luxemburg was great, but Caroline was greater !!!
    Jochen Flasche Wuppertal/Germany (28/04/2002).

    243. I did start listen to your radio in 1966 when I was 14.The next 10 years Radio Luxembourg was my best friend.Thanks! I believe it would be a commercial success to re-issue budget price CDs with old programs.(Hint: A double CD dedicated to just one day would be great) Gunars.(Latvia)
    Gunars Latvia (27/04/002).

    242. I*M looking for "hit parade" radio luxemburg from 70*s Is anybody to help me??
    Zbyszek Krakow, Poland (23/04/2002).

    241. I am still deeply moved, after I have found the facts abour Radio Station that from my early childhood had made my future radio destiny. Please and you can find the answer. Milan K. Pesic Lovosice, Czech Republic (22/04/2002).

    240. Such wonderful memories.... thanks Radio 208. My dad and I used every type of aerial to receive your program better, lot's of crackling and fading away but still the best music. Thanks for your pioneering radio moved ahead in leaps and bounds. Job well done.
    Michael O'Dell Puyallup, WA USA (22/04/2002).

    239. I am ready to make everything, to have an original programs from Luxy 1960,2. I am 56 years....but I think about this happy years every day all this years. Nobody in this world is more crazy like I am for this great 208. Because of Luxembourg have I more like 2 - 3000 CD and 1000 LP records.I spend all my money over 40 years for everything what means Luxembourg., sincerely, Stany. Thank you great 208 for biggg dreamms!!!
    Stanislav Pozarek Germany - Wiesbaden (18/04/2002).

    238. Found this site by accident. It's great. I was on 208 1986-88. My time there was wonderful. Alton Andrews Liberty Radio London (15/04/2002).

    237. Vielleicht habe ich Glück und sie können Deutsch? Mir blutet mein Herz, wenn ich lese, was Ihr alles gemacht habt. Ich selber bin ein eingefleichster RTL-Radiohörer gewesen. Habe bei BFBS dem Tommy Vance regelmäßig gehört und liebe Radio über alles. Ich selber bin freier Radiomoderator und vermisse die gute alte RTL- Zeit. Bitte gibt mir ruhig mehr Infos über Eure vergangene Arbeit. Und wer weiß, wo Tommy Vance heute moderiert?
    Bis bald ...? Peter Kirianczyk Germany (11/04/2002).

    236. Hi Dick! (You´ve got a cool name). 2 years have gone since I visited this page and I´m glad again to read the words from all the people still having 208 in their hearts.
    Dick Palmé Sweden (09/04/2002).

    235. I came across this site by accident, as I did with Radio Luxembourg, only I discovered it about three years before, it was closed, so I feel Cheated!, you guys had all the fun! however, I did think that I was the only one who had problems with the reception, I thought that it was because I lived in the south west of Ireland, but now I know, that reception problems were part and parcel, of the luxy deal, it was like the price u paid! anyhow, I was lucky, I had a choice of FM stations to listen to, but luxy was kind of exoctic, so I insisted on bending my ear, to listen to it! Thank you, SLAINTE
    FIACHRA o MU KERRY,IRELAND (05/04/2002).

    234. I liked your site. I was looking for something on the Music In Luxembourg for a project on Francophone countries. I found this very helpful. You have a very well developed site. Good Job.
    Jess USA (02/04/2002).

    233. I really loved 208 and it's a great memory of my teen years. I had a tiny red and cream Perdio transistor radio which I used to put under the pillow to listen - didn't we all! Does anyone remember Radio Bingo? I talk to others who can't remember it but I'm convinced this programme was on Luxie for a while. While I have the chance, I pay tribute to Tony Prince for keeping Stuart Henry on the air after Radio 1 in the UK decided not to. I really miss 208 and it's style. Many memories like the Horace Batchelor ad's of course! The awkward antenna switch before the start of the English service and the loss of signal for a few seconds ad even the great Dutch service. Great website too! Many thanks for the efforts. Alastair MacKenzie Marske by the sea (27/03/2002).

    232. interesting site. i came upon it in a search for info on peter aldersley. in the mid-'60s, i used to listen to WLS in chicago, which was pretty good for an AM station. on sunday night, they counted down the top 10 from england. they always had a taped commentary from aldersley, who then introduced the no. 1 song. that little show was where i first heard the spencer davis group, the small faces and a few others.
    Kirk Arnott columbus, ohio, U.S.A. (22/03/2002).

    231. Great, absolute great ! Congratulations ! I like it. Thank You !
    Essler, Hans-Joerg Oldenburg, North West Germany (23/03/2002).

    230. I am writing in the hope you might be able to help me obtain CD's or tapes of Radio Luxembourg nostalgia. A group of us who lived, as Canadian military Air Force dependents in Baden Baden Germany in the 1960's, are holding a high school reunion in the summer of 2003 in Toronto, Canada. As part of our celebration, I thought it would be appropriate to play not only the music we were exposed to in the 60's but perhaps even obtain some of original broadcasts of the radio we actually listened to as kids back then. I was wondering if it would be possible to obtain improved quality audio tapes or preferably CD versions any of the Real Audio "Top Twenty" or the other sound bite samples that you have on your web page? The RA is fine but I suspect your original recordings are of better quality. Thank you for your attention and consideration.
    Wayne Logus Edmonton (22/03/2002).

    229. Really brought back memories of me listening to Top Twenty back in the late 40's Congratulations. I have been trying to find a JIMMY YOUNG B SIDE ie ---FAITH--- but no luck. Take care, best wishes
    George Butler Ramsgate Kent UK (20/03/2002).

    228. A truly iteresting site dedicated to one of my favourite stations.
    How I miss the sound of Radio as it used to be.
    Tony Worrall Wales,U.K. (12/03/2002).

    227. Your site on Radio Luxemburg is really great and have brought a lot of fine memories to. I did start listen to the Station in 1960 when I was 13 years old. First we had a lot of fun with The Dutch broadcasting on Luxemburg "Teenager Topper Tijd" by Guus Janssen Jr. who did play a Benelux top 15. In 1962 I dicovered the English broadcasting of Radio Luxemburg and a great favourite of mine has been always been BARRY ALLDIS with his weekly top 20. In 1963 a great favourite of mine was that sponsored program by TYPHOON TEA were they did play everytime BOBBY DARIN'S "18 Yellow Roses" and "It's my party" by Lesley Gore. We did have also a lot of fun with listening to THE CLIFF RICHARD and SHADOWS, AND LATER live-progams presenting THE SEARCHERS LIVE AT RADIO LUXEMBURG and THE BEATLES in 1964 with LIVE FROM THE CAVERN WITH BOB WOOLER with some many good Merseybeat-sounds. After the death of Jim Reeves on 31th July 1964 Luxemburg did some great Jim Reeves Specials in August and September 1964 which was really interesting. Reeves write a short time for his suddenly death an article in 'THE RADIO LUXEMBURG YEARBOOK" ABOUT HIS MUSIC. Even in 1972 I taped the whole night 'THE ROLLING STONES NIGHT" ON RADIO LUXEMBURG and in 1977 with the death of ELVIS PRESLEY I was watching the program through the whole night with Jimmy Saville and Tony Prince. Even ROY ORBISON did have a nice program in 1977 about an hour about his new album! These memories are still on my mind and I will never forget them. Radio Luxemburg has become a part of my life and even today I do enjoy playing some of the tapes of Radio Luxemburg.
    On the "Zeezenderdag" in Amsterdam I've found again a tape from 1964 with an half hour with HORACE BACHELOR and some other things! It has been a real pleasure to visit your site which is excellent! My compliments!
    Bert Bossink Boxtel-THE NETHERLANDS (08/03/2002).

    226. Oh how I loved 208!! Under the blankets every night! Bought first small pocket size trannie to take to school too! Listened all the time, especially during home ect!! Great to see website!
    Mary Ballantyne Wexford, Ireland (04/03/2002).

    225. Only just discovered this page and found it very interesting, and must say brought back some wonderful memories of all the bygone and not so bygone dj´s, songs and artists. I think that I shall be spending more time looking through this. Thanks.
    Elizabeth Ann Granada, Spain (23/02/2002).

    224. Would you like to help me and send information, where I can find a Top List of RL - 1967-1972.
    Thank You. Yan Toruñ, Poland (21/02/2002).

    223. What a brilliant site!! Luxy always was and will be my fave station, so its wonderful to find this. Hello to Todd Slaughter - I was one of those fans you took to Luxy and still look at my old photos and wish I could go back to the best days of my life! I wonder where Keith is now who used to take us every year?
    Angie Roche London England (18/02/2002).

    222. It was fantastic those days to listen to you all, the music and the songs they were, and they are the best for all times.
    Thanks. Wim Becude Hilversum (03/02/2002).

    221. Those of you trying to collect The RL TOP TWENTY records in 1960´s-70´s. Have a look into my site
    Eric Hallberg Sweden (03/02/2002).

    220. Dick - enjoyed the site. Been chasing a clip of the Horace Batchelor advert for years - any ideas?
    Roger Wilding UK (03/02/2002).

    219. I was really moved to hear the sound-bites on real audio, read the text and see the pictures of a radio station that meant so much to me. I first visited the Radio Luxembourg (London) Limited studios at 38 Hertfort Street, London W1 when I was seventeen - some 40 years ago. I was there at the invitation of Jimmy Savile. Five years later I took over the Elvis Pesley Fan Club of Great Britain, and visited both the London studios, and the Villa Louvigny in Luxembourg. I spend a lot of drunked evenings in the "Blow Up" nightclub.
    In the mid 70's I edited Club 208 magazine for Radio Luxembourg and three or four times each year we would bring a couple of hundred fans to the Grande Duchy to meet the DJ's get drunk, and party.
    I still run the Elvis Presley Fan Club, and this year (2002) we are taking 1300 members to Memphis, for the 25th anniversary of Elvis' death, when we hope to meet up with many of the old 208 presenters who now live in the US. Thirty years ago, I made my first trip to the US to see Elvis in concert, and I went there with Tony Prince and a group of 200 fans. The rest is history. What a wonderful site.
    Todd Slaughter EPFC, PO Box 4, Leicester LE1 3ZL, England (01/02/2002).

    218. Als ich in den 60igern in der DDR lebte, in der Nähe von Dresden, war Radio Luxemburg der Sender, der in meinem Kofferradio seinen Stammplatz hatte. Pünktlich 19:30 (7:30pm) begann mit dem Jingle die Sendung. Irgendwie in der heutigen Zeit vermisse ich "208", vor allem Tony Prince, der mir, wie heute ich mich entsinnen kann, ins Ohr ging. Es war ja nicht einfach in dem Regime, diesen Sender zu hören. Ich hatte deswegen öfter Ärger mit dem "Dorfsherriff", aber Gott sei Dank, verbieten ließ ich es mir nicht.
    Matthias Dittrich Braunschweig (25/01/2002).

    217. What do I remember and miss?
    The Powerplays "once an hour on the hour", the Hit Picks,weeping with frustration when fading interupted a favourite tune, (it was always during a record you liked) and frantically rotating the set to gain optimum reception then howling with derision when your favourite records dropped down the chart. The jingles and that excitement and adrenaline rush you felt when you heard that famous intro to the Top 20. No other radio station has ever come anywhere close to 208, particularly in the sixties and early seventies. One question however. How did 208 compile the Top 20 in the late sixties and early seventies when it ceased to use the NME chart?
    Brian Bethel Lanarkshire, Scotland (25/01/2002).

    216. Pure Nostalgia at it's Best! Whilst I listen to my Tape of the Last Night (Which I tuned into - Purely by LUCK?) It's Great to read of this onetime National... Almost, Worldwide saviour! Come Back! SOON.
    Lee THEN - Yorkshire (23/01/2002).

    215. Hi! Many thanks for all that! Can you imagine how we listened to R Lux here in the mid '60s? It was a breath of real freedom.
    Regards George Karamanov Sofia -Bulgaria (21/01/2002).

    214. Not a dull moment spending hours listening and searching for all the good memories from 208 on this site. In the seventies on radio medium wave I spend nights listening to mostly very bad signals up here in Denmark. But at school the next day I was the one, who knew what was going on in popmusic. Magic - and it still is. Thank you for sharing all the 208-memories with us.

    Brian Pabst Copenhagen (16/01/2002).

    213. Hi - what a great site. How well I recall those days of 208, the little red Perdio transistor and the happy memories they gave me from the 60's. I too remember the change from the Dutch to the English services at about 6-30 or 7-00 and the change of antenna as the signal disappeared during the change. I still listen to the golden oldie German service when our British radio stations have little to offer by garbage. Long may it continue. I thought the output power was 1.6 MWatts!
    Alastair MacKenzie, Marske by the sea (10/01/2002).

    212. I remember have to hind my trannie under the clothes to listen to 208 and after I went into the forces we use to pick you up in Germany after listening to BFBS with Tommy Vance. Thanks a lot for the memories.
    John Hogg Wallyford; near Edinburgh (08/01/2002).


    211. Great Site; Spent many hours in Spangdahlem,Germany listening to these songs while in Air Force 1964-1968. Brought back many memories good job.
    Joe Gorak Winona,MN,USA (30/12/2001).

    210. This is simply MAGIC!!!!!! memememeemmemememories are made of this.
    Rab McLarnon Paisley, Scotland..... now Canada (26/12/2001).

    209. In 1971 I was in the Navy on a destroyer in the Caribean. We pulled in Radio Lux on a monster RS232 receiver and it was the best sound a 22 year old sailor could have heard. thanks for the site. It brings back a lot of memories and I'm really sorry to hear she's gone.
    Steve Pfalzer Louisville, Kentucky, USA (20/12/2001).

    208. 208, what memories. I started listening in the late 50's. Fanastic. What ever happened to Horace Bachelor Keysham, that's K-E-Y-S-H-A-M Bristol.
    Keith Ridley, Tampa, FL (17/12/2001).

    207. At the adress I have put down some memories of BBC Radio around 1970. Although I can`t compete with this great site I hope that some of you are interested- you can tell me where I am wrong if I have not got it all right.
    Tom Pedersen Denmark (17/12/001).

    206. fantastic, what can i say - i've searched all over the place for bernard cribbins (two) hits for a project - thanks - I'm trully grateful
    Johnny Hart Tyneside (4/12/2001).

    205. Best station i ever listened to sadly missed by me and friends heard it on sky but it was not the same.
    David Mckenna Blackhill (3/12/2001).

    204. RTL208 had the most magic presence in my country of Czechoslovakia during the early sixties. Manny memories! Thanx forever.
    Miroslav Dusek Hollywood, Florida (29/11/2001).

    203. Hello out there, lovers of radio Luxemburg. From the early sixties to the early seventies I always listened to R.L. My parents didn´t like in the beginning but with my headphones I could listen in the dark and nobody else could here. Well I listened to all the top twenty presentations and wrote them down every week and kept them in a folder. Unfortunately I lost all of my childhood things including my top twenty folder 20 years ago. Now when I passed my 50:s I more often think back and warmly remember those evenings listening to "my" music on "the station of the nation 208". Now I´m trying to start a project to collect all the singles presented on the top twenty charts from the years 1962- 1970. Do you think that´s possible? Can you give me some hints where I can find all the top twenty lists for those years? I have tried on the net but not been successful! Greetings from Karlstad, Sweden Nov 29 2001 with the winter coming on!
    Pär Nyberg Karlstad (29/11/2001).

    202. How exciting to find your website. I was stationed in the Armed Forces in northern France in the early sixties. Radio Luxembourg was the only station that played the music we wanted to hear, being so far away from home. What memories.
    Elmer Pearce Louisiana (18/11/2001).

    201. I remember listening to the Kid Jenson show sometime in 70,s he played a song i think it was called year of the tiger does any one remember this.
    Keven Lowden England (02/11/2001).

    200. What a great site! Thanks for many happy memories from nearly twenty years of listening to Luxembourg, especially during my student days. I can also remember that the best place to listen was often in the car, car radios seemed to tune in more easily! I can remember driving up the A1 to the sounds of 208 in the sixties as I travelled home from uni.
    Happy days! Brian Wiles Leeds UK (27/10/2001).

    199. Hi Dick, I was surfing for some info on Radio Normandie in the 1950s and came across your greatsite by accident. Yes, I too had a green eye, not in my radio, but in my tape recorder. It was called a "magic eye" and it would expand and contract as Fab 208 faded in and out. But, in fact, in Dublin, Ireland, where I grew up in the 50s and 60s we used to get a good signal from Luxembourg. I was surprised to hear the studios were so primitive even in 1967 - bits of paper separating the commercials! To me, the station sound very slick and professional, especially the suave voices of David Jacobs (Hallo there!) and Pete Murray. I would wait all evening to hear the latest Motown sounds from Detroit, hands hovering over the controls on my Fidelity tape recorder, only to be enraged when they faded out Marvin Gaye after only 90 seconds! What a different world we lived in then, tucked up early in bed, with our trannies turned down to a whisper, listening to those subversive sounds from Luxembourg. Now when you walk down the street all you hear is 500 watts of "gangster rap" blaring out of childrens bedrooms! Anyway, we oldies have got the Internet which is jam packed with websites dedicated to those innocent radio days. Many thanks for such an entertaining visit.
    Philip Morgan London (05/10/2001).

    198. Hello Barry, I found today on the internet the site of RADIO LUXEMBURG. I was very pleased to hear all the jingles and tunes from the station. And i do remember you the best when you are annoncing Connie Francis,(she's still my number 1. I do have a closed downsong from Connie witch is titled I'ts time to say goodnight. I do wish you all the best en i hope you let something hear of you.
    Noel De Mol Gent Belgium (27/09/2001).

    197. I have been trying for a while to get a copy of "The end of the Day" by Steve Conway. Unfortunately If I download from your site it will not play on my computer. Do you know where I could get a "hard copy".
    Thanks; Gus Rankin USA (26/09/200).

    196. Hello!! Great and intresting site you've got. I was a dedicated listner to RL back in the 60's and 70's.
    Best regards, Staffan Kindgren Linkoping SWEDEN (16/09/2001).

    195. I remember lying in bed in the seventies/eighties with my transister radio under my pillow (so i did'nt disturb the rest of the house) listening to the sounds of radio luxemburg unfortunately I could'nt always get very good reception all the time, I was also fortunate enough to win an 50th aniversary picture disk on one of the evening radio show (but i can't remember which one) which i still have in my collection to this day, thank you for bringing back some good memories.
    Andy Green LINCOLNSHIRE, UK (26/07/2001).

    194. The first time I heard Radio Luxembourg was in Jan of 1955. I was with the U.S. Forces at Sandhofen, Germany and watched fellow barracks rats gathered around a radio listening to a station that was fading in and out, but playing the music our age group wanted to hear, which AFN (American Forces Network) was not playing. After listning to Radio Luxembourg for three years, the D.J.'s almost seemed like family to the G.I.'s who could name each one just by listening to their voice. This is trully a great tribute site to the great "208", and it has brought back many great memories for me. Thanks Dick, and thanks too, to Radio Luxembourg, the great "208", and the "station of the stars".
    James H. Temperly Farley, Iowa USA (21/07/2001).

    193. What a great site. I remember my times when I hear radio luxy in the sixties and seventies. It was great. Jimmy Saville or Tony Prince or many more dj's.I'm a great fan of radio luxy. I have cuts on tape from the sixties. Many thanks to find this site from you.
    Best regards Gerhard Fuchs Vienna, Austria (20/07/2001).

    192. Whow! what a delight to have all this information on 208, I was around 14/15years old when I used to tune in to the top twenty show at midnight, it is the best listening stream in years what an absolute delight, I felt so young again, and the memories of those special years, come flooding back, thanks for a great great site.
    Geoff Dixon Perth Western Australia (17/07/2001).

    191. Thanks for the memories. Still have the old Marconi valve radio I listened to "208" on from the Early fifties until the end.
    Willie Reid Tranent near Edinburgh (12/07/2001).

    190. Hej Dick, just found your second page after I saw the 'Veronica' homepage. It's simply marvellous, too. Going back in time... into my deepest youth. Is anybody of the Dutch readers around who could give me the correct spelling of THEEE most famous Dutch DJ: Peter Kulewijn? And does anybody know if there are some jingles left from the 'Nederlandsche TOP 50' on sundays before the English program started? Would be happy to find that. And Dick: BIG THANX AGAIN!!
    GerdRammes near Düsseldorf (Wülfrath) (09/07/2001).

    189. I have just been told about this site from a friend in Florida. It brings back a lot of good memories as I listened regularly in my teens back in the 60's. Good to read all about it and see the charts from those great musical days of the 60's. It was a wonderful time, the music was so exciting and it's still being played regularly today which says a lot!
    Karl Johansen Edinburgh (08/07/2001).

    188. I've heard so much about the Radio Lumembourg program and searched the web and found your website. Amazing!! I'm a big music fan of all genres, but absolutely adore the British Pop Scene from the 60's especially. It makes me wish I grew up in the U.K. It sounds like everyone really enjoyed themselves tremendously. Too bad those shows aren't available for purchase today. Or are they? At any rate, I loved the site and will keep checking back in the future. To quote Bob Hope, "Thanks For The Memories."
    All The Best To You, Mike Dina Florida, USA (08/07/200).

    187. Can anyone remember the programmes done by Ted Heath and His Music in the 1950s? I recall they each only lasted fifteeen minutes. Please e-mail me -
    Thanks Andrew Williams Bristol, England (23/06/2001).

    186. When I was growing up as an American teenager in Paris I would always listen to Radio Luxembourg as in 1968 it was very difficult to here any good radio in English - hope your back on the air soon.
    Terry Cosier Rochester NY USA (22/06/2001).

    185. I've just spent the last hour playing the 1962 top 20 to my wife over the phone...even Bernard Cribbins bought a tear to my eye!!! Oh to be fourteen again..sitting in class with a sore thumb after a heavy night of trying to keep RL tuned in, but however hard you tried the signal would always fade out when your fave song drifted over those static filled airwaves. Thanks for the Memories ..CB ( Ex Brit.of Croydon Surrey ) PS Walk don't Run by the Ventures just aint the same on CD..but by turning the volume up and down and frying fish at the same time does help..
    Colin Bedding Los Angeles CA (20/06/2001).

    184. I live in Canada since 1980. Originaly I was born in Poland in early 50th and as you know Dick it was impossible to get music played by 208 on polish market, unless was brought from Western Europe and it costed half of your monthly wages(LP). So imagine, the "Radio Luxembourg 208" was only THE station in Poland with such a good music. It was fading, but after midnight propagation was getting better and party was on. I have so much good memories with the Radio , so when I came visit my mother country after so many years and found out that 208 is down , it was like closing down part of my youthful years. Pity, but life goes on and hopefuly, I will be able to listen "1440" on Internet someday. Great website and tks for the fantastic memories. By the way, do you remember, at 1900 hrs everyday program London calling, there were international segments , dutch, german, italian and even polish once a while by DJ Bronski, I am not sure if you heard this name, but he said always a few words for polish listeners. For us , behind the Iron Courtain it was more than anything we could imagine, being part of RTL208. Tks again and wish you all the best crazy about 208 in Canada.
    Alex Canada (01/06/2001).

    183. Mooie update van je site. Ik zag ook m'n eigen fotootjes van Kid Jensen terug, vind ik ook leuk, alleen het jaartal is te laag geschat: ze werden in juli 1973 gemaakt toen ik (op de fiets!) naar Luxemburg-stad was gereden (gesponsord door Purol zalf).
    Jelle Boonstra Zwolle-Noord (29/05/2001).

    182. Dear Dick, Firstly, I love the Radio Lux site. Good job. I used to listen to the station religiously, with my transistor radio under my pillow, all through school.
    This is a long shot, but I wondered if there were any searchable Radio Luxembourg music archives. Kid Jensen used to play a song called Isle Of Avalon way back in the seventies and I just cannot remember who the artist was. I am an author and I am hoping to quote some lyrics from the song in my next book, but without the artist's name, I cannot find the reference. The song was a ballad with a fairly long guitar solo, and included the line "Take her hand, soldier". I have tried to contact Kid Jensen himself, but so far, no luck.
    Best wishes, Steve Shaw BC, Canada (I grew up in England) (27/05/2001).

    181. A lot of memories. Thanks.
    Bernard Chicago (13/05/2001).

    180. Your site is Fab!! It brought back many memories of listening to the Top Twenty in my bedroom in Liverpool in the sixties! Thanks.
    Irene New Zealand (05/05/2001).

    179. Listened to Radio Luxenburg 1950-53 when I left for the US. It was at that station that I first heard Eddie Arnold singing I'm writing a Letter to the Lord - which I've never been able to find since.
    Good luck Nita Jones Alexandria VA USA (03/05/2001).

    178. I'm trying to gather as much information as I can about the programmes that Michael Holliday did for 208 from 1955 to his death in 1963. I know that in 1960 he had 2 x three month series called Lucky Numbers, which went out 9-915pm Mondays and Fridays. Listeners were invited to request a song, which for some reason was a "lucky number" for them, and Mike would sing the request. I'd really like to hear from anyone who has any details of these and any other programmes, and better still, and recordings.
    Ken Crossland Solihull, England (22/04/2001).

    177. Have any idea what the sign-off song was between '74 and '77. Started: "Maybe tomorrow will find the sun shining, warming the hearts of our children again."
    Any info would be appreciated.
    Wayne Wisconsin (21/04/2001)

    176. Hai Dick. Mooie site van mijn grote voorbeeld Luxy. Mede door Luxemburg ben ik besmet geraakt door het radiovirus. Ik ben n.l. DJ bij de streekradio Twente FM. Ik lees eigenlijk niet zo veel uit de jaren 80 periode van Luxy. Wat ik goed kan herinneren was de dj die luisterde naar de naam Mike Hollis o.i.d. Is het bekend waar hij zich op dit moment mee bezig houdt???? Succes met de site en gegroet.
    Peter Grobbe Denekamp Holland (20/04/2001).

    175. Tears in my eyes. Its so great to see your fabulous site and hear them all again.
    Pure nostalgia and the good memories lives on.

    174. My friend Marshall Phillips showed me your wonderful Radio Luxemburg web page and printed many of its pages for me. What wonderful memories of a great radio station! RTL is still of course a big part of the French way of life.
    If you like you let your viewers know that I'm on the air every Saturday and Sunday on - Saturday: 7:00 AM to noon Pacific Standard Time and Sunday: 9:00 AM to noon Pacific Standard Time. I do my own programming, of course, and I feature Sinatra, Ella, Peggy Lee along with Diana Kral, etc., good standard material. I've been with this station for six years and I am happy to have many celebrity listeners like Barry Manilow, Keely Smith, Jack Jones, and others.
    I have been in the USA since 1973 and am now a US citizen. I spent many wonderful years in New York as a producer, marketer and sometime consultant to one of the major labels, and have a deeply-appreciated collection of industry awards. My warmest wishes and congratulations to you for your extraordinary site, and every good wish to your other viewers. Just imagine, we've gone from Medium Wave all the way into Cyberspace!
    Best wishes, Don Wardell Palm Springs (18/04/2001).

    173. Hi, hier ist Andreas aus Berlin. Ich habe deine Radio luxemburg seite gefunden und mit viel vergnügen gelesen. Aber meine hauptfrage bleibt ungelöst. Welches instrumental wurde in den späten 70ern benutzt, um am sonntag die hitparade im deutschen programm von rtl (auf kurzwelle habe ich es empfangen) einzuleiten??? Keiner konnte mir diese frage bisher beantworten. Vielleicht weißt du es ja.
    Herzliche grüße, Andreas Effer Berlin (09/04/2001).

    172. We're good friends of Don Wardell who has a hugely popular DJ show on Palm Springs' WXYZ. Don does his own programming, and has a tremedous following. We've printed down your info and will take it over to Don. Thanks for such an interesting site!
    Marshall Phillips Rancho Mirage, CA, USA (09/04/2001).

    171. Radio Luxembourg was part of my teenage years back in Europa. What a wonderful site, brought me loads of memories... European broadcast is what it is today thanks to Caroline and Luxembourg. Long live Luxembourg 208 - in our hearts it will.
    Roberto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (04/04/2001).

    170. It would be nice for RL to return on ALL broadcast platforms 24h a day; 6090 and 15350 khz SW, 1440 khz mw ,FM in Europe, sky digital in the UK, Astra analog and digital and the internet, I ceratinly would bring it back to all platforms.
    Anthony Perkins Accrington, Lancs, UK (03/04/2001).

    169. When I was 12-14 years old, I used to stay awake late every Sunday night in bed with my new transistor radio, hidden beneath the sheets and turned down low so that my parents wouldn't hear me or tell me off because I had school next morning! I loved radio Luxembourg's top 20 and wouldn't miss it for the world. Radio Luxembourg brought so much pleasure to us all and I's just like to thank all the d.j.'s for their hard work giving us so much pleasure and enjoymend. I am now in my 50's and still cherish the memories of the music of the 50's and 60's because there will never be anything like it again! All the artists had their own style i.e. Elvis (The King), Billy Fury, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Everly Brothers, Rickie Nelson, The Beatles (of course) and many more! Thank you all for the memories.
    Viv Dibbert Grimsby UK (03/04/200).

    168. I have had a lot of fun visiting the website. I never thought I'd hear the famous gong again! The clips brought back lots of memories of night in the dorm at my old school in Edinburgh.
    Iain Lackie Perth, Scotland (31/03/2001).

    167. Sorry to hear about the closing of 'R.L'. Most 'Aussie's' probably haven't heard of RL however I have been aware of '208' since being a 'teen' way back in 1968 when I had the pleasure of listening to 208 on my uncle's car radio whilst visiting family in Northern Ireland. Listening to another country on Medium Wave is something pretty well impossible in Australia! So sorry to hear 208 is gone. Regards to all. Aub.
    Aubrey McKibben Australia (30/03/2001).

    166. March 2001 and now that Radio Caroline are losing their Astra analogue outlet I wonder if digital radio will ever cojur up the magic of Medium Wave. I will remember those halcyon days forever each time I mention my amateur radio callsign, G4RNI.
    George Tuck North East England (28/03/2001).

    165. Hello radio Luxembourg, As small boy I was hearing R.L. Now I am 50 years old. Please help me. I need www address, which have weeakly charts from start of Luxembourg radio. Thank you, I love you. I am from Czech republic and I am sorry for my English.
    Pavel Herzinger Czech rep. Brantice (24/03/2001).

    164. In 1957 when we lived in Birmingham, my father bought a transistor radio for my two brothers and myself to share, so it was always a quick move here and there to make sure I had it to listen to Radio Luxembourg at night. The commercial ads were so unusual but very exciting to listen to. The flow of the programmes was just great. I think the reticence of the BBC to "get with it" even then set back radio progress by years and years. Thank goodness we had Radio Luxembourg I loved it and know the station gave myself and all my friends so much over the years. Lovely memories.
    Jennifer Nicol Vancouver, British Columbia (24/03/2001).

    163. Green eye accompanied RL´sound - it was our monitor/screen at that early sixties times. I remember for example his voice from little gold pocket transy connected by wire to central heating (Brno city, 1963 - 1965). Radio Luxembourg, by us called "laxík" (luxeek), is our feeling of splendid age. I´m surprised with Your RL website!
    Many thanks! Pavel Rous (54) Havlíèkùv Brod, Czech republic (9/3/2001).

    162. Thank you very much for a very nice site about my favorite station of the stars. The reason I found it is that I am in the process of writing an article for a Swedish local newspaper about radio in 1950-1960, where the only alternative with good music was Radio Luxembourg. I used to listen to it every evening. Was a member of TTDC etc. Now I have one question. I would like to have 2-3 photoes illustrating my article. Where can I get hold of these, without paying a lot of money? I will not get paid for the article in the paper. I just do it because it is so interesting.
    Best regards Lars Olefeldt, Stora Hult, Sweden (08/03/2001).

    161. I'm enjoying this great site! I always heard about how good 208 was especially back in the 60's.I use to listen to the BBC world service on my shortwave receiver to find out the latest pop music and english band information. I think I remember Barry Alldis presenting top 20 show on the BBC as well. Maybe around 1968 or 1969? Anyway one of the biggest thrills I got was slowly running the dial on my shortwave receiver back in 1977 and coming upon Radio Luxembourg. I could not believe I was picking it up. I would have to say reception was poor and I would sort of have to realy strain to listen.The signal would fade in and out but there were times when it would grow stronger and indeed become listenable. I recorded some bits onto my reel to reel tape machine at the time. I have a nice little ad for Stuart Henrys sound system show. I think it was on sat.nights. So even though reception was rough I thought it was great to pick up 208 almost three thousand miles away. I continued to tune in from time to time when transmission conditions would allow right up to the end,early 90's I guess. I remember around 1989 or 1990 period listening to a show on the station hosted by a women with an american accent or maybe she was canadian. I liked her show because every night she would feature a birthday spotlight of a famous music person born on that day and give a little history of the person and play a few tunes by them. The station would go off the air right after her show. I remember it would be 7 or 8pm here in Boston and I think they would say its one oclock am and we are closing down Does anyone have any radio lux. shows from the 60's to trade or sell? Also is radio luxembourg back on the air that I see people are talking about? I would love to try and pick them up again.
    Thank you all, John Hines Boston Ma. USA (04/03/2001).

    160. What a GREAT web sight. Lots of happy memories. I have been a local radio presenter for 25 years and had the pleasure of working with Dave Christian at Radio Victory in Portsmouth. Radio will never be the same.
    Tony Power Portsmouth UK (04/03/2001).

    159. Hi there, I´m a Brit who´s lived in Spain since 1968. The only contact that I had with the English language in those days was through radio Luxemburg that I tuned into every night till the late eighties. I feel that RL has been part of my life and I am now listening again your station through the internet.
    Thank you Radio Luxemburg! Nigel Sansom Spain (04/03/2001).

    158. All those memories! I listened with my new transistor radio during the '70's while living in Belgium and vacationing in Italy. Tuning in at night in a tent on the beach in Italy. Thanks for bringing it back!
    Richard Smith-Moore Washington, Missouri, USA (03/03/2001).

    157. I listened faithfully while stationed in Germany from November 1968 through March 1971. 208 was a relief from the Armed Forces Network. This site brings back memories.
    Pat Lennon Longmont,Colorado USA (28/02/2001).

    156. I used to listen to Radio Luxembourg every night midnight to closedown on 49.26m
    6090 kHz and thoroughly enjoyed Bob Stewart, Stuart and Ollie and all the other through the night DJ's. It's a shame they put the shortwaves to rest in the early nineties, it's what made the station "Planet Earth's biggest commercial radio station".
    Anthony Perkins Accrington, Lancashire, UK (21/02/2001).

    155. This is pure nostalgia.. what a brilliant site.. well done :-) Tonight I have relived my teens.. oh happy days.. !!! They don't make radio stations like Lux any more. :-(
    Alavna UK (20/02/2001).

    154. Do the 'Royal Ruler' and Rob Jones remember when two upstarts from Bath Hospital Radio - myself and Paul Conroy - went to interview them when 'Gold Diggers' opened in Chippenham back in 1982? There's a certain photograph of Rob I'm convinced Paul still has in his possession - either that or it went up on the wall at Hertford Street! Well Tony, I for one am very glad that I took notice of your trail on Luxy - the one that went "That demo tape ... " because I came and did one at Hertford Street and "That demo tape ... " got me my first job in radio! I have had many happy hours on the radio since. Thanks Tony, Rob and Paul for setting it up!
    Kevin Gover Salisbury, England (20/02/2001).

    153. I miss this good old days. I'm so glad I found this site on the net. I look forword to get this great site from you. "thank you for the music" Have a good time Peter.
    Odd Lanesskog Fanafjelsvegen 300. 5243 Fana (18/02/2001).

    152. Great web site, its given me lots of happy memories!
    Tom Collins UK (16/02/2001).

    151. Great site! Lots of memories too, specially in ships offshore on the nightwatch, when Luxy closed down you felt so alone! Was there also a song before 'Maybe the Morning' played every night? I seem to remember something like 'Mark you well what you do my friend, summer winds are blowing...' Probably well off the mark, my brain is not what it used to be, but I can still hear the tune in my head! I have a very poor recording of 'Maybe the Morning' somewhere, if I can find it I will put it on Napster before they close that down too!
    Peter Wright Portencross (13/02/2001).

    150. I think I was 12 when my Mom told me about this radio station which plays non-stop music at night. It took a couple of days to search by mom's on the dial until I found it, and what a discovery it was! It became a big part of my teenage life. Living in Slovakia at that time, the radio was the only contact with outside world. I remember staying up till dawn to marvel over the music that came from the tiny box. I was atualy writing down the top 20's and keeping track. What wonderful times. Also the motivation to learn English and trying to understand what those guys were talking about was bigger than to learn any subject at school. I don't know whom I could thank personaly, so I will extend the warm 'thank you' to you all at RADIO LUXEMBOURG for all those years of happiness and joy that your program brought me. YOU will always be remembered!
    Metod Kolla Montreal (Canada) (11/02/2001).

    149. I am very happy to be here! I earded you in 1975 first time, very noised m.w. frequency, at 23:00 o'clock: I fall in love immediatly! ...nice days.
    Giulio Italy/Prato (10/02/2001).

    148. I presented on a free-lance contract in December 82 and Jan 83 and I recently found the first recording of my show with Rob Jones introducing me. I remember the studio being on the first floor.
    Peter Ross UK (06/02/2001).

    147. Hi Dick, Long time no see! Thank you for bringing back so many great memories for both the DJs and the listeners. My best wishes to everyone.
    The Royal Ruler - Tony Prince New York/London (25/01/2001).

    146. Hi! 208 fan here. First time was back in 1980. Great site you got. Took me a long time to find you.
    Lasse Denmark (14/01/20001).

    145. My family spent the summmers in Ireland from 1968 - 1982 and I was an avid Luxy fan. I remember how depressing it was to come home to the States (South Florida) at the end of every summer and have nothing to listen to but the increasingly homogenized dreck on the local stations. The '70s were a musical wasteland in the US. Thank God I had three months of Luxy every year! And thank you for the memories. (PS -Whatever happened to Radio Caroline?)
    Carrie Clark University of Chicago (11/01/2001).


    144. I was listening RTL on 80's and 90's. This is the best and most nostalgic radio I have ever known. Also great pages, nice to read history before my born (-71). Pasi, oh2nps, oh3nps.
    Pasi Tuomi Finland, Nurmijärvi (13/12/2000).

    143. Radio London, Pirate Radio Station. New web site by Keith Skues( Cardboard Tubes!!!)
    Keith Skues (12/12/2000).

    142. Dear, Dick! First my thanks for your most interesting site about Radio Luxembourg. I was a regular listener in the 60´s and 70´s, especially the Top Twenty on sunday nights. For your information, Top Twenty couldn´t have started on autumn 1948, most likely is autumn 1949. The chart they used in those days was a best selling song chart compiled by The Music Publishers Association. That chart started in 1946 but up to 19 may 1949 it had only 10 postitions. The following week (28 may) it expanded to 20. Radio Luxembourg used this song chart the whole 1950´s and played different recordings of the songs (not necesarry the best selling recording). Below is the playlist of recordings used in the very last Top Twenty based on sheet music chart:
    Week ending 19 december 1959 -
    Broadcast on sunday 27 december:

    1 Little Donkey Beverly Sisters Decca
    2 Seven little girls The Avons Columbia
    3 What do you want Adam Faith Parlophone
    4 Snow coach Russ Conway Columbia
    5 Mary´s boy child Nina and Frederik Columbia
    6 Travellin´ light Cliff Richard Columbia
    7 Jingle bell rock Max Bygraves Decca
    8 The Village of St. Bernadette Anne Shelton Philips
    9 What do you want to make those eyes at me for Emile Ford Pye
    10 One more sunrise Dickie Valentine Pye  11 Mack the knife Bobby Darin London
    12 Side saddle Russ Conway Columbia
    13 Put your head on my shoulder Paul Anka Columbia
    14 China tea Russ Conway Columbia
    15 High hopes Frank Sinatra Capitol
    16 The Little white bull Tommy Steele Decca
    17 Mr. Blue Mike Preston Decca
    18 Treble chance Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson Pye
    19 The Three bells The Browns RCA
    20 Heartaches by the number Guy Mitchell Columbia

    The following sunday, 3 january 1960, the first record chart, compiled by The New Musical Express, was broadcast. Note the very big difference:
    1 What do you want to make those eyes at me for Emile Ford Pye
    2 What do you want Adam Faith Parlophone
    3 Seven little girls The Avons Columbia
    4 Oh carol Neil Sedaka RCA
    5 Travellin´ light Cliff Richard Columbia
    6 Rawhide Frankie Laine Philips
    7 Jingle bell rock Max Bygraves Decca
    8 Staccato´s theme Elmer Bernstein Orchestra Capitol
    9 Snow coach Russ Conway Columbia
    10 Little white bull Tommy Steele Decca
    11 More and more party pops Russ Conway Columbia
    12 Among my souvenirs Connie Francis MGM
    13 Some kind-a earthquake Duane Eddy London
    14 Bad boy Marty Wilde Philips
    15 Piano party Winifred Atwell Decca
    16 Little Donkey Beverley Sisters Decca
    17 Put your head on my shoulder Paul Anka Columbia
    17 Heartaches by the number Guy Mitchell Philips
    19 Mack the knife Bobby Darin London
    19 Red river rock Johnny and The Hurricanes London
    Would be most interested if there is somebody who might have some programs (especially Top Twenty) from the fifties saved. Once again, thanks for a very interesting site.
    Yours sincerely Eric Hallberg Sweden (10/12/2000).

    141. Hi. I really enjoyed the Radio Luxembourg site. I especially remember the station after august 1974 when the stations Veronica and RNI closed down. After that there was only Radio Mi Amigo during the daytime and Hilversum3. So at night I listened to Luxembourg 208 although the reception was most of the time terrible. But the music and jingles were great. Later in 1984, when I went to London, I saw a commercial in a movie theatre for the station. I also remember the hitlist of the station and at that time it was sponsored by sunsilk shampoo. You heard more commercials than music at that time. I don't think it would work now. Although I enjoyed listening to the station at that time I was about 14 years old. I don't think it would be a succes today. Lets face it they had no competition; so later when there was competition the station had to close down probably because it was loosing money. Thats reality today. They don't make stations for people but for profit.
    William Helsen Antwerpen, Belgium (09/12/2000).

    140. I'm 55. I remember RL in '62. It was my youth. I found your page when I was looking for Top Twenty from the past. I'm happy see this page now.
    Best regards Edward Gudziñski Warsaw (23/11/2000).

    139. Dick, I just re-visited your site again. It certainly brings back memories for me. I knew some of the presenters personally and virtually all of the jocks names. Thanks for the "time trip."
    Ron O'Quinn Georgia, USA (22/11/2000).

    138. Hello Dick I have seen your work on the net about Radio Luxembourg and was so surprised and , I must say, pleased - to see how much you enjoyed your visit there.
    O much time has passed. Now I find you are looking for me.
    Every time I go to the net I find a reason to send a message!
    My best wishes to you - what a surprise! The past is always so much better than the present, but it was a good time at Luxembourg.
    I visited there last March (1999) but only for a few hours and - I got lost!
    Australia, my place of origin, is so far away. Anyway, I hope you are well.
    I can be contacted on: Colin Nichol. I also am on my professional spelling at Colin Nicol.
    Best regards, COLIN, Perth, Western Australia (19/11/2000).

    137. Great site, BUT your audio clip against the name Tony Hall ("That's it that's all - yours sincerely, Tony Hall) is in fact the late Jack Jackson! Tony Hall is still alive and well living in London
    Tim Blackmore Unique Broadcasting London (17/11/2000).

    136. Your website has brought me back fondest memories of the days of Radio Luxembourg. That station has a special meaning to my life. For ever since I was very small, I remember when my mother put me to bed she always switched the radio on to Radio Luxembourg and I always enjoyed listening to the station. I am now talking about the early 60's and even though I was very small (only 3 or 4) I somehow managed to remember many of the tunes played in them days. One tune that was frequently played in the period that I describe was "Because They're Young" by Duanne Edddy. I can say that Radio Luxembourg was the very first music station I had ever listened to since I was born.
    Charles van Doornewaard Amsterdam, The Netherlands (17/11/2000).

    135. Wow! Tonight I stumbled onto your website and spent the best part of an hour in pure nostalgia. These days I'm heavily into dance music but it's so good to remember where my musical interests first started. I first listened to Luxy in the late 70s. There was nothing finer than listening to Barry Alldis late on a Sunday night and into the early hours. He was also the guy who introduced me to the likes of Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, George Duke etc ..Remember "The Greatest Love Songs Ever Aired" on a Saturday night? Sheer bliss! I remember writing to him when I was 14. He seemed genuinely touched when he read my letter out on air and was so pleased that I was taking an interest in the type of music he liked. His words still echo in my ears when he said that "I was the future - and that meant the music would always live on!" He must stand as one of the greatest broadcasters of all time. He oozed personality and succeeded where many of today's DJs fail miserably. He was always the friend in a far off place! God bless you, Barry! Hey... I see that Bob Stewart's also left a message? Good on ya, Bob! You were the first voice I ever heard on Luxembourg and I still regard you as the 'King' of the Top 30 countdowns! Did you know I still buy Supersoft Shampoo because you told us to? It was a sad day when Luxembourg disappeared but it left a legacy that will never be forgotten. The people... the voices... and the music... are still echoing around heaven!
    David Poole Sheffield England (11/11/2000).

    134. Your page is very fine. I've found there all the information I need to restore my old tapes from the sixties. Many of the records I took from Radio Luxemburg sending on MW.
    Thank you very much.
    Eckhard Strunk Löchgau/Germany (10/11/2000).

    133. Great site you have made there. I really enjoyed reading it. It was almost like my own experience with Radio Luxembourg. I recall so many things while reading this. I started too listning to 208 on an old radio back in 1961. From October till April reception was fine on 208 meter. It wasnt hi-fi of course. There was some noise and some drop outs indeed, but I enjoyed it. In the day time and in the summer evenings before dark I listened on short vawe 49.26 meters. I also heard the German programes in the afternoon when I came home from school and sometimes the Dutch service in the morning´, between 7.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Nice to read your page. Now I´ll click on some of the links. I hope you´ll keep updating.
    Sincerely yours, Ib Vestergaard Aarhus, Denmark (04/11/2000).

    132. I was a student at University of Geneva in summer of 1969, and I listened to Radio Luxembourg every night. It was so great, it really added a lot to my first visit to Europe. Do you have any Top 20 charts from around August 1969? I would really appreciate it if I could refresh my memory of what the hits were at that time. Thanks!
    Paul Hirschberg Sunnyvale, California, USA (30/10/2000).

    131. Fabulous nostalgic site. I remember hiding under the covers listening to 208. Whatever happened to Horace Batchelor of KEYNSHAM near Bristol. My surname should ring a bell as I am one of the sons of Brian Fahey whose music has been played so many times over the years but is still remembered best for the theme for Pick of the pops. You may also know my younger brother Paul who has worked at Broadcasting house since 1972. I think he must have been on the consoles for nearly every DJ going. Dad is still writing and doing the occasional gig for Beeb. He has a lot of new compositions which he has arranged in his own inimitable style for small bands and school bands in ordert to keep the big band scene going; look at site; which gives good info.
    Regards Francis Fahey Worthing (29/10/2000).

    130. Radio Luxemburg was my favorite radio station during 60-70:s.
    I can still remember the "green eye" on my Telefunken radio in the night. Wonderful!
    Leif Backman Skoevde (West part of Sweden) (17/10/2000).

    129. A lot of nostalgic memories. I started MW and SW listening in Denmark in the early 70s and the music and format on 208 was better than the Danish governmental radio. Check out the club page of our DX club: (in Danish but with interesting features)
    Anders Brandborg Zürich, CH (12/10/2000).

    128. Fab site! Used to listen to 208 when I was in Dublin. Any idea where I can get good recordings of the 208 jingles online? Thanks,
    Alastair Gray Johannesburg, South Africa (10/10/2000).

    127. Well gang! The track that everyones asking about, the 70's closedown song. "Maybe the morning" by Sunny on the LP "Doctor's orders" CBS 1974. I've a good copy on vinyl, anyone wants to trade.
    Kenny Tosh Ireland (26/09/2000).

    126. hi there....I was wondering if you had the Luxemburg theme in wav or mp3 format?? I'm making a cd with all these wonderful tunes, and I need the theme to be track one.
    Thanks! Oyvind Gronner Norway (25/09/2000).

    125. Good old Barry Alldis: When did he sadly leave us?
    Simon McConway U K (20/09/2000).

    124. Hi, I was always listen to the Cliff and The Shadows show and Billy Fury and The Tornados about the "60" . That was GREAT. Bye Bye.
    Burt Almere-haven Holland (17/09/2000).

    123. Hi! I'm a danish radio presenter from the DR (Denmarts Radio). I's the national radio over here. You did a great job on this page. Please check my radio page out.
    It's on: It is in danish, but I'm shure that you can get around the page.
    See "Den Store Radioverden" (The Great radio World).
    Greetings Frank Fasting Denmark (13/09/2000).

    122. Found your site by accident and have bookmarked it straight away. Today it's hard to believe how "starved" we were of pop music in the early 60s, and how 208 was our lifeline.
    I particularly remember Kent Walton's "Honey hit-parade" and Tony "Be there or be square" Hall. I never met anybody who won on the football pools thanks to Horace Batchelor but I can still spell K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M ! It was the best station ever.
    Geoff Margetts, Frankfurt, Germany (11/09/2000).

    121. Excellent site. Always a fan of 208; particularly Barry Alldis. I've been searching for his 'Go Get It' track for years - was the other side of 'Like Lazy', I think. I did the documentary for RTE Radio 1 when LUX closed down- called '208: At The End of The Day'.
    Brendan Balfe RTE Dublin Ireland (8/09/2000).

    120. Excellent website! I've put up a modest page about Pete Murray's time at Luxembourg HERE
    Jeff Vagg, London (25/08/2000).

    119. Great site, brought back memories of having my little tranny with the fading noise every now and again. We'll never here a station like it again, remember the Horace Batchelor pools method, Tony Prince giving out horse tips in the late sixties, and the wonderful Kid Jensens dimensions where I first heard Maggie May played.
    Jim England (24/08/2000).

    118. Brilliant! Nostalgia? A thing of the future!
    James Morrissey Dublin, Ireland (21/08/2000).

    117. Greetings from Blackpool! Found your site by accident whilst "surfing" - Special memories for me as I started my radio career by presenting a programme on Luxy on 30/7/78 - so thanks to Tony Prince for getting me started! I recorded that show at 38, Hertford St. and only got to see Luxy itself 20 years later whilst on holiday in 1998! What a beautiful setting for a radio station.
    Cheers! Simon Tate Blackpool, England (13/08/2000).

    116. Do you wanna listen to my natagia broadcasts of 208 then paste this addy into winamp usually on from 2am - 2pm british time I may sometimes broadcast longer than that. Icq me to at 1060901. I need airchecks commercials from the old days. I was an avid listner for years.
    Mark Leeds (11/08/2000).

    115. Superb site, VERY MANY thanx !!! A lot of good memories rekindled by your excellent web-site ! Please can you help me track down the name (title and artist) of the song that was played EVERY night at the end of RTL's broadcasts, around 1977-80. Bob Stewart did the " This IS Radio Luxembourg, broadcasting on an omni-directional frequency...etc..and a goodnight ... and a good morning to you, wherever you may be " speech, followed by the song I'm searching for, then came the Luxembourg national anthem. If you can supply the information for me (sentimental reasons) I'd be OVER THE MOON !!! Thank you, once again, for a SUPERB site !
    Alden B Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England (31/07/2000).

    114. Thanks a lot for this fantastic site! It brought back into my mind some wonderful and funny years in the 70s when I was living in Luxembourg. We were students of the European School and met some of the DJs (Kid Jensen, Mark Wesley, Tony Prince and later Peter Powell) very often in the Blow Up and especially in a small club which name I don't remember anymore (it was located at the Avenue de la Liberté next to the Place de Paris, the owner's name was Chuck; if somebody knows its name, please send me an e-mail). We really had a lot of fun with them. I've also worked in Tony's record shop for a month during the holidays. and in 1975 we also made an interview with him which was published in our school paper. He invited us to his hazienda in Mersch, where he just moved in. I still remember that day because it was really funny. If someone is interested: I just placed it on my website Tony. I think, when you read it you'll see that this small person is a really great man (and all the other guys of 208 too, of course)! Hope you'll enjoy it.
    Dieter Brors Hannover, Germany (23/07/2000).

    113. I'm 36 years old. Luxy was my favourite radio station in the 80s. Thank you for your page.
    Jacek Drath Lodz Poland (22/07/2000).

    112. hallo dick ! es war der pure wahnsinn, als ich deine homepage im www gefunden habe. niemals im leben werde ich die zeit vergessen in der ich (zumeist nachts unter der bettdecke) meinen transistor (danke tante eleonore) einschaltete. begonnen hat alles 1961 im januar. das ende der liebe (tell laura i love her) befand sich in den deutschen charts und ich versuchte an einem sonntag nachmittag das deutsche programm von radio luxenburg zu finden. aber wie immer war es sehr vom wetter abhängig. an diesem tag im jan'61 hab ich dann zum erstenmal bei beendigung des deutschen programms mitbekommen, dass es auch noch ein englisches gab !!!!!1 und von da an gab's für mich nur noch "the station of the stars". Ich entdeckte leute wie john leyton, eden kane, joe brown und so viele andere. und ich entdeckte vor allen dingen diese art radio zu machen von d.j's die so wunderbar waren, daß mir heute noch die worte fehlen. so oft es mir möglich war schaltete ich um 19uhr (?) den radio ein,- hoffte immer dass der empfang gut war und wartete auf die "honey-hitparade" (mit dem wahnsinns-intro von duane eddy's "because their young" und am schluss dem "goodnight honeý" (erinnert sich irgendjemand ???) ich könnte hier noch ewig weiter in meinen memorys schwelgen, aber es wäre wohl für die meisten zu langweilig. ich würde mich sehr freuen,- wenn ich vom einen oder anderen der deine seite liest, dick - etwas hören würde. denn ich bin immer noch auf der suche nach leuten, die wie ich in den sixties (1963-1967) mit dem tonband einiges mitgeschnitten haben UND NOCH BESITZEN !!!!! ich freue mich über jede mail.
    ernst w. holfelder 90429 nuernberg germany (14/07/2000).

    111. I started my radiohobbies in the 60s by listening to Radio 208 and the pirates as many of my contemporariers in Finland. Tony Prince became more familier with us by keeping contact with our DX-magazine at that time. We Finnish radiofans are eagerly waiting for the return of Radio 208 this year. No doubt many of us will certainly tune to 208 metres on medium wave as in the good old days.
    Kari Kallio, Lahti, Finland (8/07/2000).

    110. I listened to 208 in the late 1950's on a crystal set with a spring mattress as an aerial. Curt Massey and Martha Tilton had a spot. Your superb page has taken me by surprise but I had to say something. Thanks a lot. I will now not rest until more memories come flooding back. Thanks again.
    John Sturdy Wakefield W. Yorkshire (28/06/2000).

    109. Came across your website by accident looking for Paul Hollingdale. It brought back many memories of my years both presenting and producing radio shows from 38 Hertford Street, as many as 14 a week. Wrote shows for Brian Matthew, Kent Walton, Simon Dee and Bob Monkhouse. In those days I was a director of Mitchell Monkhouse Associates and our offices where just across the road. I left them in 1969 and came to Australia where I've been every since working for ABC TV and as a producer/director for Nomad Films International. Of all the memories the one that stays with me is of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr visiting the studios in 1964 to be presented with a trophy for winning "Battle of the Giants" which I presented for at least three years, among other shows. Needless to say their appearance had fans blocking traffic on Hertford Street for more than two hours. By the way your site didn't mention Ernie Williams (known in Australia as Ernie Sigley) who worked at Luxembourg in those early days. He's still on radio at 3AW Melbourne.
    Reading your website made me want to get back into radio again.
    Best wishes Doug Stanley Australia (27/06/2000).

    108. Dag Dick. Met weemoed heb ik je site bekeken. Het luisteren had toch bepaalde charme he! Op een klein radio'tje en dan het liefst in het donker. Goeie ouwe tijd.
    Groeten Jan Staphorst Lelystad, Holland (21/06/2000).

    107. I listened to my transistorradio under the blanket to the tune of Radio Lux Top Twenty. Didn't hear it for more than 30 years. Great experience. Gonna listen to all the other files and put 'm on minidisc. Putting together all those memories on my own Luxemburg program. Got to add the single from sunshilk shampoo!
    J.Bennink Hengelo (8/06/2000).

    106. Why not include more details about Carol Deene ? I am sure she will oblige. She has fond memories of Radio Luxembourg and the artists around at the time. I'm sure she would be a beautiful enhancement to your site. But then again, I am biased...she is my Mum !
    Regards, Nicky Turner Alton, Hampshire (21/05/2000).

    105. What a wonderful trip down memory lane!! First time I've seen pictures of the "The Royal Ruler"...where is he now? Spent many a night dozin' off to Tony's great show. Didn't put me to sleep but I had to get up for school!! Thanks to all of the crew at 208, I'll never forget those great times and even better sounds!!
    Ian Nebbett Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA (12/05/2000).

    104. I am 53 years old, so I am sure you will understand that this site is bringing me such a wonderful memories. In the 60's lying in my bed and listening to Two O Eight. Thanks for this !!!!!
    Ton van Hoevelaak Zeist, Holland (9/05/2000).

    103. Dear All, I was listening almost every evening in the late 80's. It started alway after (aqui italia??) or something like that. I'm looking forward to hear the station again in the old configuration.
    Frank Roge Kortrijk (Belgium) (9/05/2000).

    102. I listen to your station from autum '58 to spring '63. On summer you was silent her in the cold north. The best program for me was Top Twenty and Jack Jackson jukebox show. Thank you Barry!!!
    Thor Kise Kr.Bakkensvei 21B.N- 2316 Hamar, Norway (8/05/2000).

    101. Dick. Thanks for the great website for Radio Luxembourg, it brings back so many memories. I first listened around 1960. Was there a D.J. called Emperor Rosko on the station or was he with one of the offshore stations? I remember Radio Luxembourg was in another language before switching to the English service. At the change over the signal strength used to increase. Do you know if this was a step-up in power or a change of antenna?
    Best Regards George Abbot (28/04/2000).

    (NB. Radio Luxembourg used the transmittor for the German and The Dutch/English Service; with two different antennas; for the right transmitting direction: 324°) .

    100. Remember it well. I am only sorry I have no recordings. Keep on Smiling.
    Best Regards Dave Bensted Northampton (23/04/2000).

    99. Excellent photo's. Reminds me of when I was working in Luxembourg in the Blow Up night club in 1973 and meeting the dj's after their shows on 208. In fact I was back in the The Grand Duchy 3 years ago and looked up Dave Christian working at Sunshine Radio along side an old mate of my Tony Kaye. Do you have any archive recordings of 208 from the sixties or seventies. I have a few I could exchange. Or do you know anyone else who might have any luxy recordings. Drop us an e-mail sometime.
    Cheers for now Chris Baird BBC RADIO DERBY (12/04/2000).

    98. Love the site. Tony Blewitt, who was on 208, left and went to Capital Radio 604 in South Africa. See him during his Capital 604 days. He then went to Radio 5, and is now on Radio Highveld, in South Africa.
    Craig. NYC (10/04/2000).

    97. What a fab site. Sure brings back memories of other nights in Dublin. Many questions are asked about the station closing down in English. Had it something to do with business alliances and the set up of ATLANTIC 252?
    Patrick Short Montreal, Quebec (6/04/2000).

    96. Greetings Dick! I had been trying, for some time, to find out the title/artist of the 'end tune' played in the 60's. Not only is the answer on your site, but the song is as well! Wonderful, happy memories. Well done
    Richard Hasnip Durham, England (6/04/2000).

    95. Hi Dick! Thanks for the great site. Like for so many other baby-boomers born 50+ years ago, 208 was a very important influence for me through my teens; I'm really glad that, through your work and others, the legend is being kept alive. 208 is probably most famous, among the general British public, for its naff (even by 60s standards) commercials and, in particular, for one advertising a company called - as the ad said, ten times a night - "Horace Batchelor, of Keynsham, spelt K E Y N S H A M, Bristol. The ad became even more notorious when the Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band did a song called Keynsham.
    One piece of bad news is that Alan "Fluff" Freeman, who was still on BBC Radio 2 until last month, has got quite a bad case of arthiritis, and has had to go into a nursing home, to be looked after. I'm sure your readers will join me in wishing him well - the guy is one of a kind.
    Best regards Mike Cottrell Church Stretton, England (3/04/2000).

    Real Audio LIVEAlan Freeman

    94. Discovered the 208 around 73 when I was 8. Best radio forever. That fading am- sound with the carrier cancelling itself turning the signal into a double side band signal was and is a cool sound effect itself. (Didn´t you understand? Become a "radioamateur" as me and you´ll know what double side band is!) Isn´t it strange however that a long distance am reception could sound so pleasant? Limited bandwidth, mono, noise, fading and phase filtering effects. And the best music which never was played in the national radio. If I must choose any favourite dj which is almost impossible then I say Bob Stewart. For many years 208 was my best companion during evenings and bed time! Does anybody know where to find charts for the music? Luckily my big brother got a lot of the music on lp´s but I remember that I heard music and groovy tunes which I never got to know about. Then I could replay it.
    Mostly 73 to 78. Gotta go.
    Dick Palmé Near Gothenburg - Sweden (3/04/2000).

    93. I used to listen to Tony Prince throughout the seventies. I am trying to find the name of the artist that sang "Redback on the toilet seat" I am sure he was Australian. Tony used to play it a lot.
    Angela, Ireland (31/03/2000).

    92. Hello there! I am helplessly in the grips of nostalgia having found this site with those familiar jingles and deejays. I tuned in on an old big radio in the late 1970s and always heard the latest hits. Great times great show, great RTL!
    Mats Lindholm Espoo, Finland (24/03/2000).

    91. Very nice homepage !!! I heard "208" at first in 1974 after the German and Dutch program. Great radio ! Unfortunatley the good old radio does not exist today - similar to TV. But it is nice to keep it alive for example on this website...
    Hans Schmalbach Berlin, Germany (03/03/2000).

    90. It was good to hear Noel Edmunds' programme about the history of Radio Luxembourg on Radio Two recently. However, it was highly innaccurate of Noel, who should know better, to say that Tony Blackburn made his name on the station. Tony owes his successful career to offshore radio. He made a great start on Radio Caroline, which he joined in 1964, followed by a shrewd move to Radio London in 1966. Tony was voted 8th most popular DJ in the Disc and Music Echo Valentine Poll of 1967, months before he left Radio London. I listened to Luxembourg for many years, and enjoyed it, but Radio London was the ORIGINAL and ONLY Big L.
    Mary Buckinghamshire, England 01/03/2000).

    89. Hello! I remember I was listening to 208 in late 80s. Sorry to hear you had to closedown due to reasons I don`t know. I`m terribly happy to may listen to you again not only at 1440 a.m. in the night. I`m living about 1000 km away from Luxembourg and the reception`s quality is sufficient. It depends frequently on athmospherical conditions. I`m wishing you to improve a broadcast signal strength in analogue and I`m waiting impatiently to hear from you via digital Astra soon. Kisses to all:) Let the music play.
    Pietrek Stargard Szczecinski,-western Poland (24/02/2000).

    88. Belated greetings Dick. The Luxembourg studio in London was at 38 Hertford Street, W1. If you face the Hilton on Hyde Park, Hertford St runs down the right hand side. Sorry, I have no picture. It was an ordinary former home...three floors high plus basement, quite narrow and deep. Have had a number of letters as a result of your site. Cheers.
    Ray Orchard Victoria. B.C., Canada (21/02/2000).

    87. Brilliant! Good times, great oldies. What was that song called. The one played every night before close down?
    John Escreet Aldbrough, East Yorkshire (04/02/2000).

    (NB. I found a closedown recording by Bob Stewart.
    Unfortunately only a little piece of that song).

    86. I discovered Radio Luxembourg, when Estonia was a part of Soviet Union and no foreign music was allowed to broadcast. So I remember 208 Luxembourg as well as The Voice of America - bringing freshness from abroad... I'm really exited now, waiting for rebirth. Tuning my reciever every evening...
    Gustav Reinop Estonia (19/01/2000).

    85. Nice site Dick! Can't wait for Radio Luxembourg to get back on the air...!
    I used to listen to all the hits in the fifties and sixties! Good Luck!
    Greetings from a distant "cousin".... Jan A. Kok Toronto, Canada (19/01/2000).

    84. I am doing an essay on Radio Luxemburg during the period of 1944 to 1945. I would be grateful if you could send me any information you have on this part of the stations history, or point me in the direction of anywhere that can help me.
    Simon Smyth Ireland (02/01/2000).


    83. Hi. My name is Derek. I was just reading your comments about luxy coming back this month. Do you have a definite date yet? Will it definite be this month?
    Derek Pooley Highcliffe Dorset, UK (9/12/1999).

    82. What a wonderful side you got. If you love the radio business, please chack out: Frankie
    Go to the link "Den Store Radioverden" It will take to hundreds of stations around the world. When you are on the page, just click on Mr. DJ. Lots of greetings from Denmark.
    Frank Fasting Denmarks National Radio (3/12/1999).

    81. You've got an excellent site. I listened to Lux much of the time in the early 60's. From that period I collected many 45 records, especially the obscure ones you just heard on 208 (and on Caroline and London). Also I've got 45's from Lux d.j.'s like Alan Freeman, Sam Costa, Barry Alldis, Jimmy Savile and Jimmy Young. Does anybody also collect that kind of stuff? Also I know the tunes that were used on 208 in those days, but I'm still looking for the tune that was used by the German service at the start of their broadcast daily at 12 noon. Does anybody know artist and title?
    Frank van Heerde Purmerend, Holland (29/11/1999).

    80. Looking forward to hearing fab 208 again soon.
    Gary Burgham Darlington/UK (28/11/1999).

    79. Hi Guys, welcome back. My best Christmas present in 1964 was a transistor radio, or a trany as I refered to it. Well for years I would listen to the station really low as a young boy with the trany under my pillow, so low to were my dad could not hear it. The worst thing too, if I left it on as I did many times. the batteries were no longer good. I had to really beg to get dad to get others. Now this internet thing is really cool, now at 42 years old I welcome you back with my warmest heart.
    Mark Pollitt ,Jacksonville, Florida (25/11/1999).

    78. Radio Luxembourg kept me sane during my school year in Neuchatel Switzerland, 1975-76. It was so great to hear English voices and keep up with the music. On my way home I detoured to Luxembourg and sat in on an hour of Peter Powell's show - I was entranced by it all. So glad to hear that Radio 208 is back on the air. All the best and thank you for making life bearable for this Canadian.
    Jane Brown Jackson Toronto, Ontario, Canada (19/11/1999).

    77. Hello 208! I got the last 10 memorial hour tapet.
    Jan Olav Eikenes Barum, Oslo, Norway (15/11/1999).

    76. Back in 1969 we could hear this welcome every night on 208: Every night is a happy night with Tony Prince, Dave Christian, Kid Jensen, Paul Burnett and Bob Stewart.
    Tom D. Pedersen Odense, Denmark (12/11/1999).

    75. Loved your site..I am an aircheck collector, Broadcaster, etc..39 years old, grew up in UK; listened to 208! I have Luxy airchecks if you want..let me know! Great Stuff..Congrats!
    Russ Horton Georgetown,ON,Canada (9/11/1999).

    74. You have a very nice site about "The Great 208". I started to listen in 1971 to this station. It became my most favourite station and it was a big disappointment when it closed. I am happy it will come back. I will put a link to your site on my homepage.
    Kind regards, Jan Smedes Hellum, Netherlands (5/11/1999).

    73. There was a rumour that the "208" should start up yesterday nov 1st but nothing happened. Do you have any info in this?
    Trygve Thue Norway (2/11/1999).

    72. Great to hear that Radio Luxembourg is coming back on the air. What was the name of the song that was played each night after closedown in the 70's, it started ''Maybe tomorrow, you find the sun shining". I would like to know if possible please.
    N. Deasy Ireland (1/11/1999).

    71. A Great story - I was one of the London Producers Circa '61/62 - "Smash Hits" Bob Monkhouse and Dennis Goodwin; Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr; The Shadows; Acker Bilk, etc; etc; I remember Don Moss 'Drive Time', Produced the Max Factor Show and a wide variety of others. Thanks for the History.
    Regards, Dick Hosking Australia (26/10/1999).

    70. I was looking for a picture of big Jimmy but I see you don't have any. Do you know where I could find some? You should have a sound clip of big Jimmy saying "Now then, now then!" that line of genius.
    D.J. Scotland (21/10/1999).

    69. This is a nice site with many nostalgic items from the great Radio Luxembourg.
    Keep up the good work! I also recommend for more Luxy nostalgia.
    Eivind Motland Sandnes, Norway (18/10/1999).

    68. Hi Dick, Great to know that Luxy's coming back! Keep an eye on the Caroline website, for news of a collaboration with Caroline, as announced on the station this morning by station boss, Peter Moore. Hope you enjoy the newly-updated Studio Anorakwebsite Best wishes to Anoraks everywhere,
    Mary Stoke Mandeville, England (3/10/1999).

    67. I'm making a programme for the BBC called "The Great 208 - The story of Radio Luxembourg". I'm looking for any audio / jingles and I'm also trying to discover English celebrities (tv presenters, pop stars etc) who listened to the station. If you can help please contact me.
    Thanks. Steve Ackerman Producer, London (22/9/1999).

    66. I truly appreciate your site. I was a club D.J. in Luxy in the early 70's, and very excited about even the possibility of meeting anyone from the station. My club was called The Royal Bugatti and on the second night around 2.00 a.m. Kid Jensen, Mark Wesley and Tony Prince walked in to welcome me (and make a few requests). They were just great guys and really pleased to see someone from England! Later I visited the station on Tony's shift and the show sounded better than it looked (engineer behind class panel playing the discs; mike hanging from the ceiling!). For an exact time frame: the #1 that night was 10CC's Rubber Bullets. Keep this unique site alive. No combination of D.J.'s has ever sounded so good to listen to!!!
    Michael Jay Los Angeles, U.S.A. (19/9/1999).

    65. Leuke site. De foto's geven een aardig beeld van de tijd van toen.
    Ruud Westbroek Hilversum, the Netherlands (30/8/1999).

    64. Beste Dick, Ik vond het ontzettend leuk nog weer eens naar een originele oude uitzending van Radio Luxemburg te luisteren. In m'n middelbare schooltijd ('59 - '65) heb ik heel wat naar Luxemburg en naar de piraten zenders (Veronica, London, Caroline, Uylenspiegel etc.) geluisterd. Ik ben in die tijd nog eens samen met een vriendje met het bevoorradingsschip meegevaren naar Veronica. Dat blijven fantastische herinneringen.
    Andries van der Bilt Utrecht, the Netherlands (26/8/1999).

    63. Great site, it brought back many happy memories of the Great 208!!! I still have my first portable radio (big battery and two valves) which I tuned 208 on from about 1955.
    Tom Collins Reading, Berkshire, England (22/8/1999).

    62. Hi Dick: What a terrific 208 site, it brings back many fond memories. I worked with Stuart Henry on Radio Scotland in the 60s and I spent a long afternoon at 38 Hertford Street (208 London Studio's) being auditioned by producer Eggy Ley, I appeared on the TV show Thank Your Lucky Stars and Brian Matthew suggested I try 208 which I did but was always turned down, In February of l967 I was voted to the number 7 position of the top ten d.j.'s in Britain by Disc and Music Echo, I went back to see Eggy Ley at 208 and gave him a copy of the February l4/67 Disc and Music Echo and told him everyone makes a mistake. It was a great 208 moment for me. 208 in the 60s was one of the greatest stations in the world.
    Do you know where Don Wardell or Johnny Moran are now?
    Ben Healy Best Wishes from Canada. (21/8/1999).

    61. When you are listening to the top 20 of 1965 it is like you heard it yesterday. The fading is fabulous. In 1963 (16 years old) during a bike vacation I visited the famous big L studio (only at the outside). Thank you for listening to the past.
    Andries van der Bilt Utrecht, Netherlands (19/8/1999).

    60. Hi everyone. I have lots of tapes of Luxy available for trades or swaps. In particular plenty from the 70's! Any Luxy fans interested in swapping recordings please contact me today! Would especially like to hear from any Luxy fans in Finland! Look forward to hearing from any fans!
    Mike Grant Chard in England (15/8/1999).

    59. I really enjoyed listening to the old chart! I used to listen to Luxembourg in North East England just about every evening through the 80s. I remember the day it closed down - and out of those in the pub, only myself and a guy from the middle of a tiny island in Scotland had ever listened to it. He said it was the only way to get pop music where he lived in the eightees - and I remember in Northumberland, Luxembourg was often the only place to hear pop in the evenings. Through the eightees there were several of us who listened despite the fade. I remember a friend and I phoning up for competitions, and winning really weird stuff - such as Weller hairstyling kits, McMillan revision aids, and golden bag tags. I've still got a walkman I won from Luxembourg. If you've got any more full shows (maybe from the 80s) it'd be great if you made them available on your site.
    Best wishes, Andrew Webb London (14/8/1999).

    58. I started Listening to R Luxembourg on an old taped up portable multi band radio I found. It was great listening to music being played before it was popular in the US. I managed to get a t-shirt before they dropped SW.
    Denis Pasquale New Brighton Pa, USA (13/8/1999).

    57. I grew up in the UK from 65 to 79 and listen to radio Luxemburg every night.
    I did manage to visit the Villa Louvigny (outside only) in 1981. Thanks for the web site.
    David Wyatt Texas, USA (13/8/1999).

    Do you have any download ra files of 50s and 60s British hits?
    56. Hugh McCabe VA, USA (9/8/1999).

    55. Hi!...great site Dick... Keep the faith as they say. You have a bunch of photo's I have never seen before, which made my visit a hoot. Best wishes,
    Mike Knight (former Radio Luxembourg Station Manager) Luxembourg (4/8/1999).

    54. This site is not only a great idea, but well put together. 208 was a way of life for millions like me. Keep up the good work. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has any recordings of the station from the sixties and seventies and may want to do some swaps.
    Jeff Martin Derby, England (1/8/1999).

    53. I am searching for a good recording of Radio Luxembourg from the 6th of July, 1983. This night the album "music for supermakets" by Jean-Michel Jarre was played. It was the first and the only time this album has been broadcasted. Does anyone have a good copy of this broadcast ?
    Marko van Vliet The Netherlands (19/07/1999).

    52. At the age of 14, I was in a hotel room in Odense, Denmark at the end of a holiday, (I lived in England then) when my brother and I discovered Radio Luxembourg. I was totally smitten. Jimmy Saville was the D.J. - I had never heard an announcer on the radio with anything other than a B.B.C. accent! He actually seemed to be having fun and was playing 'real' records! At the time, there was no 'pop' music to be had in the evenings and most pop music was performed live (Saturday Club etc.) by other than the original recording artists. That chance discovery led to many happy nights listening to R.L.
    Roy Murray Toronto, Canada (16/7/1999).

    51. Please help to decide a bet. I think that Radio Luxembourg used to broadcast Take Your Pick, the quiz show, before it went to TV with Michael Miles. Can you tell me if I'm right, or tell me how to find out?
    Thanks Paul Perth, Australia (12/7/1999).

    50. Dear Barry, your program is excellent.
    Joseph Szaloki Joe from Sydney, Australia (10/7/1999).

    49. I spent 19 years working and living in Lux.
    I wouldn't have missed it for the world....
    Wish I could turn the clock back and do it all over again.
    Thats when radio was truly fun and still had
    a magical quality about it.
    Those times are sadly gone and mores the shame !!!
    Bob Stewart Irving, Texas, U.S.A. (16/6/1999).

    48. I was stationed in Germany in 1962 through 1964. I was 17 years old when I arrived there. I enjoyed listening to Radio Luxembourg many nights while stationed there.
    Many thanks. Wayne Utley Leighton, Alabama USA (27/5/1999).

    47. I remember Radio Luxemburg well in the early sixty and it's great to have your site to remind us of it. Gunther Pollheim Adelaide, Australia (23/5/1999).

    46. Radio Luxembourg 208 is the best hit-music radio station. But, why the CLT closedown all the LUXY frequencies in 1992?
    Bogdan Montreal, Quebec, Canada (22/5/1999).

    45. Hi! Enjoyed the page! I wonder if anyone out there can help. I'm looking for a recording of the Luxy closedown used 1975/76 with my mate Bob Stewart. The end song was "maybe the morning" by Sunny. I like to get hold of the complete segment!
    Kenny Tosh Belfast (20/5/1999).

    44. Thank you very much for this great site. I'm now 51 years and I remember this great time of Radio Luxemburg because I was a fan of 208. Many nights I took an old headphone to listen to the program secretly.
    Greetings Peter Horstmann D-44263 Dortmund (9/5/1999).

    43. Excellent! Steve England By a canal (5/5/1999).

    42. Dick, What a great site!!!
    I spent many evenings at the London Hilton listening to 208 and trying to decide what frequency to put Swinging Radio England on.
    I remember a lot of the names of the jocks so it was a real pleasure to be able to put a "face" to some of those voices.
    Best regards, Ron O'Quinn Georgia, USA (5/5/1999).

    41. Ah, finally found my roots!! My parents were stationed in Germany in the late 50's and I used to listen to Radio Luxembourg as the top hits were played and remembering how we would sing with the music and have such a good time. Spent many hours listening and have some very fond memories.
    Thanks!! Jeanne Hampton Southern California. (22/04/1999).

    40. Thanks for this interesting site that brought back lots of memories. I started to listen to Radio Luxemburg in the early sixties in Örnsköldsvik and followed the Top Twenty charts every week, although reception conditions sometimes were bad in that part of Sweden.
    In those days this was the only station that constantly played pop music.
    Later Radio Nord started but Radio Luxemburg was something special.
    Regards Kenneth Castenbladh Gothenburg, Sweden. (15/04/1999).

    39. Great to see a site devoted to Luxembourg. Well done! I first discovered Luxy in the early sixties, when I was only about 9 years old. It was wonderful to be able to hear the pop music I loved every night. I was a proud member of Jimmy Saville's Teen and Twenty Disc Club, and wore my club ID bracelet everywhere! I have always loved radio, as you will discover of you look at my new website:
    Best wishes, Mary Payne Stoke Mandeville, England. (11/04/1999).

    38. Brill site....I have lots of tapes of luxy from the 70s and 80s. Anyone interested in swapping recordings please contact me today! I am especially after tapes from period 1975 thru 1980. LONG LIVE LUXY!!
    Mike Grant Chard, England. (10/4/1999).

    37. Brilliant web side and a lot of new stuff I never heard of. I'm still trying to find a
    "baby cham" jingle. Maybe you know somebody who got it! Hope to read ya soon!
    Wolfram Foersterling Hannover, Germany (2/4/1999).

    36. I remember those days with much love .. what fun we had .. warmest wishes to all Luxy guys .. Fernande Knepper (now Fernie Pitts), Brighton (prevously Luxembourg) (23/03/1999).

    35. I was listening 208 many nights in the 60s and 70s while living in Moscow, USSR at that time. I did not believe it was really Luxembourg station. I thougth it was BBC. Was very fascinated to read RL history. I remember lots of bingo bingo also. Just found out that the station was closed. Tried to listen to it over the net. Very touched by this page.
    Serge Ritchev NJ, USA (21/03/1999).

    34. My god! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. While surfing the net, I came across The Station Of The Stars, Radio Luxembourg at 208 Meters. I was a very faithful listener back in the 50s and 60s. I was stationed with the American Army back then and, AFN which was the other english speaking radio station we had to listen to, was way behind in getting music. They had to rely on AFRTS in New York to send music to them and, it was months old by the time we heard it. That is why we listened to Radio Luxembourg. By the way, what has happened to the following, Jimmy Saville, Jack Jackson and the other fellows who were regularsback then? Woud love to know. Oh! how I wish I could return to those days. We had a lot of fun didn't we. With Best Regards I remain;
    Sincerely James H. Temperly P.O. Box 115, Farley, Iowa 52046, U.S.A. (16/03/1999).
    P.S. Would like to see a picture of Jack Jackson (The Decca Show?). Do you have one?

    33. Dit ziet er goed uit Dick. Ik blijf met de vraag zitten wat voor jouw de aanleiding was om Radio Luxemburg te bezoeken en hoe het kwam dat je studio kon bezoeken.
    Catharinus Breimer, Emmeloord, the Netherlands (6/03/1999).

    32. Very nostalgic - a much simpler perhaps happier era.
    Fred Parker Thornaby Teesside England (27/02/1999).

    31. Can you send me by e-mail old Radio Luxemburg charts (1958-1980) or URL adress where I can found it. Thanks. I love you Radio Luxemburg !
    Pavel Herzinger Czech Republic (20/02/1999).

    30. I used to listen to Radio Luxemburg when I lived in Holland in 1969. I learned to love English pop music (Thunderclap Newman!!). Is there any way one can get charts from that year?
    Matt Benveniste Los Angeles, California (19/02/1999).

    29. Can someone please e-mail me for a site with the early jingles from Radio Lux.
    Barry UK (07/02/1999).

    28. This page brought back some great memories, bring back 208. R.I.P. Barry.
    Steve Willis Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin) (20/01/1999).

    27. I enjoyed your page. Brought back great memories of England and my mispent youth! Before I came out hear! Anyone have any recordings of Pick of the Pops with Allan Freeman, Jimmy Saville or David Jacobs as DJ.
    Geoffrey Ings New Zealand (15/01/1999).

    (NB. The tune of Alan Freeman's Sunday afternoon programme "Pick of the Pops" was
    "At the sign of the swinging cymbal" played by the Brian Fahey Orchestra (1960).

    26. I am pleased to find this site on 'Luxy'. I could go on forever about how radio in Britain is dreadful in the 90's, and be accused of being nostalgic for the 70's. However the thing is that there was never a station like Luxembourg, either then or now. I started listening to Luxembourg when I was 12 in 1975. The 70's and 80's Luxy was brilliant. For me, Rob Jones has always remained the best DJ ever. Why he is not a presenter now is beyond me. Fine, go into other business interests , but don't waste such a talent. Of course the other DJ's were great too... Favourite Luxy memories for me? Powerplays galore; The Rhythm of nightlife in Great Britain Luxy Legends; The Supersoft Top 30 Luxy - Disco era.....and on and on; Luxy fans get in touch....
    Martin Wedge Wolverhampton, England (06/01/1999).


    25. I started listening to Radio Luxembourg in 1970 (I was 15 at the time) and I never miss a single Top Twenty (then Top 30 and then Top 40) since 1992 when the transmission ended. I'm very interested in knowing what happened during the years before and I have appreciate your great site that brought me back to that good times. Ciao.
    Monego Fabio Zoldo Alto (Bl), Italy (15/12/1998).

    24. As many who already left a message here, I also have many good memories of Radio Luxemburg. In the summer of 1976 I spent 3 weeks in Luxemburg for my vacation, still have the recordings that I made at that time. Great stuff!!
    Ben Meijering Bunschoten, Nederland (07/11/1998).

    23. I've been a regular listener to Radio Luxembourg since 1964 and till the station closed down on 208 meters mediumwave. It was a great time with a great radiostation. Where are the dj's now?
    øistein helge johannessen, n-2920 leira i valdres, Norge. (06/11/1998).

    22. I was born in 1946 and almost every night (since '59 till '66) I listened to 208 or 49,2 in the short wave band. Finding your site tonight gave me a wonderful time. You know the older you get, the more you need for walking down "memory lane". My favourite dj's were Barry Alldis and Jimmy Saville. And once again, thanks for a brilliant site.
    Johan M. Høgvoll Rognan 8250, Norway. (01/11/1998).

    21. What a page !!!
    Grzegorz Boba Szczecin, Poland (27/10/1998).

    20. Nice homepage here. I like it. Any news on where to find Rob F. Jones? TIA.
    Karsten Jensen Denmark (17/10/1998).

    19. Great sight. Looking for info Muriel Young.
    Robert Miller Kinross, UK (17/10/1998).

    18. Learning to surf the internet and one of my "teaching" kids suggested searching my name and Luxembourg. Surprise Surprise!! At least someone has not forgotten. Enjoyed the site and the experience. PS. You forgot Shaw Taylor. Ik hep geverked bey de wereldomroop in Hilversum voor twai yarren {before} de tait in Londra op Luxembourg. (sorry for the spelling, I learned to speak Dutch, but not to write it).
    Tot Sients. Ray Orchard Victoria B.C., Canada (22/09/1998).

    17. Great to see the site. I began listening to Luxembourg when I was young in the Mid 1980's and I remember the D.J's from the time, Tony Blewwitt, Mike Hollis, Peter Antony e.t.c. It was the best radio I have ever heard, and there is certainly nothing like it now. In the late 80's I listened to Caroline but still tuned to Luxembourg at night. Although the station declined in the early '90's it was still sad to see it go. A pen friend I aquired through a spot on the International service with Peter Van Dam sent me a book:Radio Luxembourg: 1979, Have you got this?
    Best regards, W. Ashcroft England (20/09/1998).

    16. Hi Dick! I've made a web-site about Radio Luxembourg 208.
    I just wanne invide you to take a look at it: Radio Luxembourg.
    Please tell me what you think. If you can help me to find new material or contact the ex-DJ's please let me know....
    Cheers, Stephan Konrad (09/09/1998).

    15. Beste Dick, een geweldige site!!! Ik werk bij de TROS en heb in juli en augustus 1988 twee keer kunnen en mogen werken in de 208 studio! We zonden dat programma toen live uit op Radio 3. Samen met collega Peter Teekamp.
    Het was een belevenis om daar te kunnen werken.
    Ja, het was en is voor mij ook jeugdsentiment want ik knutselde als kind , ik ben van 27/02/1947, al radio's in elkaar om 208 te ontvangen. Dank voor de site!!
    Juul Geleick Hilversum (21/07/1998). (Photo: Juul Geleick).

    14. Hoi Dick, Via Onlineradio van je aantrekkelijke site gehoord. Heb vanaf 1977 t/m 1982 veel naar Luxemburg geluisterd. Zelfs (met richtantenne 13 hoog) via de FM. Meestal in de nacht. Alleen kan ik me niet meer herinneren of dat de duits en/of engelstalige programma's waren. Enfin, radiohistorie via jouw site weer terug.
    Groeten, Pieter Raadtgever The Hague (20/07/1998).

    13. Tja, memories, saudades, sehnsucht, hoe je het ook noemt, het verleden blijft in je geheugen gegrift en doet je goed. Aan elk stukje muziek zit een jaartal en herinneringen en gevoelens en 208 hoort daarbij.
    Gerard Guaruja, Brazil (19/07/1998).

    12. GREAT SITE ! Thank you very much for the interesting photos and information.
    Keep it up! (I have also been visiting Radio Luxembourg - in september 1992).
    Regards Roberth Walve Sweden (10/07/1998).

    11. Hello! Interesting site. Another example of that Radio Luxembourg has grown into our hearts. I was a listener to Luxy from 1990 until the end in 1992. I want to get in touch with other Radio Luxembourg-fanatics. I do have lots of taped shows from medium wave and satellite. Also some jingles. Please contact me at the following address:
    Eivind Motland, Svanevn 17, N - 4300 Sandens, Norway.
    I am looking forward to get in touch with you. (28/06/1998).

    10. Un sito veramente "commovente". Complimenti e grazie per avere fatto questo tributo ad una radio mitica del passato.
    Simone Barbuti Bologna, Italy (20/06/1998).

    9. Excellent site! Thanks for such an interesting page.
    Kitty Drabren Mobile, Al, USA (18/06/1998).

    8. Hello Dick, Nice Radio Luxembourg page! Besides listening to the latest hits in the fifties, I used to listen to a sci-fi program; "Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future" Did you or are you too young to remember?
    Regards. Jan A. Kok Toronto, Canada (09/06/1998).

    7. Hello Dick, Your RADIO LUXEMBOURG page is a pleasure for all people (like me) still having good memories about AM POP radiostations. It was a time the disc-jockey was still a star and had millions of listeners,even when reception of the station sometimes was bad.
    Thanks for your information.
    André Wouters Noordwijkerhout,the Netherlands (05/06/1998).

    6. Great page Dick! My regards to the family and I will send my comments to you BC.
    Take care, your cousin Greg Offringa Boston, MA USA (04/06/1998).

    5. Hi! Can You tell me where to find old Radio Luxemburg charts (1976-1985) or any charts from that period!
    Regards, Damir Vadas Zagreb, Croatia (02/06/1998).

    4. Hi, Finally I got to hear some of the jingles again from my favourite radio station when I was a teenager.Once they sold a tape in England with many of the jingles. Is such a tape available any place in Europe?Very nice to see the pictures,too. Any material from the station is always most welcome to see. Thank you.
    Best wishes. Erik Rodahl Hamar, Norway (21/05/1998).

    3. Hello, My name is Knut Folkestad. I work at the National Radio in Norway, programme 3. I'm searching for Benny Brown who was a DJ for Radio Luxembourg in 1983. One of his phrases has been sampled by a famous norwegian artist and the sample is on this weeks album on our radio channel. Therefor it would be fun to get a hold of Benny Brown. If you could help me and know who to contact, I'd be very happy. I found your address on the Net, and I also enjoyed the jingles you had on you homepage. Hope to hear from you.
    Best wishes! Knut Folkestad Trondheim, Norway (30/03/1998).

    2. Greetings, I visited your Web site after finding it through the US Radio Lux. I don't understand a word of it but seeing that you go back to Barry Alldis I have a question that's been haunting me for years and years. On Sunday evenings in the early 1960's he had a request show around 8:30 in the evening, I think, that started with an instrumental waltz. Do you know the name of the tune and the orchestra playing it?
    Best Wishes. Thomas Wielski Rose St, Berkeley, CA USA (21/01/1998).
    (NB. Luxemburg Waltz Frank Chacksfield).

    1. Dag Dick, Ik heb een prangende vraag waarop ik in wat nieuwsgroepen een paar jaar geleden al eens tevergeefs een antwoord heb pogen te krijgen. Door een vreemde associatie ging ik vanavond op het web toch weer zoeken naar "Radio Luxemburg", en kwam op jouw site terecht. In 1967 ging ik studeren in Enschede, waar ik meer dan thuis de gelegenheid had tot nachtbraken en luisteren naar muziekzenders. Je had piraten op zee toen, maar met mijn gammele radio kon ik daar niets van ontvangen. Radio Luxemburg bood muzikaal behang van acceptabele ontvangstkwaliteit in mijn toen nog niet verwende oren. Jaren na mijn Enschedese tijd drong tot me door, dat Radio Luxemburg 's nachts altijd afsloot met een -voor een commercieel popmuziekstation- merkwaardig muziekstuk. Het was een langzaam, gedragen stuk muziek. Een hymne o.i.d. denk ik. De tekst kon ik slechts gedeeltelijk verstaan, maar begon in elk geval aldus:" At The End of the Day just kneel and say: Thank you Lord" De zang was door een solist, een bariton denk ik. KEN JIJ DIT STUK? Het lijkt me heel leuk, om dit stuk weer eens te horen, en te laten horen aan mijn MTV/TMF-dochters van 16 en 18.
    Leo te Braake (10/01/1998).

    '208 IT WAS GREAT'

    by London studio engineer and producer Alan Bailey.

    Real Audio LIVE Radio Online

    (Herbert Blankesteijn spreekt met Dick Offringa over Radio Luxembourg op zondag 19 juli 1998)

    The Story of Radio Luxembourg
    Radio Luxembourg January 1957
    Radio Luxembourg October 1959

    On Soundscapes the story of the Dutch Service
    of Radio Luxembourg by Hans Knot.

    The New English Service Of Radio Luxembourg (click here)

    SES-ASTRA (Betzdorf).

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